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  1. No idea how accurate this guy is, nor his sources. Just passing it along.
  2. I would lmao if the SEC said “enough of your BS Ags, you’re out”
  3. I personally love the LHN during baseball season. It’s a God-send
  4. I think how the NIL plays out for baseball players is still an unknown. Could be huge, but I’m taking more of a wait and see approach.
  5. Also of note, word is that Mizzou will not block OU or UT being admitted to the SEC. Ags might be alone on that island.
  6. Mizzou stands to gain exponentially from a UT/OU addition. They get moved to the West division of the SEC, play all games much closer to home than they are now, play at least one game per year in the fertile recruiting state of Texas, play a team in Texas twice per season and restart an old Big8 rivalry with OU. They aren’t going to be objecting too loud. More like Brer Rabbit with “Please don’t throw me in that briar patch!”
  7. That’s the #1 reason he is coming back to The 40.
  8. As of right now, I think all of the drafted leave with possibly the only exception being Melendez. There is also talk of Austin Todd returning next season as a non-scholarship player. Both are still TBD.
  9. They were gifted a spot in the finals and performed abysmally in Games 2&3.
  10. If you're interested, this is a very good article from D1Baseball.com on how the NC State thing went down. It's a free article. https://d1baseball.com/analysis/nc-states-cws-removal-the-timeline-of-events/
  11. First off, nobody with any sense would worry about what A&M fans say about baseball. Their history in Omaha is sparse, at best. So much so that David Pierce, on his second trip ever to Omaha, won more games that any A&M team has won EVER in Omaha. Now that this is out of the way, let's get to your question. I think what the NCAA did to the winner of Bracket 2, (Miss St.,) is criminal. Basically they gifted Vanderbilt not only a trip to the final series, but they also gave the time to rest their players and replenish their pitchers' arms while Miss St had to play late into the night on Friday and again on Saturday. This could have been handled MUCH better by the NCAA. They deserve every single bit of criticism being thrown their way right now. A lot of talk about how this is a 'tainted' championship series, and '*' I hope Miss St boat races Vandy in two games.
  12. B9 With 1 down, and a 1-2 count, Quintanilla hits the batter Runner steals second, and the next batter hits a walkoff single to give Miss St the 4-3 win
  13. T9 Horns get a leadoff runner at Melendez is HBP Campbell PR for Ivan, advances to 2B on a SAC Bunt, to 3B on a F7 Hodo gives one a ride to the tracks in RF but not far enough, that ends the frame Headed B9, tied at 3
  14. B7 Leadoff single, next up hits into 4-6-3 DP KL ends the frame Thru 7, tied at 3
  15. T7 Horns get a leadoff single from Williams. MSU goes to the pen and calls on Sims With 2 outs, he takes 2B on a WP KL ends the frame Game tied at 3, middle 7 EverybodyStretch!
  16. B6 Stevens gives up a run, puts 2 RISP with no outs; game tied at 3 Quintanilla comes in, walks the first batter 5-2 force at home for 1st out KL for 2nd out KS ends the threat Game tied at 3 thru 6 complete
  17. B5 Leadoff double for MSU, moves to 3B on a single; scores on a DP ball Stevens gives up 1 in the 5th Horns up 3-2 thru 5 complete
  18. T5 Leadoff double by Hodo just misses a HR by a foot He's plated with a 2-out double from Antico Headed B5, Horns up 3-1
  19. B4 Stevens returns the favor; a 6-pitch 1-2-3 frame Horns up 2-1 thru 4
  20. T4 Horns get a 1 out walk from Melendez, but the Horns can't do anything with it. Headed B4, Horns up 2-1

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