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  1. Never in my wildest dreams would I ever have thought UTSA would be ranked higher in football than UT-Austin. Heaven help us.
  2. A shoe salesman gets shipped to a newly discovered island to sell shoes. After one day he calls the home office and says “Stop production! Don’t send any shoes here. No one on this island wears shoes.” A shoe salesman for another company is also sent to the same island. After one day he calls the home office and says “Double production! Send me as many shoes as you can. No one on this island wears shoes!” Wonder which shoe company Arch Manning works for?
  3. And ou playing like a top 5 team?????? Don’t think so.
  4. I think this whole NIL stuff is bad for college football. Players are now open to harsh criticism for their play; same as professional players because NIL college players are now professionals. More pressure to compete on a high level for a longer time. More distractions from actually being a college student. More temptation to make bad decisions regarding your career and reputation.
  5. We just need to show next game that this Rice game is not a fluke.
  6. If true, this is no laughing matter. When people become more concerned with their “rights” rather than their “responsibilities”; then society suffers. A football team is no different.
  7. Richard Nixon presented a plaque to Coach Royal in the locker room after that game declaring Texas National Champions. President Nixon took the plaque back with him to Washington to get filled in with Texas’ name. That plaque disappeared never to be seen again.
  8. What’s to keep a company from paying a player to attend a certain school? The schools with the richest donors and boosters should literally make out like bandits. This NIL cap will destroy college football. It is already starting to.
  9. Have a salesman at work that has gotten COVID twice.
  10. I imagine ol’ Mack Brown has a smile on his face after seeing NC ranked higher then Texas.
  11. Hate to see an individual with God given talent simply throw it away. Hope this serves as a severe warning and he decides to change his life for the better.
  12. And somehow aggy appears to have something figured out.
  13. Highest bidder wins. Will have to be the highest bidder for the same player after he plays one year or off to the transfer portal he goes. This crap is destroying college football as we know it.
  14. Meanwhile the Miami Hurricanes are listing these businesses as prime targets for player revenue.
  15. Because breaking rules at the time when it was illegal to do so should not matter. Kinda like asking the judge to reimburse you for the speeding ticket you got for doing 65 mph in a 55 mph speed zone now that the speed limit got changed to 70.
  16. Sure hope all this doesn’t lead to the death of college football as we know it. My fear is college football turns into NFL lite and players are all about the money instead of school pride. Just wait until recruiting becomes more like NFL draft day and players saying I signed with State U because I got a better contract. Is high school sports next?
  17. MSU beats Virginia 6-5. If UT gets thru Virginia, they most likely get to face their ace pitcher once more.
  18. The team may have made it to Omaha but the bag with the bats sure didn’t
  19. If they can’t find their bats soon, Texas is going to have to make it threw the losers bracket.
  20. And ultimately to coaches and player’s compensation. Go woke, go broke!
  21. As long as Lebron James and the rest of the “wokeness” crap keeps being celebrated by the nba, I am more than happy to see them go broke.
  22. The line between college and pro sports is getting blurred more and more. Players getting to move from one school to the next; now getting paid. All this is doing is creating “super” schools that can pay top money for facilities, coaching and now players. This is different than the NFL how? Oh that’s right, a school can’t change location like a NFL franchise can..... for now.
  23. First pitch is at noon today. Not betting they get a full game in today. May have to double up on Sunday.

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