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  1. never good news. Chet Moss - De La Torre was and probably will be the starter. weren't there rumblings about him partying too much on 6th street and so on and so forth....? Deoundrei Davis - has been injured since before he got to UT. Leroy Scott - Special teams contributor and a hard hitter. I don't see these 3 as big news other than we are freeing up space. All guys should know they are on a short leash, best attitudes have to be put forward and everybody needs to be in class sitting in the front of the class. not hard stuff. If they couldn't follow that, they weren't really what Coach Strong is looking for anyway.
  2. give it a couple months. sure this guy will get an Alabama offer soon then LSU, etc. Sione T got one from both and well he doesn't quite have the same potential this guy does. (probably gonna say Sione T only got it due to his brother huh? let me kill that one, he still got the offer)
  3. Did anybody really know too much about Cedric Reed before he got here? Most probably thought he was just a tall guy who could add good weight. You get guys in a mold. Given his height being correct, I expect him to be a monster just like Reed.
  4. Charles Omenihu has committed to Texas. #letsride
  5. thanks for posting utisdabomb. both subs ran out last month and this month and with a kid on the way so cant afford to pay for both sites anymore
  6. I think it is silly/immature to argue that a guy has not shown progress when he has only been here for a year. didn't play until October/November? (might be wrong on that) quite early on a "progression." Mike Davis dropped a pass that could've been a touchdown or 2 out of those 6 passes he threw in the bowl game. Does anybody have a count on how many passes he's even attempted this year?
  7. It's a free site. Why do people have to b*tch all the d*mn time! You want concrete info, get a source yourself, otherwise get your fixin' like all of us.
  8. I really want him to stay. I want to see him actually use all these new receivers we have coming in. porter and gray are in my top 3.
  9. and we are playing Oregon next. maybe we'll see 100 put up on us
  10. name is Kelton. Known as Bear to my family. Born and raised in Austin, Texas. First Horns game was December 4, 1999, when we lost Nebraska 22, Texas 6 in San Antonio, Tx. facepalm*
  11. man this site is VERY INFORMATIVE. Whisenant, if you were a basketball player, you would be a point guard because all you do is "drop dimes!"

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