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    joeywa got a reaction from Matt Cotcher in Baseball....and apologies   
    Who needs to run the bases when you hit the ball like that?  He only "had" to make it 1B. 
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    joeywa reacted to Matt Cotcher in Baseball....and apologies   
    That's gotta make it difficult to run the bases.
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    joeywa got a reaction from JimsTexas in Baseball....and apologies   
    Apologies for my absence this week regarding baseball games/threads.
    I was at a conference in Palm Springs, CA, and it kept me pretty busy; so much so that I have not been able to "Go Premium" until just now.
    Regarding last night's performance, another testament to the very different character and never-give-up attitude out of this year's bunch that's been missing for a couple of seasons.  Payton; what can I say?  Dude goes down 3-2 with 2 outs; bases loaded; down two, and goes into full count after an absolutely awful call for the second strike.  Takes a pitch that was away down the 3B line for the walkoff 3RBI double.  That kid has stones the size of watermelons. 
    Last night's heroics in B9 should accomplish a couple of things; A) we should see the fans stick around until the end if the game is relatively close, and Texas carries the momentum and attitude into this game, where as had they lost last night it may have been a bit more pressure/tense atmosphere. 
    Hook Em!
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    joeywa reacted to armadillo slim in What has happened to Orangebloods posters?   
    bravo. i think you are off to a great start.

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