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Everything posted by Bear19

  1. “TexAgs, which is not affiliated with A&M,” Bullshit. F aggy
  2. His dad went to aggy so he knows what a shit hole Bryan/College Station is.
  3. They also lost the ability to get 10 or 15 extra offinsive lineman every year who ostensibly were on FFA scholarships.
  4. Jake Smith is not trash. If he can stay healthy he is a damn good football player.
  5. I don’t blame Vanderbilt for what the NCAA did. At least a Vanderbilt degree means something.
  6. I think it was actually eight offensive lineman.
  7. Perroni doesn’t know whether he’s shitting or winding his watch.
  8. Hell of a finish for any golf tournament.
  9. There were games when Dickson was our most valuable player. More than once. He was phenomenal.
  10. Have a dos XX on me. Wish I could have planned earlier. On my bucket list.
  11. Try again. I just sent you the super secret code.
  12. No reason to keep it a secret. It needs to be publicized.
  13. I know several law-enforcement people here in Walker County. Almost all of our Walker County opioid deaths come from fentanyl. It’s very bad shit.

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