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  1. My point is if players are getting NIL money they don’t really need scholarship money. But maybe they can’t get NIL money unless they are on scholarship?
  2. A little off-topic but I assume baseball players can also get NIL money. That would mean scholarship limits are meaningless.
  3. Some think CDC is calling the shots. I hope not because Pierce needs to sink or swim with his own hires.
  4. I heard about smoak but never been to his website.
  5. Just so you know pic in my avatar supposedly is his mug shot for a DUI.
  6. Would you please interpret this for me? Thanks in advance.
  7. Regarding Pierce’s long-term success I think it is. And I’m not sure which it is.
  8. So now I am confused about this board’s opinion of Pierce He’s done a great job appearing in the World Series three out of five years. People who don’t think so have too much entitlement. Or, he has made a major blunder by firing his pitching coach. And maybe even let someone bully him into it which a good head coach would never do. Set me straight.
  9. If it is written on a message board is it slander or libel?
  10. No it was too late in the season to plant it and it never ruted deep enough to get water. And I had no way of getting water to it.
  11. I haven’t posted on the baseball thread in a long time. Pierce has made and continues to make too many mistakes as the third base coach. In the dugout I think he’s fine. And some would say you can’t argue with success. But we’ve had a lot of base running mistakes that were created by the third base coach which happens to be the head coach. Hook’em I’m sure Joey recalls my bitching about the third base coach starting about four years ago.
  12. Did we win the directors cup or not?

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