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    Bear19 reacted to Sirhornsalot in 2022 Recruiting Board/Thread   
    Rat Bastard!!
    dammit, its no fun when I do it. lol
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    Bear19 got a reaction from tejasrulz in View from the Cheap Seats-Rice   
    My great grandma was Cherokee. 
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    Bear19 reacted to Eastexhorn in Game Thread: Texas Longhorns vs. Rice Owls   
    IMO if you are looking at twitter or instantgram you arelooking for trash. Check out football sites.
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    Bear19 reacted to tejasrulz in Game Thread: Texas Longhorns vs. Rice Owls   
    I believe @Sirhornsalotmeant people from this site. Fair or not, you're the QB so you're going to get credit for wins and blame for losses. Especially in Texas.
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    Bear19 reacted to Sirhornsalot in Game Thread: Texas Longhorns vs. Rice Owls   
    I don't think anyone has trashed Hudson Card. People have their opinions on his play the same as you. It shouldn't upset you if they feel differently than you and express as much. I haven't seen anything shameful.
    I also don't think anyone here on this site has attempted to associate Thompson with the word "messiah." 
    He has simply played better than Card. No more. No less.
    Like I said just yesterday, Card needs to improve because Texas is going to need him before this season is over. We're not going to make it with just one QB.
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    Bear19 reacted to Wayne in Game Thread: Texas Longhorns vs. Rice Owls   
    There are lies, damn lies, then there are statistics.  
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    Bear19 reacted to okiehorn in Game Thread: Texas Longhorns vs. Rice Owls   
    Definition of ALL GAS, NO BRAKES. Bout time we have a coach that isn’t afraid to step on the other teams throats 
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    Bear19 reacted to texbound in 2023 Recruiting Board/Thread   
    Getting elite talent has to start somewhere. The Manning family is savvy and knows this. Texas is starting to get elite talent as evidence by the DL class they're putting together in 2022.  I get it, they're not there right now and suck, but gotta start it somewhere and Arch is that kind of somewhere that can bring in the others.  I know, I know..we've been saying this for 10 years, but I gotta believe this is it.  If not, then what the hell am I still doing here?
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    Bear19 reacted to echeese in View from the Cheap Seats-Rice   
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    Bear19 reacted to Slimer in 2022 Recruiting Board/Thread   
    Roach now saying he's not and may be in Austin.
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    Bear19 reacted to TexCoyote in 2022 Recruiting Board/Thread   
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    Bear19 reacted to TFloss32 in 2022 Recruiting Board/Thread   
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    Bear19 reacted to Sirhornsalot in 2022 Recruiting Board/Thread   
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    Bear19 reacted to UTfish in Longhorn News/Discussion (Non-recruiting)   
    Growl vs TT. Show our teeth vs TCU. Unleash the beast vs Oklahoma. 
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    Bear19 reacted to texbound in Longhorn News/Discussion (Non-recruiting)   
    Just a thought, but there has got to be a way to have Bijan, Keilen, Jwhitt, and Worthy on the field at the same time. On that note, they have got to think of more ways to get Keilen Robinson the ball more out in space (like they did with X).  He is just too fast to play blowout minutes.  Maybe find a Ramonce Taylor type role with reverses, jet sweeps, or screens.  He can take it to the house on any play.  At least 8-10 touches a game, imo.
    With all that said from this armchair QB, I would bet money that Sark has a plan for these things as the season progresses.  No need to show your cards before conference play.  Not trick plays, but true matchup advantages that Sark will exploit.  Never felt that way about the last staff.
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    Bear19 reacted to North Texas Golfer in Thoughts and Takeaways: Texas runs wild in blowout win over Rice   
    Bobby Burton on IT said backup Andrej Karic is the nastiest OL Texas has and that whoever he was blocking ate turf at least half the time. 
    Ian Boyd, also with IT, also said that Karic made some statement blocks and that Kyle Flood needs to think long and hard about why Karic isn't somewhere in the starting lineup. 
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    Bear19 reacted to Jameson McCausland in Thoughts and Takeaways: Texas runs wild in blowout win over Rice   
    Steve Sarkisian said earlier this week that Texas needed to learn to hate losing more than they liked winning. The Longhorns appear to have taken that message to heart for at least one game as they took out a lot of anger on Rice Saturday evening.
    Here are some thoughts and takeaways from the blowout win:
    It’s hard to truly gauge a lot of what we saw considering the opponent, but it should be stated Texas was 26 point favorites according to Vegas. It was expected the Longhorns would win rather comfortably, but this game turned into a route early. Texas came out with a high level of intensity from the opening kickoff and Rice never really had a chance. A week after the Longhorns’ offensive line was whipped in Fayetteville, the unit helped pave the way for a 426 yard rushing performance. Steve Sarkisian appeared to lean more on outside running schemes and was rewarded with huge performances from Bijan Robinson, Roschon Johnson and Keilan Robinson. Texas pretty much abandoned the outside run at Arkansas, so it will be interesting to see if Sarkisian continues to emphasize the running scheme his lineman and running backs appear to be most comfortable with. Casey Thompson turned in a good performance in his first career start. Thompson finished 15 for 18 for 164 yards and a pair of touchdowns. He did toss an interception in the first quarter as he was hit releasing a deep ball. Outside of the interception though, it was a clean performance and Thompson earned another start next week against Texas Tech. Back to the offensive line for a moment. The unit still has major issues when Texas operates a traditional drop back passing game. Christian Jones was beaten badly and called for a holding penalty in the second quarter in addition to the interior of the offensive line allowing a lot of pressure up the middle early in the game. At this point, Steve Sarkisian is going to have to scheme around the weaknesses his offensive line has. Keilan Robinson showed how electric he can be with a 65 yard TD run in the third quarter. Texas is going to need to find a way to get him 5-8 touches a game and utilize his speed. He also had a textbook blocked punt  in the second quarter. Defensively, there is not a whole lot you can take away from this game. This was a terrible matchup for Rice, who emphasizes trying to win at the line of scrimmage and running between the tackles. The matchup was made worse when the Owls had to turn to their 3rd string QB before halftime due to injuries. The Texas pass defensive honestly hasn’t been tested too much through the first 3 weeks of the season due to the style of opponents they were playing, but that is set to change next week. Texas Tech is coming to Austin and the Red Raiders are not afraid to throw the ball all over the field. Overall, it was the performance Texas needed after what happened in Fayetteville. The Longhorns dominated from start to finish and now have to turn their attention to conference play.
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    Bear19 reacted to General Hooker in Common Man Prediction Thread: Horns vs RICE   
    Hi folks! First time caller, long time listener. UT 52 Rice 7. Rice scores on a trick play involving the MOB.
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    Bear19 reacted to longhorn_mig in Thoughts and Takeaways: Questions mount during blowout loss in Fayetteville   
    Also, that Colorado game wasn't a blowout when Casey came in. We were only up 17-10 at halftime and the offense looked pretty stagnant at times during the first half. We outscored Colorado 38-13 in the second half. I'm not saying Casey was facing a great team, but I think he deserves a little more credit for that game considering how the first half went.
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    Bear19 reacted to longhorn_mig in Are we playing Rice this Saturday?   
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    Bear19 reacted to Sirhornsalot in Thoughts and Takeaways: Questions mount during blowout loss in Fayetteville   
    Their season consisted of five games, cut short due to covid. So a 4-win season is nothing to hate on. 
    Thompson had a great game though, didn't he? lol
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    Bear19 reacted to UTfish in Thoughts and Takeaways: Questions mount during blowout loss in Fayetteville   
    I hear you, dillo, but let's see how it goes with Casey at the helm.
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    Bear19 reacted to dillohorn in Thoughts and Takeaways: Questions mount during blowout loss in Fayetteville   
    My optimism for a great Horns season were destroyed by the abysmal performance last Saturday.
  24. Haha
    Bear19 got a reaction from UTfish in Longhorn News/Discussion (Non-recruiting)   
    Well I was looking for 11 AM.
    Kill me.
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