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  1. @tejasrulzI believe it’s a combination of “nibbling” around the zone and just a lack of confidence.
  2. Starting pitching was the problem on Sat & Sun. Relief pitching (more especially late relief,) was the problem at Baylor. Agreed on Gordon and needing two effective starters. Hurley has had his challenges, and if we’re being honest, everyone outside of Gordon has shown nothing more than spotty consistency in the last couple of weeks. Yes, mound work will help, but even more so, these guys need self confidence in their abilities to throw strikes.
  3. Or his ire completely dismantles the team. I don’t think there’s really any in-between scenario. At the end of the day, this team is fully capable of playing better baseball. I don’t care how “bad” the opponent is, giving up 8 in the first 3 innings of Game 2 & 5 in the first 2 innings of Game 3 is a hard hill to climb. Pitching has to improve. This team is not going to fare well with abysmal efforts on the bump. Now is where we not only learn about the players, but also about Pierce and Williams.
  4. Box of chocolates. Never know what you’re going to get.
  5. Pitching has become the question mark that it was coming into the season. Still a lot of baseball remaining in the season.
  6. Texas was first going into today. After losing this first game, UT is 8-6 I believe, and drop to 3rd place behind West Virginia & KState, possibly behind Tech as well. Last place is Baylor. Good link but isn’t updated instantly, so it’s behind for today’s games. Big 12 Standings
  7. DH today. First pitch for Game 1 at 2:30
  8. Gordon tossed a gem for 7. Bullpen woes continue and 0/8 w/RISP pretty well sum things up. Horns let this one slip away.
  9. ACU pitching was definitely an adventure tonight.
  10. In the case of Morehouse, it absolutely was intentional. Pierce wanted to get him some live game action to work on mechanics and approach. He got one inning of work and while not perfect, he was effective. It was a good thing for him.
  11. Every pundit and baseball analyst out there felt this would be a rebuild year for UT. And it is. The number of players that left the team at the end of last season had a huge impact. 2/3 starting Ps, C, SS, 3B, 1B (PoY btw) plus one OF. That’s 5/8 starters and 2 of your weekend starters. Pierce has recruited just fine. His recruiting rankings are just fine. The Portal and Covid “extra” years have wreaked havoc on college baseball rosters across the country. This is not unique to Texas. Look at what is happening across not only B12, but pretty much every conference. The next probably 2-3 years in college baseball are going to be interesting coming out of the Covid effects, and it won’t only affect college baseball. You’ll see it in hoops as well as these older players have hung around and played one-two more years as true or pro prospects are likely non-existent.
  12. There is not a true closer right now. Morehouse is not proving to be the answer. While it’s easy to point fingers at the coaching staff, (and they’re not above some criticism,) at some point it’s up to the kid with the ball on the mound to show up and not walk multiple batters. 9 runs on the board and a 4-run leaded headed B9 should be more than enough cushion for a team and pitcher to close it out. The last two nights, the late bullpen has floundered, and that needs to corrected ASAP.
  13. Blue likely gets a pass publicly, but probably gets a talking to from his superiors behind the scenes after the game and ejections are reviewed. I don’t know that the ejection was egregious enough for an ump to be refused participation in the post season. And I don’t believe a complaint was filed, at least I haven’t heard of that.

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