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  1. 5 minutes ago, texbound said:

    Both of you are right or wrong or indifferent.  Agree to disagree and let's get back to talking about what they have potentially coming.

    With that said, one or both of you tell me some good news on Banks.

    Why do you give a damn about their disagreement. They can multitask.

    My inside information says Banks is going to commit to someone tomorrow.

  2. 29 minutes ago, Eastexhorn said:

    On MM #11 ranking that was at Elite 11 QB competion. Texas HS had three in top four. Ewers was forth.

    I belive they are rated only on passing running ability does not figure in.

    I am happy with MM he hasmore room to be coached up than theothers IMO Texas HS players get better coaching than other states on the average.Then there are the HS that recruit players to figure on.

    Correct that is just one category. He's ranked only 11th. Cade Klubnik who just may end of being the best QB. Ewers is 4th which I hope he drops.



    247Sports Composite Ranking: Four-star, 0.9668, No. 8 QB.


    High School: Gardena (Calif.) Juniperro Serra.

    Height, Weight: 6-foot-4 1/2, 225 pounds.

    Thoughts through three days: Murphy was sharp in the morning's target session but was just ok in the Invitational and the 7v7 jamboree.  Still, his target challenge performance was impressive, with the Texas verbal flashing his big arm, looking accurate and poised, and finishing tied for fourth in the challenge.



  3. 14 minutes ago, Eastexhorn said:

    I am delaying my desicion. Transilation more time for better offer.

    Next year Texas should be the big money man buy anyone they want. But will they. May be wrong but recruiting as we know it is going to change.

    Big Red Moters the offical car driven by all --------------s

    As for asrecruits I haveno idea who is going where.

    The rules have changed. I would imagine this will help Oregon and the connection with Nike.


    NCAA ushering in the NIL era marks the beginning of the end for college athletes being treated unfairly



  4. 3 hours ago, 83Dee said:

    Back in the late 80s, when I used to get up early to buy the Dallas Morning News with a quarter - the first Thursday in February to see who we got.... Texas was the perennial brides-made for the best of the best.  We could have been a dream team if we landed half of the Jesse Armstead’s  who announced on signing day and came down to Texas or:  Miami, Florida St, Notre Dame, et al....  This feels like that.

    I’ll go with the “it’s a process” theory and “it really was a good week.”  But I’ve got a foot on the proverbial ledge.  

    I don't blame them. I wouldn't want to play for Mackovic if I were a defensive player.

  5. Sark is #5 ugh.


    Big 12 coach rankings for 2021: Where does Texas' Steve Sarkisian fit in?


    2021 Big 12 coach rankings 

    1 Lincoln Riley Oklahoma 45 8 .849 3
    2 Matt Campbell Iowa State 71 43 .623 9
    3 Mike Gundy Oklahoma State 137 67 .672 18
    4 Gary Patterson TCU 178 74 .706 22
    5 Steve Sarkisian Texas 46 35 .568 40
    6 Neal Brown West Virginia 46 27 .630 41
    7 Lance Leipold Kansas 37 33 .529 42
    8 Chris Klieman Kansas State 12 11 .522 48
    9 Matt Wells Texas Tech 52 48 .520 67
    10 Dave Aranda Baylor 2 7 .222 72


  6. 1 hour ago, texbound said:

    Was this guy a priority for the Texas staff?  If so, does that mean Texas just lost a head to head with UCF?

    Texas recruiting is so maddening.  Just when it looks like things are looking up, the rug gets pulled out.

    We weren't the only one.


    Outside of the final three programs listed above, Thompson compiled an impressive list of Power Five offers including Florida, Auburn, Florida State, Ole Miss, Penn State, USC and Alabama.

  7. The three offensive lineman that I feel good about along with a good season is Campbell, Banks, and Hutson. That would be two 5 star O lineman and a 4 star center since Hutson has said that's where he wants to play which make him more valuable. 
    Then if we fill in the last couple of spots with good lineman such as Cam Williams and this would be the best offensive line class on paper that I can remember.
  8. I like this!

    Top OT Kelvin Banks On Longhorns: “The Culture is Changing"


    “The culture is changing right now," Banks said. "It’s different from the past coach that was there. 

    In fact, he was so impressed by the new culture under Sarkisian that he believes the Longhorns could already be in contention for a national championship run.


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