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  1. Just made it down to Exes Center for a beer at the half. Team has played far better than I anticipated in the first half. Let’s see if they can keep the momentum in 2nd half. Losing Ewers for however long has some tough potential implications
  2. Tulo opted not to return as a part of Pierce's new staff based on several contributing factors; not one singular reason. I personally think that Tulo will be a name that you'll see mentioned quite a bit in the future, whether that's in conversations about UT Baseball or not remains to be seen.
  3. I tend to think that CDC is aware, and possibly making suggestions, but I don’t believe he is directing the moves. He is letting DP make the decisions that DP feels are necessary. Again, just my opinion here.
  4. Miller reassigned as a non-coaching staff member/assistant. This opens up the option for Pierce to hire two paid assistants and a volunteer assistant. Still wondering who would come to UT as assistants with the way the program appears to be right now. To me, it just seems like an assistant would likely think twice accepting a position under Pierce with how these last two weeks have shaken out. Just my 2¢. Also: FR RHP Jack Arthur has entered the portal tonight. He saw no action this season for Texas
  5. Texas has finished the season ranked #8 in the country by D1Baseball.com in their final rankings.
  6. There will likely be more players hitting the portal in short order.
  7. Texas needs a recruiter, pitching & hitting coach.
  8. RS SO RHP Jace Hutchins and FR RHP Joshua Stewart are now in the portal. Additionally, the following Texas players are also in the portal: Jr LHP/1B Cameron Dayton FR RHP Carson McKinney So LHP Caden Noah
  9. We can discuss portal activity here. Big name to start this off:
  10. That’s a very inaccurate description of the sequence of plays that happened, how it is written anyway. I now understand why you thought what you did. And no insult @tejasrulz. Phone auto corrected ‘vocal’ to ‘vial’. Gotta love technology.
  11. When coaches are making what they do these days, I think they are not above being questioned on their decisions. They don’t owe us answers, but we can watch how they grow/change from their past successes/failures/decisions. Fan expectations are always fun to discuss. Augie didn’t win it all in Omaha with Texas until year 5, and Gus was here in a very different time. While hoping for similar success is fine, I think expecting it is a bit of a reach. That said, 3 trips to Omaha in his first 5 years at the helm at Texas is pretty good. It’s really no different with the fan expectations in football. Basketball tends to be a bit more forgiving. Texas fans want Texas to be on top, in every sport, every year. And that’s great. But realistically everyone knows, (although many won’t admit,) that it’s not truly possible to do that very often, if at all. Hence you get the complaining and grandstanding often seen on message boards and social media platforms. Also keep in mind, those on message boards and social media are probably the most vocal of sports fans, yet make up probably less than 5% of the total fanbase.
  12. @Eastexhorn I misspoke. There were 2 outs, nobody on when Morehouse HBP Aggie Rock. It wasn’t the Leadoff man as I stated above. After Rick advanced to 2B on the 1-1 check swing, (explained above) there was an RBI Double to score Rock from 2B. Next batter KL to end the 8th.
  13. I addressed that above and you replied. There were 2 outs, runner on 1B due to being HBP as the Leadoff hitter of the frame. Count was 1-1, next pitch is inside, batter checks his swing. Ardoin appeals the check swing to the 1B umpire, instead of throwing down to 2B. 1B ump says batter didn’t offer. So runner on 2B, 2 outs and a 2-1 count. I didn’t see it as “quitting” in any shape or form. Let me know if that answers your question.
  14. I tend to think Pierce is a good coach. Not great, but good. His time at UT and success getting the team to Omaha cannot be denied. Now, he still has work to do to get the team over the hump in Omaha. That can be said for many, but he’s shown he can get them there. That said, I don’t know what to make of the direction right this second. The whole Allen thing is concerning. My hope is that there is a plan that has been in place and it’s not a knee-jerk reaction. Also, I don’t know how much input CDC had in this, if any at all. Some of the answers will come out in the coming days/weeks, some won’t. Where the board’s baseball posters’ opinions fall on all of this is anyones guess. I’d say it’s likely all over the place. And right now, dropping two in Omaha, and one to A&M no less, still stings to most-me included. I’d imagine that once the new hires are announced, things will become more clear, both with direction of the program and with opinions on Pierce.
  15. Why not? People can have an opinion that 3 trips to Omaha in 5 seasons qualifies as success, yet still have the opinion that this situation with Allen is a blunder. I don’t think it’s an either/or thing.
  16. Thanks for your thoughts & input. The P in question continually being rolled out was almost certainly not the decision of the pitching coach. I also addressed the disappointment for fans. I get it. Probably more than most. That said, in this day and age of college baseball, storied programs do not guarantee squat. Ole Miss, one of the last teams into the tournament, is one game away from the CWS Championship. OU, a non-national seed, and a team that struggled early on, is also one game away. Parity is at an all time high in D1 baseball. Getting to Omaha is an accomplishment, regardless of what fan expectations are. Texas fans have almost begged for a HC to bring in the big hitters. Sean Allen did that. They wanted to see a different makeup of Augie ball, with speedy small guys that could bunt and hit singles, but couldn’t hit for power. Sean Allen did that. They wanted a good pitching staff. Tanner Witt passed on MLB to come to Texas. Sean Allen did that. The problem with pitching is if it isn’t firing on all cylinders, and often, you can’t hide that with all the time with great offense. When the Texas bats went cold this year, the team struggled to put teams away. And while people want to point to the pitching coach, a lot of the onus needs to be on the actual pitchers for not being able to execute. They didn’t.
  17. And yet, with as bad as the pen was, Texas had the 26th best ERA in the country, the best ERA in the B12 and still made it to Omaha as a non-Top 8 seed with all that duct tape and baling wire. But yeah, let’s run off the pitching coach because he had nobody step up into a consistent producer in the Midweek spot. And because of that plus the only two regular starters (Gordon & Hansen) running out of gas down the stretch, Stevens moving to the pen, not a single closer stepping up after Nixon couldn’t figure out FB location and an extremely overused pen, that’s on the pitching coach? I totally get the Texas battered fan syndrome. And whenever there is a monicker of success from a Big 3 sport, it hardly ever satisfies the fan expectation. Going to Omaha 3/5 years for Pierce & Co is a tremendous accomplishment. Y’all need to take a look at this without tunnel vision. If (when) UT loses Tulo, that can be explained to recruits. Firing Allen, D1 Assistant of the Year last year, and all of the above, is going to adversely affect the recruiting class. Some of these kids that will likely be drafted in later rounds by a MLB team, where they wouldn’t probably go pro before, will now seriously entertain it. Uncertainty in the staff of a team that just went B2B to Omaha, and fires one of the best recruiters and assistants in the country a couple of days after leaving Omaha will lead to exodus. Additionally, some of these recruits as well as ‘23 kids are extremely familiar with Allen as the lead recruiter. Maybe not so much with Pierce. 2023 was going to be a rebuild year anyway, but that was with the returning roster pieces all coming back and the recruiting class not being largely affected by this draft. This move will likely have ramifications, and not a single one of them good for Texas Baseball. It’s going to take something HUGE to fix this, and I’m not sure it happens. Pierce has to knock it out of the park with the next hires. I sure hope he has some names lined up. Hell of a time to make this move, on the cusp of moving to the SEC. Showing up there in a truck with two flat ties and no spare is not a good game plan. My 2¢.
  18. On that pitch, batter check swing, Ardoin appeals to 1B which was overruled saying no offer. It wasn’t catcher indifference.
  19. Horrible strike 3 call on Melendez. That was called a ball twice in the Daly AB
  20. Horns need some base knocks. HRs are not very likely today with the wind at Schwab Field.

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