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Everything posted by Bear19

  1. He is a very immature asshole.
  2. My guess is they meant one who is currently not committed.
  3. PS Yes I know I don’t have to open it. But I still have to look at the thread title when I’m scrolling the board.
  4. I finally figured out how to block a poster. Now someone please teach me how to block a thread.
  5. Where the clavicle meets the sternum or breast bone. The shoulder is the other end of the clavicle. Clavicle means collarbone.
  6. I have it on full blast but it doesn’t block his bullshit when other people quote him.
  7. If we lose him it will be because of a bag of cash. It is illegal and has always been illegal. But nothing is below Bama or aggy.

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