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  1. He was always a good read at OB. I left that site for Sanity reasons
  2. I'm not buying that Strong is negotiating contract terms and low balling guys after they have an agreement....on the eve of a big recruiting weekend. Burton and Davis's BS doesn't pass the smell test...IMO they are getting fed bad info from those that are trying to cover their asses.
  3. Sports Illustrated has Brown to the Browns #20-22 in their latest mock draft.
  4. I think the Crystal ball stuff 24/7 drops is really stupid. I'm a member there but not an avid fan of that. To each his own, I guess.
  5. Thought I saw elsewhere that Irvin and Johnson were the only silents. Silents don't always work
  6. I saw it when it was posted...I had to look up who the guy was. (the CEO of 24/7). They may have removed it.
  7. No Way the Texans take Dorial Green-Beckham. Owner wouldn't sign off on a person like that.
  8. I think 25 is the key number per recruiting year. That's the hard number, set in stone to speak. Texas can take 6 EE's towards last year. Why Reported 31 is the number. 6 EE's and 25. Have seen scenarios where Hager can be a "blue shirt"...but in order to be eligible for that..he'd have to not take an official anywhere and parents would basically have to pay for his education as if he were a normal student...no idea if he's taken an official anywhere (b/c he was commited to Baylor.) or if parents are hip on the idea.
  9. What I've gathered. 31 is the number. 6 Early Enrols and 25 checking in during the summer.
  10. tap the Insurance money before the law suits. IMO, the structural engineer better duck...assuming the GC built per specs.
  11. Link. Good times. http://footballrumormill.com/2013/12/31/source-charlie-strong-has-not-interviewed-for-texas-job/
  12. bet that's not the most ignorant thing he say's tonight.

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