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    Bear19 reacted to North Texas Golfer in Thoughts and Takeaways: Texas runs wild in blowout win over Rice   
    Bobby Burton on IT said backup Andrej Karic is the nastiest OL Texas has and that whoever he was blocking ate turf at least half the time. 
    Ian Boyd, also with IT, also said that Karic made some statement blocks and that Kyle Flood needs to think long and hard about why Karic isn't somewhere in the starting lineup. 
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    Bear19 reacted to Jameson McCausland in Thoughts and Takeaways: Texas runs wild in blowout win over Rice   
    Steve Sarkisian said earlier this week that Texas needed to learn to hate losing more than they liked winning. The Longhorns appear to have taken that message to heart for at least one game as they took out a lot of anger on Rice Saturday evening.
    Here are some thoughts and takeaways from the blowout win:
    It’s hard to truly gauge a lot of what we saw considering the opponent, but it should be stated Texas was 26 point favorites according to Vegas. It was expected the Longhorns would win rather comfortably, but this game turned into a route early. Texas came out with a high level of intensity from the opening kickoff and Rice never really had a chance. A week after the Longhorns’ offensive line was whipped in Fayetteville, the unit helped pave the way for a 426 yard rushing performance. Steve Sarkisian appeared to lean more on outside running schemes and was rewarded with huge performances from Bijan Robinson, Roschon Johnson and Keilan Robinson. Texas pretty much abandoned the outside run at Arkansas, so it will be interesting to see if Sarkisian continues to emphasize the running scheme his lineman and running backs appear to be most comfortable with. Casey Thompson turned in a good performance in his first career start. Thompson finished 15 for 18 for 164 yards and a pair of touchdowns. He did toss an interception in the first quarter as he was hit releasing a deep ball. Outside of the interception though, it was a clean performance and Thompson earned another start next week against Texas Tech. Back to the offensive line for a moment. The unit still has major issues when Texas operates a traditional drop back passing game. Christian Jones was beaten badly and called for a holding penalty in the second quarter in addition to the interior of the offensive line allowing a lot of pressure up the middle early in the game. At this point, Steve Sarkisian is going to have to scheme around the weaknesses his offensive line has. Keilan Robinson showed how electric he can be with a 65 yard TD run in the third quarter. Texas is going to need to find a way to get him 5-8 touches a game and utilize his speed. He also had a textbook blocked punt  in the second quarter. Defensively, there is not a whole lot you can take away from this game. This was a terrible matchup for Rice, who emphasizes trying to win at the line of scrimmage and running between the tackles. The matchup was made worse when the Owls had to turn to their 3rd string QB before halftime due to injuries. The Texas pass defensive honestly hasn’t been tested too much through the first 3 weeks of the season due to the style of opponents they were playing, but that is set to change next week. Texas Tech is coming to Austin and the Red Raiders are not afraid to throw the ball all over the field. Overall, it was the performance Texas needed after what happened in Fayetteville. The Longhorns dominated from start to finish and now have to turn their attention to conference play.
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    Bear19 reacted to General Hooker in Common Man Prediction Thread: Horns vs RICE   
    Hi folks! First time caller, long time listener. UT 52 Rice 7. Rice scores on a trick play involving the MOB.
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    Bear19 reacted to longhorn_mig in Thoughts and Takeaways: Questions mount during blowout loss in Fayetteville   
    Also, that Colorado game wasn't a blowout when Casey came in. We were only up 17-10 at halftime and the offense looked pretty stagnant at times during the first half. We outscored Colorado 38-13 in the second half. I'm not saying Casey was facing a great team, but I think he deserves a little more credit for that game considering how the first half went.
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    Bear19 reacted to longhorn_mig in Are we playing Rice this Saturday?   
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    Bear19 reacted to Sirhornsalot in Thoughts and Takeaways: Questions mount during blowout loss in Fayetteville   
    Their season consisted of five games, cut short due to covid. So a 4-win season is nothing to hate on. 
    Thompson had a great game though, didn't he? lol
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    Bear19 reacted to UTfish in Thoughts and Takeaways: Questions mount during blowout loss in Fayetteville   
    I hear you, dillo, but let's see how it goes with Casey at the helm.
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    Bear19 reacted to dillohorn in Thoughts and Takeaways: Questions mount during blowout loss in Fayetteville   
    My optimism for a great Horns season were destroyed by the abysmal performance last Saturday.
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    Bear19 got a reaction from UTfish in Longhorn News/Discussion (Non-recruiting)   
    Well I was looking for 11 AM.
    Kill me.
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    Bear19 reacted to Drb522 in Does Shark toss the playbook in the trash after 2 games?   
    they better not wait to start that til getting to the sec.  get on it right away.
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    Bear19 reacted to Johnny Depp in Does Shark toss the playbook in the trash after 2 games?   
    Yep, but don't expect kids to round up their own deals. Car dealers and the like will need to be lined up by the alum's.
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    Bear19 reacted to Jameson McCausland in Scouting Report: Rice Owls   
    Texas will attempt to clean up a lot of mistakes on both sides of the ball when they welcome Rice to DKR on Saturday night. The Owls enter the contest at 0-2 on the season after opening with a 38-17 loss to Arkansas and a 44-7 blowout loss to Houston. Let's take a look at what to expect from Mike Bloomgren's team:
    Let's cut right to the chase, Rice is awful offensively. The Owls are a power running team who loves to get under center and run the ball between the tackles. The problem is they struggle mightily to run the ball at all. Against the Razorbacks they averaged a horrible 2.1 yards per carry and improved to 3.5 yards per carry this past weekend versus Houston while only scoring 7 points.
    Quarterback is a revolving door. Rice brought in Nebraska transfer Luke McCaffrey prior to the season, but he has already thrown 3 interceptions. Fellow QB Wiley Green has thrown 3 interceptions of his own. The duo is combining to complete 48.1% of their passes. If Texas shuts down the running game, the game could get out of hand quickly. 
    Up front, Rice has allowed 6 sacks already on the season despite being a team that has only attempted a54 passes. This should be a game where the Texas defensive line is able to control the line of scrimmage and pin their ears back on 3rd down. Neither McCaffrey or Green are much of a threat to run the ball so they will not have to worry about the QB run.
    If Rice is to have any shot in this game, their defense is going to have to play nearly perfect and carry them. They held Arkansas in check for about a half in the season opener before the floodgates opened (with an assist from the poor Rice offense setting the Razorbacks up with short fields). 
    They have an experienced defensive line, led by DT Elijah Garcia, who has a chance to be an all-conference type player for the Owls. Garcia will be a good test for the interior of the Texas offensive line that struggled in Fayetteville last weekend. On the backend, safety George Nyakwol is a good player and is someone to keep an eye on. The Longhorns will want to get the passing game in sync with conference play approaching, and they will have a good opportunity to do so with how Rice has looked through the first two weeks. 
    Final Thoughts
    This game is more about Texas taking a good first step towards correcting a lot of what went wrong a week ago. The Longhorns have a lot to clean up and they likely won't get all the answers they need due to the quality of the opponent, but building some much needed momentum heading into conference play would certainly be ideal. If Texas is able to play a relatively clean game along the offensive line and Casey Thompson is able to consistently move the offense down the field,  Steve Sarkisian should walk away from the game pretty pleased. Defensively, Texas needs to minimize the missed tackles and show some signs of life along the defensive line. The spread for for this game is Texas -26.5 so if all goes accordingly to plan, the Longhorns should be emptying the bench in the 4th quarter.
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    Bear19 reacted to Wayne in Casey Thompson named starting QB vs Rice   
    Yes, you have to give Casey a chance.  Card may be a great QB if there is an offensive line.  But with the sieve we have we need a QB who just may decide to tuck the ball and run.  You can keep the LBs honest a bit.  And the linemen have to keep their space.  Card didn't want to run at all.  Passed up quite a few runs to throw on the run.  
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    Bear19 reacted to oldhorn2 in Casey Thompson named starting QB vs Rice   
    anyone that does not believe the QB was the biggest problem against Arky should just imagine if Colt had been the QB. Same crappy Oline and same crappy defense.
    I believe that Colt would have spotted and gotten the ball to those open receivers. I KNOW he would have hit the wide open deep passes, and I am sure he would have made decisive runs when all else failed. That would have allowed our defense some rest.
    I am not saying all this to Dog on Card. I am merely trying to point out that the QB play in that game led to many of our problems.
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    Bear19 reacted to Sirhornsalot in Casey Thompson named starting QB vs Rice   
    What on earth makes you think Sark (shark? are you misspelling it?) thinks Thompson is the fan favorite? I mean, outside of simply performing better than Card?
    What do you mean "both buys?" What is Sark buying?
    Maybe Sark thinks Card fits a scheme better, I don't know. Neither do you. What Sark does know is Card stunk up the place and Thompson didn't.
    Thompson is not a run-first QB. Perhaps you feel that way because he's better at it than Card? Thompson and Card both had to run for their lives. Is Card now a run-first QB because his passing was so awful and he had to try to run on many plays?
    I think you betray your own thinking process by making false assumptions based on your emotional-based thinking.
    I have no dog in this hunt. As I have said for weeks, I want the QB who is going to win ball games. I don't care what his name is. And right now, I believe that QB is Thompson.
    There's no conspiracy, no "letting" anyone start (as you said yesterday). This is just playing the QB who is making plays and benching the one who isn't.
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    Bear19 reacted to oldhorn2 in Casey Thompson named starting QB vs Rice   
    they put in the wishbone in 68....It should have been tailor made for Bradley, but he couldnt make the decisions correctly to run that. Every play started with the QB putting the ball to the FB....If the tackle stayed back, he let the FB have it. If the tackle came in he pulled it & took off left or right. Then the key was the DE whether to keep or pitch it to the trailing back. Bradley could not make the reads.
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    Bear19 reacted to Sirhornsalot in Thoughts and Takeaways: Questions mount during blowout loss in Fayetteville   
    Good Lord. 
    Nevermind that bowl game. lol
    Your cheerleading seems to have head-on collisions with reality.
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    Bear19 reacted to HogLife in Game Day: #15 Texas Longhorns @ Arkansas Razorbacks   
    Appreciate it. I get it. I think the jubilation was just a release of emotion after last 5 years or so. Either way, please beat OU. Good luck the rest of the way. 
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    Bear19 reacted to J.B. TexasEx in Thoughts and Takeaways: Questions mount during blowout loss in Fayetteville   
    We just got a verbal commitment from a 4-star DL from Alabama, of all places.
    I think our big cigars and bagmen have a good handle on the NIL type stuff. The NCAA has proven toothless, anyway. Time to play hardball.
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    Bear19 reacted to NEOkHorn in Thoughts and Takeaways: Questions mount during blowout loss in Fayetteville   
    The question to me at this point is if Texas is going to be willing to compete with the SEC teams as the SEC teams compete? The existing members and the Sooners for that matter have been doing NIL type stuff long before it was legal. If Texas is going to compete, they better figure out the NIL stuff almost as quickly as they figure out how to win consistently.
    Full disclosure, I have never been in favor of bending the rules for championships like some SEC schools have. That said, the new NIL environment should be a huge advantage to Texas given the financial resources they have.
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    Bear19 reacted to Sirhornsalot in Thoughts and Takeaways: Questions mount during blowout loss in Fayetteville   
    Knowing how to scramble against HS competition is one thing. Against Arkiesaw, he couldn't evade anybody.
    Thompson had the very same pocket that Card had, perhaps worse as our OL was whipped by then. Yet, he scored twice rushing, making something out of nothing.
    Some QBs have that factor to them. Colt did. Sam did. Obviously Thompson does too.
    If you're trying to suggest that Thompson is starting because it's Rice, then you need to hit that laugh emoticon again. lol
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    Bear19 reacted to TFloss32 in Longhorn News/Discussion (Non-recruiting)   
    The Tech game will be an 11 a.m. start.
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    Bear19 reacted to Eastexhorn in 2022 Recruiting Board/Thread   
    Some BMD needs to start a fund for OLand outbid the opposition.
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    Bear19 reacted to Captain Hookem in Game Day: #15 Texas Longhorns @ Arkansas Razorbacks   
    Actually the shocked look on Sark's face was, "What happened to my QB who looked so great in practice last week."
    You won't find many games where the gameplan was obviously better than the players trying to execute it. Almost every play you can see what was supposed to happen. 
    Card had an unfortunate, but understandable bad game. It's not unheard of for a freshman QB to get the jitters, starting only his second game in a really hostile stadium... at night. 
    One of the most difficult aspects of being a coach is trying to figure out how a player will perform in a game as opposed to practice. However one never truly knows until they're in the thick of it. 
    When a QB is off, teammates need to step up and carry the load until the QB settles down. However no wanted to make a play (Bijan excluded). WRs dropped passes left and right. Arky D suffocated the line to stop Bijan and dared the offense to stretch the field.
    And this is where the gameplan proves out - Sark tried several different deep routes options to stretch the defense. They were open... really open. Card missed on all but a couple, which were dropped. We could never make the defense pay for stacking the line, and as a result they were successful in shutting our offense down.
    Card will likely never have a game this poor again. He's so much better than that. However he not not ready in his development to lead the team on a weekly basis.

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