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  1. Yuck+
    Bear19 reacted to Johnny Depp in Game Thread: Texas vs. TCU   
    He's one of the best on the Longhorn team. He's played Rice and Tech. He's good, and I'm all for a Texas Heisman, but it's early, and if you aren't on a Championship team....
  2. Yuck+
    Bear19 reacted to Johnny Depp in Game Thread: Texas vs. TCU   
    Bijan is great, we can agree on that. He also gets far and away the most touches. He has a tendency to run where the play is called instead of the green space, which he improved upon as the game went on. 
     Bijan being great doesn't mean Roshon and Kelian shouldn't get plenty of touches, and Casey should use his legs more frequently. 
     The run game is our best weapon, and in the Big 12 we will have to be able to score quickly when our defense runs up against a good passing team. We don't want to be down a few scores and try to pass our way back into a game, because we can't, and that is not just on the QB at all. 
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    Bear19 reacted to java in The Lizards Will Die   
    I can’t wait. I can’t. I can’t!
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    Bear19 reacted to Sirhornsalot in Game Thread: Texas vs. TCU   
    I didn't mention the refs. Glad you did. They were awful.
  5. Like+
    Bear19 reacted to Sirhornsalot in Game Thread: Texas vs. TCU   
    This was a quality win. TCU is a good team with dangerous weapons. We knocked one of them out of the game early. Zach Evans is a quality back and hurt us several times.
    Bijan carried this team late. And if you have to have someone do that, you want it to be a RB. That means your OL is winning at the LOS. I think Bijan won the battle of the RBs today.
    In hindsight, I think two of the FGs should have been touchdowns. But this was a road game in a hostile environment against a coaching staff that spends half their lives game planning Texas.
    I'll take the win. We won on the road in a big conference game. It was a big game because in the past, we would have lost this one. Instead, we toughed it out and finished.
    If we can frustrate Spencer Rattler early next week, we will beat OU. They'll stop Bijan early, but he'll get his yards as the game wears on.
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    Bear19 reacted to Baron in Game Thread: Texas vs. TCU   
    Get used to it. This season will be full of official BS.
  7. Like+
    Bear19 reacted to Ntx dog in Game Thread: Texas vs. TCU   
    Good win. Some people on this board seem to think we're a powerhouse program and should be mud stomping every one we see. Guess what. We ain't. This was a game  that we lose with our last 3 coaches.  Our offense is fine. The defense usually takes longer to get right so hopefully by the end of the year it will be where it needs to be.
    On to blow u. They seem more beatable than last year. I think the blow u game goes a lot to determining what this team makeup is.
    Pouring myself some Johnnie Walker and enjoying my horns winning and the rest of the evening.
  8. Like+
    Bear19 reacted to okiehorn in Game Thread: Texas vs. TCU   
    After ~10 years texas has a coach that puts the ball in his best players hands and rides the hot hand! Great ball game, tough to win in Ft. Worth and Bijan and company made it happen 
  9. Like
    Bear19 reacted to dillohorn in Game Thread: Texas vs. TCU   
    Great to beat the fat sweater.
  10. Like
    Bear19 reacted to lakeman74 in The Lizards Will Die   
    I'm going to share a story with you...  I used to run a lot.  Every time I did, especially during the summers, in the hot sun, the lizards would dart out from the crevices and they would run parallel with me and the sidewalk.  I avoided them every outing, many times, having to shuffle my running steps so that I didn't ultimately step on them.  They would ultimately scatter back into the dirt off the sidewalk and disappear.  If you are a runner you can totally identify what I am referencing.  Then one day, on a long run, I ended up stepping on one that wouldn't get out of my way. I didn't feel bad because I was sick and tired of the lizards forcing me to deviate from my path.  After all, I always changed my path based on their direction.
    I thought about this in relation to the Texas - TCU game. 
    Every now and then, you have to crush a little piece of shit that you've been nice to.
    I fully expect the Longhorns to beat some ass tomorrow. 
    And oh Gary Patterson...  you have self-esteem issues.....  Get your shit together.
    Every.DAMN.Texas Fan
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    Bear19 reacted to MBHORNSFAN in 2022 Recruiting Board/Thread   
    An insider very very very close to Denver when told of this report. HIS RESPONSE LOL LOL LOL
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  13. Laugh+
    Bear19 reacted to Wayne in **Running College Football Updates Thread**   
    There are…. gig ‘em. 
  14. #HookEm
    Bear19 got a reaction from J.B. TexasEx in Common Man Prediction Thread – UT vs the Sweaty Toads :)   
    UT 48
    amphibians 23
  15. Like
    Bear19 got a reaction from UTfish in Common Man Prediction Thread – UT vs the Sweaty Toads :)   
    We have to win the turnover battle.
    UT 41
    amphibians 30
  16. Thanks
  17. Thanks
  18. Haha
    Bear19 reacted to UTfish in **Running College Football Updates Thread**   
    Didn't Rattler just get new car?... and the OL didn't even get a bicycle as far as I know. Just sayin'...
  19. Like
    Bear19 reacted to NEOkHorn in **Running College Football Updates Thread**   
    Agree with all except the Baylor/Okie St. While I do not believe OSU is as good as expected, I do think they will perform at home and beat a Baylor team coming off a big emotional win. Expect a bit of a let down.
  20. Like+
    Bear19 reacted to Sirhornsalot in **Running College Football Updates Thread**   
    I read a good piece today on changing conferences. It talked about Arkansas' last year in the SWC. It talked about aggy's last year in the Big 12, and MIzzou, and Nebraska, Colorado, etc.
    Former players who played on those teams talked about how every team they faced was giving them their best game, talking chit during the game, running up scores, fans talking trash, throwing stuff at them, etc. Arkansas' HC then said their game with UT was supposed to have the normal State Trooper guards for he and his staff. At the end of the game, troopers were standing outside the locker room door. When staff came out to go to bus, Troopers told staff they were on their own, they were leaving. lol 
    Writer said there's no way Texas and OU go through two years of that.
    For the record, we are 1-0 on the Farewell Tour and pretty much had our way with them. So far, so good.
    Here's hoping we do have something else to celebrate after the OU game, besides the big win I mean.
  21. Like+
    Bear19 reacted to oldhorn2 in **Running College Football Updates Thread**   
    why is Miss St over aggy considered an upset? Aggy has played ONE team with a pulse and they got rolled. Not that I think Miss St is all that good, but I see them fairly equal.
  22. Yuck+
    Bear19 reacted to Oldmanastro in Longhorn News/Discussion (Non-recruiting)   
    The couldn't spell Fred "Akers" correctly?
  23. #HookEm
  24. Thanks
  25. Like
    Bear19 reacted to MBHORNSFAN in Common Man Prediction Thread – UT vs the Sweaty Toads :)   
    This is the easy pic based on how bad Strong and Herman were against them.  New coaches, better scheme.

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