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  1. Surprised that I haven't seen anyone else chuckling about this... * Both men played DB in college * Both have a DC background * Both men are known as hard-nosed, no BS coaches * Both won a MNC as DC at Florida under a legendary coach (Spurrier / Meyer) * Both men were born in 1960 (August / September of 1960) * Both were hired by Big XII powers who needed a change in culture Seriously, pretty funny. Other than the fact that Stoops eats puppies for breakfast, they are eerily similar.
  2. That most assuredly has to be true. What was he thinking?
  3. Cujo - Considering the timing of McCombs publicly supporting Gruden and the buzz building that we are bringing in an NFL guy on Sunday, do you think this could be Gruden rather than Harbaugh? Would prefer John Harbaugh but the timing made me do a double take.
  4. Brasky - I'm not arguing to hire Gruden, I'm advocating for an interview. Assuming it hasn't already happened, there is no reason not to listen to the man.
  5. If it is true that Gruden is asking for an interview and is lobbying donors like McCombs to aid him in getting access to the AD, Patterson has to give Gruden an interview. Regardless of how you feel about Gruden as a coaching candidate, there is absolutely no reason not set up a meeting to talk about the position and discuss Gruden's plan for Texas. Worst case scenario, you confirm the belief that he is not a good fit. It would be negligent not to at least explore the opportunity. Personally, I'm shocked that this hasn't already happened, particularly with Red publicly proclaiming his support for Gruden. I'm not 100% convinced that Gruden is the best fit, but his football IQ, passion, and q-factor are without question. If he is interested, track him down and listen to his pitch...
  6. I've actually being saying for the last two months that I would love for Mora to join Texas. He isn't my #1 candidate, but when you get to the pack beyond the sexy four (Saban, Harbaugh, Gruden, Fisher), he is at or near the top for me. Mora is a high-energy, hard nosed, aggressive coach. He punched USC right in the mouth on the field and in recruiting as soon as he landed at UCLA. He has been a great recruiter, landing a top 10 and top 15 rivals class in his first two classes of recruits at UCLA. His class this year isn't as highly rated, but it is also a really small class (13) that would be top 20 by average ranking if you removed the size weighting. As a little perspective, UCLA has been a moribund program since the mid 90's, going 64-63 in the 10 years before Mora arrived on campus. They won more than 8 games in a season only once in the 10 seasons before Mora's arrival, and he has thrown together a 9-4 and 10-3 season, back to back. For those not familiar with UCLA, they have historically been one of the cheapest programs in the Pac 10 / 12, loathe to spend money on facilities and on assembling an assistant coaching staff. Mora has pushed to change the culture at UCLA, which has been impressive to watch. I think he would flourish at Texas, especially if he was given the bankroll to hire a killer staff. I think he would drive the type of cultural change that needs to happen at Texas. Mora is smart, well spoken, and used to the being in the spotlight from his NFL tenure. He also has network / analyst experience with the NFL Network. These two pieces are important for the Texas coach, because we demand so much from the head man with respect to fundraising, donor relations, the LHN, etc. There is more pressure on the Texas coach off the field arguably than any other job in the country. Here too, Mora would excel. Finally, I will add that he is extremely well respected in the coaching circles and with cfb analysts. I don't really care what the analysts say, but the coaches tend to carry a little more weight with me...
  7. Sorry guys, just imagine Leia Harbaugh getting eaten by the pit of sarlacc, and it goes away.
  8. Let me try to decipher..."there is another [skywalker]." In this case, there is another Harbaugh? I just had a frightening image of John Harbaugh in the Princess Leia gold bikini deal from Jabas palace. Yikes.
  9. If you are referring to me, that could not be further from the truth. I have a pretty healthy dislike for all things A&M. I am a proud Texas alum. If you are referring to my comments above, there is no denying that A&M is riding a huge momentum swing right now. I don't think it is presenting a crisis for Texas, but to ignore it is to be blind to what is happening in the state and nationally with respect to A&M's exposure / recruiting.
  10. It is crazy how A&M caught lightening in a bottle with the SEC move, new coaching energy with Sumlin, and Johnny Manziel. Regardless of how you feel about their long term prospects, they really hit a homerun and have completely changed the momentum in the state. Wild. (and scary) I personally am not convinced Sumlin is a championship level coach. But, he certainly is recruiting lights out.
  11. John Harbaugh, Jon Gruden, Mark Dantonio? Right now, I'm leaning: yes, no, yes? I believe the John Harbaugh interest is real. I'm not sold on Gruden being truly interested. If Mark Dantonio doesn't at least get a phone call, I think it would be a shame. Damn good coach.

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