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  1. “Maddox chose the Aggies over his other finalists in Penn State and Alabama.” 247 composite rated #31 qb. The quarterback whisperer strikes again.
  2. I’m pissed about going to Houston. A kick to the nuts on our way out.
  3. SHA it has taken me a while to respond because I don’t know how to. Absolute total loss of words. I love you man.
  4. Or we can keep politics out of sport and not offend anyone, including “different types of people.”
  5. And I am with you SHA. This is a great pick up one year after Arch.
  6. And he continues to look downfield when pressured.
  7. So he was even more overrated then than now.
  8. We get it you don’t like Sark. No point in trying to camouflage it.

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