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  1. Threads like this make me want to cancel my subscription...
  2. So.. what is it that needs to happen? Prolly not grades since he will be an early enrollee... anyone???
  3. when does 7 0n 7 start and then Fall Camp? do we have dates yet?
  4. Shortly after college, I was recruited to coach Little League football. After 2 weeks of practice, we had our first game. A parent climbed the fence and assaulted me for not playing his child every down. He was a small guy and apparently drunk. I was about 6'4 300. Somebody called the cops but I refused to press charges. After that the league had parents sign waivers giving us permission to Direct the children over the course of the game.
  5. The 6-6 bowl game is part of this new America where everybody gets a participants ribbon. It needs to go away. Football is war. There are losers every week. Losers stay home and think about next year. Do away with LOSER BOWLS and expand the playoffs.
  6. Spoke to an Old Coach recently who thinks Blueitt might have the better upside than Davis. Just FYI, he thinks Davis is a little light and he also over pursues and gets caught in no mans land. We will see what coach Rumph has for us come Saturday.
  7. Could you take a shot at the two deep list on what the offensive line looks like?
  8. Lets talk football. How will the depth chart look going into Spring Game?
  9. The date on the ESPN article is Jan 11 2014.... so he has been busted for pot at least once. It has been widely reported that he was beating on his girlfriend this weekend. The next question is ..will she press charges?
  10. I think for the most part we will see grind and pound. I think we pull away from most teams with that quick strike when one of our skill players gets "loose". U get one or two of those plays a game and you are up by 10-14
  11. I do not think this has anything to do with his injury. Strong and company do not want smurfs as their DB's. Strong and Bedford seem to like the bigger DB with the size and strength to deliver a lick in run support. It would not surprise me if they award him a medical schollie before its all over since he committed before tearing up the knee..
  12. I would pay a buck and a quarter a week for Crossfire ... plus I get all the other knot heads bringing their stuff!
  13. "This IS a Press Conference... the LAST thing I wanna do is answer a bunch of damn questions.." from MASH

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