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  1. Sark to Stanford QB portal recruit: “Son, you your can pass that football”. Stanford recruit: “ I did an computer spread sheet taking into various factors such as ambient temperature, relative humidity, current moon phase and earth rotation; along with estimated football air pressure as related to earth elevation and wind shear as related to the football rotational forces and that helped me calculate the needed rotational velocity of my arm and the angle of arm release in order to precisely calculate how I need to throw the football at that precise moment in oder to maximize the potential for the receiver to catch the pass.” Sark to aggy portal recruit. “Son, you sure can pass that football.” aggy recruit “Coach, I can pass anything I can swallow!”.
  2. Damn. I sure wanted Texas to win that game. Fortunately lots of basketball left to be played.
  3. What a lousy time for a turn over. Hopefully Texas learns from this game and continues to play great basketball down the road.
  4. I think most of us would expect a number one ranked team to come back from a three point deficit at the half against the # 17 team. is Texas worthy of a number one ranking? Looks like we are fixing to find our.
  5. These are the type games Texas needs to win to continue to make a national presence. Plus a win keeps Texas in the hunt for the #1 ranking.
  6. College football is ruined forever. Might as well just call it NFL lite football.
  7. So do we see an another plaque coming to the aggy stadium? Surely aggy can be number one in the nation in most players leaving.
  8. Ad what do you have against 12 year olds? Why insult them that way?
  9. Buechele attended my church while attending UT. Super nice and was willing to stick around a few minutes for some of the young kids to say hi and maybe get a photo with him. As you might imagine, his girlfriend was an 11, but she was as nice as she was good looking. Class couple.
  10. Wish Card all the best. He helped Texas when we needed him and glad to see he is a Texas Ex for life.
  11. While you can certainly argue it’s not the same a beating a team ranked #6, at the time, beating ou 49-0 sure was sweet!
  12. This portal thing is destroying college football. You really have no idea what kind of team you are going to have every year.

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