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    Bear19 reacted to Captain Hookem in Game Day: #15 Texas Longhorns @ Arkansas Razorbacks   
    Actually the shocked look on Sark's face was, "What happened to my QB who looked so great in practice last week."
    You won't find many games where the gameplan was obviously better than the players trying to execute it. Almost every play you can see what was supposed to happen. 
    Card had an unfortunate, but understandable bad game. It's not unheard of for a freshman QB to get the jitters, starting only his second game in a really hostile stadium... at night. 
    One of the most difficult aspects of being a coach is trying to figure out how a player will perform in a game as opposed to practice. However one never truly knows until they're in the thick of it. 
    When a QB is off, teammates need to step up and carry the load until the QB settles down. However no wanted to make a play (Bijan excluded). WRs dropped passes left and right. Arky D suffocated the line to stop Bijan and dared the offense to stretch the field.
    And this is where the gameplan proves out - Sark tried several different deep routes options to stretch the defense. They were open... really open. Card missed on all but a couple, which were dropped. We could never make the defense pay for stacking the line, and as a result they were successful in shutting our offense down.
    Card will likely never have a game this poor again. He's so much better than that. However he not not ready in his development to lead the team on a weekly basis.
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    Bear19 reacted to 83Dee in Thoughts and Takeaways: Questions mount during blowout loss in Fayetteville   
    Mr Card, is that you? 
    Hudson will be really good.  I hope he sticks around and develops for the next two years.  But from the Alamo Bowl to today, if you don’t think Casey deserves the starting job you probably never will.  
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    Bear19 reacted to dillohorn in Thoughts and Takeaways: Questions mount during blowout loss in Fayetteville   
    Our main problem is that the Horns have NO OFFENSIVE LINE.
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    Bear19 reacted to Jameson McCausland in Thoughts and Takeaways: Questions mount during blowout loss in Fayetteville   
    We will never know if the outcome would have been different with Thompson, but what we do know is Texas gave up 333 yards rushing. You aren’t winning any football game getting gashed on the ground like that. It makes it worse that a large chunk of those yards came when everyone in the stadium knew the ball was being handed off in the second half.
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    Bear19 reacted to Sirhornsalot in Thoughts and Takeaways: Questions mount during blowout loss in Fayetteville   
    Whittington didn't make that catch because it was poorly thrown. Card was inaccurate all night, which was supposed to be one of his strongpoints over Thompson.
    With the decision on a starter only two weeks old, its not an issue to go with your hot hand.
    Otherwise, you could be sacrificing the team for the development of one single player. 
    It is interesting that you're appealing for patience with Card, but not with Thompson.
    If you don't produce, then yeah, you need to ride pine. That was a very big game to be having that bad of a performance.
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    Bear19 reacted to tejasrulz in Game Day: #15 Texas Longhorns @ Arkansas Razorbacks   
    You may think Texas isn't your bowl game but your team dogged piled and your fans stormed the field so actions are stronger than words.
    BTW, I hope yall have a good year and beat aggy
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    Bear19 reacted to North Texas Golfer in View from the Cheap Seats-Arkansas   
    Texas looked like they were being coached by Charlie Strong and his staff. And the players played like a Charlie Strong coached team.  
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    Bear19 reacted to echeese in View from the Cheap Seats-Arkansas   
    View from the Cheap Seats-Arkansas
    Pigs play “line football”, SOOIE
    Let’s make no mistake, TEXAS went to Arkansas and got their backsides beaten.   It started with both sides of the lines where the Pig OL & DL dominated the game.     We’ll break down some problems, but line play is at the head of the list.   BTW, the comment about “playing line football” came from the Pigs staff before the game.    Lots of truth to this.   Neither TEXAS line played well while the Pigs simply dominated. . . . we might be repeating ourselves.   And this one of the hardest Cheap Seats to author.
    It was sad to see so many TEXAS fans drinking the kool aid and boasting we’d win this game going away.  Too much Nintendo and too little understand of real football.   Real football is a highly emotional game, played in front of raucous crowds, played by angry men.  TEXAS certainly faced that last night as the Arkansas fans set a record for home attendance and volume.   Our first problem was badly underrating a very good defense the Pigs brought to the table along with an outstanding running game.   Our second problem was getting seriously out coached.   Seems that last year, Sark had no answer for the Pigs D as they would hand Bama their lowest scoring and yardage output of the season.   Not just by a little bit but by around half.   Not sure what Sark was thinking constantly trying to run the way he did vs an excellent run D.    Sorry, we love Sark but this was a poorly schemed/called offensive game plan.
    Thursday night, the Dallas Cowboys opened against Tampa Bay featuring one of the best run D’s in the NFL.    Dallas did not stubbornly pound the ball into the line, Dallas threw early and often, short throws to talented WRs and TEs, keeping the Tampa Bay D off balance.   And they threw quickly, not giving the TB line time to pressure Dak.    They bootlegged away from pressure with throws to TEs and RBs.  We could have used a bit of this Sat night.   But then again, we could have used a bit of anything that worked.
    Basically, Sark did his young QB few favors with the game plan and the by product is going to be a full blown QB controversy.     For the 2nd week in a row, Casey Thompson was the best QB on the Longhorn side of things.    Granted in both games Casey’s snaps came during garbage time but it’s hard to ignore how he lit up the offense with both his passing and running when he was on the field.  This is the next BIG test for Sark, how to get his young QBs confidence back up as well as the confidence of the entire team.   Can he keep 1 loss from becoming 2.  Good news on that front, tomato can Rice next up.  Bad news, we then must travel to TCU, another team that gets “geeked up” (to quote Nate Newton) for TEXAS.   And even thought TCU looks like crap this year, they ALWAYS play TEXAS hard.
    We called it pre-season, Hudson was going to have a time where the game was too big for him.   It came very early in the season.   At one point, there were 3 long passes where receivers were running wide open for touchdowns, explosive plays that certainly would have helped.   Card missed each of them badly.  Though there was one long beautiful pass to Jordan Whittington, hit him in both hands only to be dropped.   Card never looked comfortable in the game.
    Defense played well in the 1st half, limiting the Pigs to FGs on 3 of their 4 scoring drives including off their very short field blocked punt.   Well not great with no real help from the offense.   2nd half those figures would flip as the D gave up 3 TDs and a FG on 4 drives and were unable to stop the Arkie rushing attack.    We are simply not physical enough to play a strong rushing team.   And sadly, our 2nd half adjustments were poor.   BJ Foster did have a great INT to blunt the Pigs 1st drive of the 2nd half that the offense turned into 7 but it simply wasn’t enough.
    2nd Half adjustments
    One of the biggest gripes about Mensa was a lack of halftime adjustments.   Sark and Coach K lost this battle to Barry Odom and Kendall Briles.   We would lose the 3rd quarter 17-7.   Not a good sign
    2 plays that defined the night
    Football is a game of inches and TEXAS blew a chance to take an early lead when by the length of a big toe, Arkansas muffed a punt but the TEXAS player was out of bounds at the 3 by the narrowest of margins.   Minus 7 (at least 3) and an early lead after TEXAS 1st 3 and out
    Early in the 2nd quarter, at his own 16, Cameron Dicker DROPS the ball where it is blocked then scooped and returned to the TEXAS 11.   The D bowed up and forced a FG for the 2nd time that night in the Red Zone but the swing of the two plays was 10 points.   Would it have mattered in the end?   Football is a funny game that way and the best way to take a loud crowd out is to take an early lead.   TEXAS trailed wire to wire.
    In a fairly well called game, have to bitch about 2 BLATANT targeting calls which were not made.  1st one on BiJan would have turned a 3rd down stuff into a 1st down.  The 2nd did not impact the drive as it happened on the goal line but if it’s about player safety then stop worrying about the fans and call the game right.
    Offensive player of the game
    Casey Thompson shined leading TEXAS to 2 TDs on the 2 drives he had the reigns
    Defensive player of the Game
    BJ Foster   His INT was the highlight of the night and he came up with 2 big tackles on 3rd down.
    Stats that matter
    333    Arkansas’ total rushing yards, not one Pig player broke 100
    7.1   Average Yards per carry for the Pigs
    4-13   3rd down conversions for the Horns
    6   Drives of 3 plays and out or less (ugh)
    9       Number of times Pigs kicked off (double ugh)
    3-1  Turnover ratio, another stat line we lost
    10/3 Tackles for Losses/Sacks recorded by Arkie
    0-19    Sark’s record as a HC when down by 10 or more at half.
    No way to sugar coat the azz beating the Pigs put on us.  Make no mistake, the Pigs are a good team with a stout defense.  Anyone who said otherwise, well doesn’t know football very well.  Best D the Horns face all season?   We hope so.   Rice on deck so we have our slump buster but TCU before OU is a bit of a concern today.   Sark needs to work some QB magic on young Mr Card.   He is the future, is he the present?    And does Casey have some James Brown in him, a guy who shines brighter under the lights not in practice?    At least we can dispense with the “we’ll be 5-0 and Top 10 ranked when we face OU”.   
    One comment, watched some of Tennessee’s game, South Carolina’s game and obviously the Pigs game.   This is why we are moving to the SEC.   Fans get jacked up for the games, they fill the stadiums and the stadiums are not 45,000 seat cracker boxes (except for Vandy).   Hopefully by the time we get there, we show up with a better team.
    Mack and the Tar Heels
    Always good to have a tomato can on deck after an ugly loss.   Tar Heels bounce back against Georgia Southern.  They will need some help to win their division.
    Ranking the BigXII
    #1  OU   Torched a tomato can
    Fair to say NO ONE in the BigXII is very impressive today, not really sure after 2 weeks who deserves to be ranked where from 2 to 8.  Frankly put them in any order   9 & 10 are easy, TT barely beat FCS Stephen F while Kansas was abused by Coastal Carolina.
    #2  KSU 2-0
    #3  TCU by virtue of a 2-0 record.  Beat a poor Cal team
    #4  Okie Lite   Another 2-0 record coming from behind to beat Tulsa with 21 in the 4th
    #5  ISU  Pounded by Top 10 Iowa
    #6  TEXAS, prison raped by the pigs but solid win vs a ranked opponent in week 1
    #7  WVU   Put a whipping on Long Island High School.   Oh wait, Long Island has a college and a football team. . .  .who knew?
    #8   Baylor   Whipped Texas Southern. . . . who cares?
    #9   Texas Tech    You barely beat Stephen “FCS” Austin?
    #10   Kansas   
    Way too early playoff picture
    #1 Bama
    #2  Oregon   New kid in the mix proves they are for real beating tOSU on the road.  Must say, many scoffed at the idea of Mario Christobal as a Mensa replacement candidate.   Does a great job with OLs, wins (back to back Pac12 champ) and now in the drivers seat to win 3 years in a row/make the playoffs.
    #3  Norte Dame   Biggest beneficiary of the tOSU loss
    #4  Georgia    If both Bama and Georgia run the table, both most likely in
    Outside looking in?
    Penn State
  9. Sad
    Bear19 reacted to J.B. TexasEx in What is wrong with Horns football?   
    Shocking statistic from last night's broadcast - Sark is now 0-19 when behind at halftime as a HC.
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    Bear19 reacted to J.B. TexasEx in What is wrong with Horns football?   
    Professional quality facilities, chefs/nutritionists, academic coddling, designer suits, chartered flights, etc. spoil these guys completely. I don't know if player lifestyles are any different @ Arkansas and other SEC schools. Maybe Sark and his All-Star staff just ain't tough enough.
    Too much Californication in ATX, IMO.
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    Bear19 reacted to Grandpa Zorro in What is wrong with Horns football?   
    They got their butts kicked in a hostile environment.  I’m interested to see how they bounce back next game and how they handle an angry road crowd next time.
    It may be a bit early to think the sky is falling…
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    Bear19 reacted to Jameson McCausland in Thoughts and Takeaways: Questions mount during blowout loss in Fayetteville   
    Let's jump right into it. The performance on Saturday night wasn't pretty in all phases.
    As I pointed out in the game preview when discussing the Arkansas defense, Steve Sarkisian was well aware of Barry Odom and his reputation as a defensive playcaller. It is widely known that Sarkisian was very interested in potentially bringing Odom to Austin when he took over in January. Despite the familiarity and Sarkisian having faced Odom last year at Alabama, the Longhorns offensive gameplan had to be tossed in the trash several drives into the game. Odom rolled out his 3-down front with speedy LB's and DB's roaming behind the defensive line, baiting Texas to try to establish the run, and the Longhorns took the bait. Texas totaled 5 total yards of offense on their first two drives of the game while trying to hand the ball to Bijan Robinson between the tackles. The Longhorns did not have a drive with more than two first downs until their 11th (!!!!!!) drive. Texas faced 3rd and long repeatedly all night, allowing Arkansas to drop 8 and blanket throwing lanes to receivers. The Longhorns never really got the running backs involved in the passing game and decided they did want to try to move the ball with the short passing game on early downs. This leads into the conversation of how the QB's played. Hudson Card received the start and struggled, finishing 8/15 for 61 yards. It is obvious Sarkisian has drilled into his young signal caller to only use his legs as a last resort. As the Razorbacks rushed 3 and dropped 8, Card never really seemed comfortable taking off and running, instead opting to hold onto the ball and attempt some low percentage throws. Casey Thompson took over late in the 3rd quarter and rushed for a pair of touchdowns while completing 5 of 8 passes for 57 yards. Thompson is much more comfortable using his legs currently than Card and it shows. Texas loses this game regardless of who starts at QB, but Thompson's legs could have certainly allowed Texas another avenue of moving the ball early in the game when nothing was working.  To the credit of the Texas wide receivers, the Longhorns had several chances to connect on big plays in the passing game. Xaiver Worthy broke through the secondary several times but Hudson Card was unable to deliver a catchable ball. Joshua Moore also had a time or two where he was behind a defender. Outside of those two, it was a tough day for the rest of the group. Jordan Whittington dropped several passes and did not look anything like the guy who had a big week 1. To say the Texas offensive line played poorly would be an understatement. Early in the game, the line allowed several 3 man rushes to get to Hudson Card. Denzel Okafor and Jake Majors allowed a linebacker to run through the line untouched for a sack on 3rd down during Texas' second drive of the game. As run blockers, they were repeatedly blown off the ball and had to be saved several times by Bijan Robinson. I'm not sure much more needs to be said. Kyle Flood has a lot of work to do with this group. Defense/Special Teams
    It is safe to say Pete Kwiatkowski never faced the veer and shoot at Washington. Kendal Briles put together a solid game plan and Arkansas rushed for 333 yards while averaging 7.1 yards per carry. As expected, the Razorbacks ran KJ Jefferson a lot and asked him to not be a hero in the passing game. The Texas defensive line had an awful game. They had no sacks, were driven off the ball frequently and failed to stay in their lanes in the running game. Remember at the end of the 2020 season when the Texas offense found a lot of success running outside zone? Arkansas used the same type of running schemes to go up and down the field against the Longhorns.  DeMarvion Overshown and Luke Brockermeyer were active early in the game, but once the defensive line wore down they had little impact the rest of the way. Overshown looks like a complete different player and is playing the linebacker position at a solid level. Texas needs more guys to take the same step he took. On the surface, the pass defense didn't seem to be an issue since Texas only allowed 138 yards through the air, but the play of the secondary left a lot of be desired. Josh Thompson and D'Shawn Jamison played okay. Brenden Schooler did not start the game, but saw some playing time early and missed several tackles. Jerrin Thompson started in Schooler's place and had 5 tackles. BJ Foster had the play of the game with an impressive INT, but he still has a tendency to launch his shoulder anytime he wants to tackle someone instead of wrapping up.  Hindsight is 20/20, but imagine if Texas retains possession on the muffed punt early in the 1st quarter. The Longhorns would have had the ball inside the Arkansas 5 and in all likelihood go up 7-0. The crowd is taken out of the game early, momentum is on the Longhorns side and the offense sees the ball get punched into the endzone. Instead, a small step out of bounds when attempting to make a recovery cost Texas an extra early possession. Jeff Banks and the coaching staff need to seriously think about using someone else at punter. Cameron Dicker is currently handling placekicking, kickoffs and punting duties and is not off a good start. He is 1/3 on field goals for the season and had a punt blocked last night after bobbling the snap. The Longhorns have two other scholarship punters on the roster. One of them needs to step up and allow for Dicker to focus solely on kicking. What's next?
    It is back to the drawing board for Steve Sarkisian. It appeared the Longhorns took a good first step last week in beating a solid Louisiana team, but all progress was lost just a week later. The gameplans were not good on both sides of the ball, the players did not perform well and as a result the Longhorns got their butts kicked. Arkansas is improved from where they were a few years ago, but it was a still a game where Texas was favored by a touchdown. 
    Texas will host Rice next Saturday at DKR before conference play starts the following week. Several positions, including QB, appear to be up for grabs. For all the negatives that came out of the performance Saturday night, the one positive is the top of the Big 12 appears to be wide open after Oklahoma. Iowa State was beaten soundly by Iowa in a game where Brock Purdy was benched, TCU found themselves in a nail-biter with Cal, Oklahoma State struggled mightily with Tulsa and Texas Tech barely escaped Stephen F Austin. Texas can still reach many of the goals they have for this season, but a lot is going to have to change from what they showed Saturday night.
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    Bear19 reacted to Drb522 in 2022 Recruiting Board/Thread   
    Texas will not get better until they start getting elite OL talent.  They’re not getting them until they start throwing the NIL money around.  
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    Bear19 reacted to Sirhornsalot in Game Day: #15 Texas Longhorns @ Arkansas Razorbacks   
    Its fine if you don't mind what your money will end up supporting.
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    Bear19 reacted to Baron in Game Day: #15 Texas Longhorns @ Arkansas Razorbacks   
    Texas needs to wear it like a badge of honor and curb stomp everyone in the process. Hookem!
  16. Thanks
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    Bear19 reacted to Sirhornsalot in Staff Predictions: #15 Texas vs. Arkansas   
    Oregon upsets Ohio State, 35-28.
    Oregon was down five players on defense and still held OSU in check.
  18. Haha
    Bear19 reacted to TFloss32 in **Running College Football Updates Thread**   
    This was a sign of things to come for Ohio State today.
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    Bear19 reacted to texasdalton in Staff Predictions: #15 Texas vs. Arkansas   
    i think we are about to see the preseason polls get blown out of the water for a second straight week. all i want now is a Atm loss and a horns win and this will be a great Saturday.
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    Bear19 reacted to TFloss32 in 2022 Recruiting Board/Thread   
    OrangeBloods was told by Murphy that the x-rays were negative and showed no damage or breaks.
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    Bear19 reacted to HornSports Staff in Staff Predictions: #15 Texas vs. Arkansas   
    The #15 Texas Longhorns (1-0, 0-0) will face former Southwest Conference rival, the Arkansas Razorbacks, on Saturday evening at 6:00 PM in Fayetteville.  The Longhorns have had success against the Hogs in their home stadium, winning the last three at Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium.  In fact, the last time the Longhorns lost there was in 1981.
    Both teams won their season opening contests at home, with Texas defeating Louisiana 38-18 and Arkansas besting Rice 38-17.
    Redshirt freshman quarterback Hudson Card will face his first true road test as the starter for the Longhorns, and Steve Sarkisian and company look to improve to 2-0 as a staff during their time in Austin.
    Texas is favored by a touchdown and Arkansas will be without starting LB Bumper Pool for the first half due to a targeting call against Rice.  The Hogs will also be without starting DE Dorian Gerald who suffered a leg injury in practice this week.
    Do the Longhorns have the game plan, mental and physical conditioning to go into enemy territory and pull off a win?
    The HornSports Staff give their predictions on the outcome of Saturday's big game.
    Aaron Carrara (1-0)
    Both teams are coming off wins at home but I expect Saturday’s matchup to be a prime time slugfest.  I like the Longhorns on paper, but Hudson Card will have his hands full on the road.  Bijan Robinson and Jeff Banks’ special teams unit will win this for Steve Sarkisian and the Longhorns leave Fayetteville with hard-fought victory.
    Score Prediction:  Texas 34, Arkansas 24
    TFloss32 (1-0)
    The first thing that comes to mind for this match-up is Fayetteville potentially being an environment unlike any other the current Texas players have faced. If they can stay even-keeled and ride out the initial jolt that stadium will provide, I like the good guys to eventually walk out with a victory. The evidence we have for both teams is limited, but Arkansas simply didn’t put together a good performance against Rice at home last week. I expect the game plan to be similar to that of Week 1 with a heavy dose of Bijan Robinson opening up other opportunities for the offense, and Kwiatkowski’s defense keying on KJ Jefferson’s legs forcing him to throw down field. More solid special teams play, with Dicker being consistent, and keeping the turnovers in check will go a long way.
    Score Prediction:  Texas 27, Arkansas 20
    Jameson McCausland (1-0)
    Saturday night is a big test for Texas and Steve Sarkisian. The Longhorns opened the season with a solid showing against Louisiana, but traveling to Fayetteville and defeating Arkansas would be huge from a momentum standpoint for the program.
    I expect this game to be close. The Razorbacks looked sloppy week 1, especially on offense, but I expect Kendal Briles to fully unleash KJ Jefferson's running ability and have him carry the ball 15-20 times. The difference in the game will be Bijan Robinson. I wouldn't be surprised to see him get close to 30 touches and Sarkisian will find a way to get him the ball in open space. As long as Hudson Card takes care of the football, Texas should leave Fayetteville with a victory.
    Score Prediction:  Texas 31, Arkansas 21
    Devon Messinger (1-0)
    Bijan Robinson, Hudson Card and Jordan Whittington all had solid games for the Longhorns last weekend and will now look to beat Arkansas on the road in Fayetteville.
    The Razorbacks have a plethora of talent, particularly on the defensive side of the ball, headlined by preseason All-American Jalen Catalon at safety. However, the game can be won and lost by the Longhorns on the trenches. Can the Longhorns force the Hogs to rely on quarterback KJ Jefferson's arm? Additionally, can Texas's offensive line bounce back from a shaky performance last week and create opportunities for Card and Robinson? If so, Texas will be in the driver's seat against the Razorbacks.
    Score Prediction:  Texas 31, Arkansas 21
    Tristan Larsen (1-0)
    After taking down top-25 Louisiana by 20 points, Sarkisian makes his SEC return against Arkansas in what could be a preview of a rivalry to come for Texas. This will be just the fifth meeting between these schools since 1992 and the first time Texas has traveled to Fayetteville in 17 years. A lot is going in the Longhorns' favor this Saturday. Bijan Robinson looked excellent as he was awarded the Big 12 and National Player of the Week. Hudson Card in his first start looked the part of the next great Texas QB. The defense as well was much improved as Sarkisian’s new and improved coaching staff seems to be a bright spot for the program.
    Arkansas themselves is coming off of a 38-17 victory over Rice as they look forward to going 2-0 against Texas schools this year. However, the Longhorns on paper are simply a better team than the Razorbacks at this moment. With a lot of the top name quarterbacks struggling in Week 1 another great Robinson performance could mean all gas no brakes toward Heisman consideration. Parlayed with the fact that Sarkisian embarrassed Arkansas last season 52-3, I think Texas easily takes care of business here.
    Score Prediction:  Texas 31, Arkansas 21
    Mitch Lovell (1-0)
    This game will be close early on as the crowd will be a factor for Hudson Card making his fist start on the road.  Card will settle down, rely on Bijan to run the ball and the Longhorns will cruise in the second half. Hogs QB KJ Jefferson struggled vs Rice throwing the ball and Texas will be well-prepared on defense for the Razorback offense.
    Score Prediction:  Texas 42, Arkansas 17
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    Bear19 reacted to MBHORNSFAN in Scouting Report: Arkansas Razorbacks   
    Arkansas is a bad football team. Their QB is not good. For Texas to take the next step it has to start beating teams like Arkansas.... 
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    Bear19 reacted to TFloss32 in 2022 Recruiting Board/Thread   
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    Bear19 reacted to Sirhornsalot in 2022 Recruiting Board/Thread   

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