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  1. My paper girl just delivered tomorrow’s newspaper. UT 55 sand aggy 24
  2. When Sabin said A&M bought their entire class he was right. They had no NIL, they simply gave players bags of cash. That was illegal then and it is illegal now.
  3. It is not the AC joint. It is the sternoclavicular joint which is slightly left to the bottom of the throat. Heals faster.
  4. I think you meant to put LSU in there.
  5. Then maybe I have my head up my ass. I hate it when that happens.
  6. I think I see Brian Davis with his head up his ass.
  7. Someone needs to post that on texaggy. It will get taken down probably but it would make my day. loochie’s eyes might uncross.
  8. As usual I think I hit the wrong button. I hate when that happens.
  9. I put a certain poster on ignore but it’s not working. I hate when that happens.
  10. You’re a prick. I wish the mods would can your lousy ass.

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