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  1. There is an old thread on here I started called “oh aggy part deaux”. It fits in here. And F aggy.
  2. Nope. Those come from sod web worms. Those flies lay the larvae that become the worms. When you see those flies, know that your lawn is on the menu. My lawn service treats each year for grubs and cinch bugs. Will that take care of the sod webworms?
  3. Beating the swine is always a big game. Always.
  4. If he was having chest pain his muscles tensed up decreasing his buoyancy and he probably went underwater quickly.
  5. We’ll stomp a mud hole in their ass.
  6. I’m trying but I really don’t get the title of this thread.
  7. He’s probably the worst coach in all of college basketball. His overall record was crappy at each of his previous jobs. He got to the final four in a year when his team should not even have been in the tournament. Even a blind ass hog stumbles across an acorn every now and then.
  8. I posted on another thread I prefer Royal Ivy. But Beard would definitely be the safer choice and I would be good with him.
  9. Recruiting has not been our problem.
  10. I personally prefer Royal Ivy. Granted Beard is the safer choice.
  11. I’m surprised we don’t have to pay them to take him.
  12. Shaka’s players have gotten older and a little more developed physically. But I don’t think he has helped develop their talents at all. And if anything their bad habits have gotten worse. Fire the fraud.
  13. It all depends on what bone is broken. Some types are notorious for never fully healing.
  14. I haven’t watched any tech games. But I’ve watched plenty of shock a ball.
  15. I’ll actually paid $3.50. To anyone who takes the job, not named Shaka.

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