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  1. Anything better than 6-3 in those 3 series should be considered a significant accomplishment.
  2. B6 Zub w/an RBI single puts Texas up 11-1 T7 brings in Shifflett to pitch. He gets a 1-2-3 frame and Texas gets the run-rule sweep.
  3. T6 seed Gordon come on in relief of Koob He gives up 1B on a HBP, but that's it Horns up 10-1 headed B6
  4. Horns load 'em up, but can't plate anymore runs Texas up 10-1 thru 5 complete
  5. B5 2 singles to lead off the frame and Antico puts one over the RCF wall to give Texas a 10-1 lead
  6. T5 Koob again allows a couple of singles. Defense shows up, 3-6-1 DP and F9 ends it Horns up 7-1 headed B5
  7. T4 Koob gets 2 quick outs; HBP & walk put 2 on, E5 loads them Works a KS to end it Horns up 6-1 headed B4
  8. 3rd inning ACU plates a run in the top half. Horns get a 2-out walk in B3, but nothing else Horns up 6-1 thru 3
  9. B2 Antico w/leadoff triple, Daly drives him in with single Melendez w/RBI triple Horns up 6-0 thru 2 complete
  10. B1 Horns put together a productive 1st frame with 3 singles and a double, plate 4 to take the early lead Horns up 4-0 thru 1
  11. T1 Koob issues a 2-out walk followed by a single. KS ends it Scoreless headed B1

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