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  1. Why is anyone surprised when we get a decommit. Take a step back and read the various boards. It's like doomsday. You can't get momentum going with so much push back. We all have the right to bitch but perception becomes reality after a while. It just make the job harder for CS. Most posts are no different than Red's comments just without the billion dollars behind it. Lets let CS work before we brand him a failure. He is not stepping in to a sure thing because of what Mack allowed to happen. This won't be easy. He deserves our support and patience
  2. Lets just wait until we melt down. There any number of coaches who can kill it in Austin. Patience my friends. If the big names say no there is not much we can do but get next best who will say yes
  3. We all need to realize no coach is a guaranty,even Saban. Some start a little bit ahead of others but that can turn fast. saban and urban are the only 2 college coaches that come in and every 5 star becomes interested. The rest with the right attitude and momentum can end up doing the same thing, it just takes a bit more work. There are a ton of coaches whomcan slay it here. Did anyone think Mack was a home run hire? His work , along with Ricky Williams staying and then signing sims and Cory in the same year made us a dynasty for 10 years. Who knew Let this play out and then get behind who ever gets the job. You have to. Perception is reality and if half all posts are pissed who will want to come play here and be a part of that. If in 5 years it does not work than we do it again but don't hamstring the coach before he has a chance
  4. Duke running a flea flicker on first play epitomizes differences between Mack and major and other coaches who are creative and playing to win. I don't recall one single new play in Alamo bowl. There has to be a mix
  5. My last disgust with this offense and Case. Here is my biggest issue. The staff has had most of this year to see, recognize and understand the limitations Case brings to the table. It is not Case's fault. It is what he is. Despite all this time, the staff has literally done nothing to try to create an offense around Case that can move the ball short of simply handing it off deep up the middle. There is no misdirection, no trick plays, no counters,no bubble screen, no shovel pass etc. We barely do anything safe and certainly nothing risky and we literally have no chance of even semi regularly moving the ball up the field. You cant tell me that Art Briles, Malzahn or even Stoops wouldnt put in new schemes to work around Case and his limits. Our whole scheme is to hope we can pound it up the middle. Team after team loses a QB that the whole team is built around and they often dont miss a beat during a year. We actually regressed this year offensively. Probably never in history has a QB 2 weeks in a row had more interception return yards than completion yards. Each of the 3 Qb's on OU is as bad as Case and they are in a BCS game. That's it lets move on to a new era.
  6. I don't know if leak was Patterson but would not be stunned. However I will be stunned if that leak was coordinated with saban and his leak and we end up with saban. I just see no chance that happens. It would have been better for saban I think to have Mack forced out a week earlier than say the things he has said since Saturday night and then come back and take job. Here's hoping tho
  7. Ok. I am assuming that all posts regarding us being close to landing saban were accurate. I will also assume that all posts saying Mack had decided to retire we're true. Going through the whole week over and over here is what I can't figure out Were chips sources pro Mack folks who leaked it knowing Mack would get pissed , the media might support mack and be sympathetic and he might be able to turn it around and save his job or at least kill saban deal Or Were the sources worried that Mack would stall forever and so by leaking the story they forced the issue out in the open If the latter why wouldn't they think that all the noise would spook saban Curious as to your thoughts
  8. Is there a response to the OB absolute denial that this meeting occurred yesterday other than they are just wrong? Just asking
  9. So for anyone who thinks Mack should be allowed to stay if he wants is there any argument for that position other than Mack has earned it so we should let him decide. There can be no denying that even if we win 9-10 games the last couple or even next year we are not a high quality team. Like it or not we have become a stale program. Football and the whole department need a makeover and that is what is happening. If Mack is honest with himself he has to know that fighting to stay and or staying only deepens the hole we are currently in, especially with Ags poised to continue taking advantage. Additionally I assume he has been waiting to go out on top and not after a 7-8 win season. This is as good as it is likely to get this year. Does he think we will be be in the 4 team playoff next hear? Regardless of who the next coach is we absolutely have to turn the page and get started on the next chapter. We are just treading water now. How can Mack and others not see this. Yes , Mack has earned our lifelong thanks but not the right to hang on for his own ego Hooked and bring on nick.
  10. 20 year tix holder and 8 years at university and I continue to say DKR has got to house one of the worst crowds on a week to week basis. I know the product has been bad lately but even in the hey day it's generally a arrive late, leave early and be quiet. Today was horrible. 15k of empty seats at kickoff. Not even a peep during run in until they show Justin beating Aggies on big screen. Game wasn't really over till the pick 6 but it was long empty before that on west side. Other than we are UT what would draw a recruit to play there.
  11. If the folks in charge on both sides want the saben to Austin deal to happen then why can't they seem to be on the same page about what gets leaked and what doesn't. I ask because I can't imagine this is the way saben wants this progressing

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