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    Bear19 reacted to 605Longhorn in Conference Realignment Discussion   
    Agreed. Keep Texas and kick a&m out. 
  2. Haha
    Bear19 reacted to TFloss32 in Conference Realignment Discussion   
  3. Haha
    Bear19 reacted to Sirhornsalot in Conference Realignment Discussion   
    I think its funny that aggy got left out of the conference loop on this one. They literally worked behind aggy's back to get this done.
    What an incredible insult. lol
  4. Like
    Bear19 reacted to 605Longhorn in Conference Realignment Discussion   
    So what your telling me is that baby brother is still at the kids table. LOL 
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    Bear19 reacted to TFloss32 in 2022 Recruiting Board/Thread   
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    Bear19 reacted to drgilbert in Conference Realignment Discussion   
    I hate the fact I’ll have to pay extra for ESPN+ to watch games
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    Bear19 reacted to joeywa in Conference Realignment Discussion   
    I personally love the LHN during baseball season. It’s a God-send 
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    Bear19 reacted to TFloss32 in Conference Realignment Discussion   
    Texas and OU napalming that bridge.
  9. Thanks
    Bear19 reacted to TFloss32 in Conference Realignment Discussion   
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    Bear19 reacted to TexExSpur in Conference Realignment Discussion   
    IT's the home baseball games I'll miss the most.  When not at the Disch, it was my go to.
  11. Haha
    Bear19 reacted to J.B. TexasEx in Conference Realignment Discussion   
    aggy don't wanna be in the same pod with UT? I has the sads...
  12. Haha
    Bear19 reacted to UTfish in 2022 Recruiting Board/Thread   
    So, Gilbeau is going to the frogs? Well, he probably wasn't SEC good enough anyway. 
  13. Haha
    Bear19 reacted to drgilbert in Conference Realignment Discussion   
  14. Like
    Bear19 reacted to Eastexhorn in Conference Realignment Discussion   
    What will happen will happen. I am sure it money and nothing else that drives this move.
    Help recruiting I doubt it very much might even hurt.. Big 10 gets as many top recruits as SEC.
    Read where someone said A&M was outrecruiting OU  and Texas when has that happened?
    Now if Texas wants to start buying players win at any costs they picked the right partner and the right conference.
    Win big and it doesent matter what conference you are in players will come.
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    Bear19 reacted to MBHORNSFAN in Conference Realignment Discussion   
    This is getting done. The Big 12 is done. I expect the other Big 12 teams to start scattering soon.  Texas and ou probably start sec play in 2023...
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    Bear19 reacted to Sirhornsalot in Conference Realignment Discussion   
  17. Laugh+
    Bear19 got a reaction from Earl Nobis Jefferson in Conference Realignment Discussion   
    F aggy
  18. #HookEm
    Bear19 got a reaction from J.B. TexasEx in Conference Realignment Discussion   
    F aggy
  19. Like
    Bear19 reacted to NEOkHorn in Conference Realignment Discussion   
    Perhaps the only person more upset about this than aggie would be Saban suck up Finebaum. 
  20. Like
    Bear19 reacted to Ntx dog in Conference Realignment Discussion   
    Can we make fun of the gaggie tears yet?
  21. Haha
    Bear19 reacted to RickyFlair in 2022 Recruiting Board/Thread   
    I know I did and if I was the AD and Saban walked in today wanting the job I’d hire him on the spot. 
    I think he’s an arrogant, narcissistic, blow hard with a major Napoleon complex but I bet he’d look awesome in burnt orange. 
    I know winning is really, really hard but that pecker head sure makes it look easy. 
  22. Sad
    Bear19 reacted to TFloss32 in **Running College Football Updates Thread**   
  23. Thanks
    Bear19 reacted to OrangeLarry in Hot Damn...Ivan Melendez to Return   
    Ivan Melendez I wanted to thank the Miami Marlins for selecting me in this years draft, but I will be returning to Texas this fall. I also wanted to congratulate my teammates who have been selected and chosen to move on with their careers. 
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    Bear19 reacted to Jameson McCausland in Position Preview: Offensive Line   
    We continue our series previewing each position group for the 2021 season. Today, we turn our attention to the offensive line.
    Sam Cosmi (NFL)- 34 career starts, 21 of them at Left Tackle
    Reese Moore (Portal)
    Willie Tyler (Portal)
    Kyle Flood will have to find a way to fill a massive hole left behind by Sam Cosmi, who was a 3-year starter for the Longhorns. Cosmi anchored the Texas offensive line for the last 2 years and was a 2nd round pick by the Washington Football Team.
    The departures of Moore and Tyler were not a total surprise as both didn't see much playing time last year.
    Hayden Conner- #391 ranked player in the 2021 class, 29th ranked OT
    Max Merril- #1086 ranked player in the 2021 class, 9th ranked OT
    Connor and Merril are both headed for a redshirt year. Herb Hand did not have a good year from a recruiting standpoint, but he did improve the Longhorns overall depth the last few years which will allow Flood to redshirt most freshman lineman moving forward.
    Returning Players
    Jake Majors (R-Fr)- Played in 3 career games with 2 starts
    Tope Imade (R-Sr)- Played in 8 career games
    Derek Kerstetter (Sr)- Played in 46 games with 37 starts
    Andrej Karic (R-Fr)- Played in 3 games with 1 start
    Christian Jones (Jr)- Played in 23 games with 10 starts
    Logan Parr (R-Fr)- Redshirted last year
    Tyler Johnson (R-So)- Played and started in the Alamo Bowl last year
    Isaiah Hookfin (R-So)- Played in 1 career game
    Rafiti Ghirmai (R-Jr)- Played in 13 career games
    Junior Angilau (R-Jr)- Has played and started 22 career games
    Jaylen Garth (R-Fr)- Redshirted last year
    Denzel Okafor (R-Sr)- Played in 48 career games with 14 starts
    Despite losing Cosmi, Texas will be returning 6 players with starting experience and have several more who could make positive contributions for a unit looking to take a big step forward in 2021. Christian Jones is the favorite to take over at LT entering fall camp after spending the majority of his time at RT a season ago. Jones has a high ceiling but will need to develop more consistency after struggling at times in 2020 against good pass rushers. 
    The biggest wildcard of the group will be Derek Kerstetter, who is returning for a 5th season and has played all over the offensive line in his first 4 seasons. Kerstetter spent last season at center but could be moved to a guard spot or RT with the emergence of Jake Majors. Wherever Kerstetter ends up will cause a domino effect on the rest of the unit. If Kerstetter ends up at RT, it likely leaves Tope Imade and Denzel Okafor in a battle for the RG spot. Kerstetter at RG opens the door for Andrej Karic to claim the RT spot. The Southlake Carroll product flashed in the final few games of 2020 when he received extended playing time. Junior Angilau likely has a firm grasp on the LG spot.
    As a unit, Texas has to be better at protecting the QB than they were in 2020. The Longhorns OL struggled mightily against teams like Oklahoma and Iowa State who were strong along the defensive line and at linebacker. Sam Ehlinger was able to mask some of the issues with is scrambling ability, but Steve Sarkisian will be asking his QB's to stay in the pocket much more frequently which will place more of an emphasis on keeping either Hudson Card or Casey Thompson upright.
    Another important factor will be Bijan Robinson, who will make the jobs of the offensive lineman easier. If Flood can get the offensive line to be an above average run blocking unit, the Longhorns should see plenty of success running the ball. 
    The expectations for the unit as the whole should be higher despite losing their best player. The Longhorns have depth at all 5 positions and Flood is regarded as one of the best offensive line coaches in the country. If Christian Jones to take the next step in his development and Kerstetter shows that he is the same player at guard or tackle that he was pre-injury, Texas should field one of the better OL units in the Big 12.
  25. Sad
    Bear19 reacted to TFloss32 in Conference Realignment Discussion   

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