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  1. Easy to be a Monday morning QB; and Lord knows HornsUp is full of criticism for everyone that believes differently than he does. One doesn’t spend millions on upgrades without doing a risk analysis. How often does Texas endure single digit temperatures? Life has risk and there is no one correct answer as to how many dollars do you spend to lower or eliminate a particular risk. An extreme case in point. We could be hit with a nuclear bomb from Iran, Russia or China. Do we spend billions to reconstruct our power plants and delivery systems to withstand a nuclear bomb?
  2. Adopting green energy at the expense of natural gas, coal, oil and nuclear is a huge mistake; yet plenty on the left think all we need is simply solar and wind energy. I have been in conferences during the Obama Administration and the call for stopping coal was the big mantra.
  3. SMH. Expected nothing different. Even the GIF was no surprise.
  4. I stand by my statement. I believe you have an issue, certainly one of superiority, at a minimum. Why must you continue to try to ridicule, name call and demean others to try to make some point? I have trouble understanding your response because it’s not logical. You jump to conclusions without due process. And 99% of the time, that process assumes the worst in the other person. Most “happy” people I know don’t do that. You and I will certainly disagree on your rebuttal process. Your first reaction when someone expresses an opinion or statement you disagree with is to call them a n
  5. If you actually have friends that are doctors I can certainly envision you discussing their views on medical issues such as how to best fund healthcare or asking their opinion on a certain medical treatment. Other than that, don’t get your point. Other than, once again, attempting to ridicule another person. I believe you have a issue that I hope you get resolved some day. You don’t strike me as a very happy person.
  6. Actually my son has a political science degree so we do talk politics often. And you working in government explains a lot. You have your way of looking at the world and I have mine.
  7. I find it interesting you can’t have a conversation with out calling people names. Big character flaw of yours. Never said windmills were a major power source for Texas, but Texas does lead the nation in wind power. Yes, Texas generally doesn’t have to worry about single digit temperatures. The cost to do so isn’t justified. Anytime you lose a source of power generation, it helps contribute to possible rolling blackouts. Wind and solar obviously not contributing these last fews days. Texas relies heavily on natural gas, along with coal and even nuclear. This cold is
  8. Actually Texas has its own power grid which is different than other states. So, yes, when wind turbines freeze up, that is a power source no longer available to help with power demand. maybe you are not quite as smart as you think.
  9. Same song, second verse.... Trump gets impeached and Trump gets acquitted. LOL. Libertards never learn.
  10. https://apple.news/A05fph8FiSeSHPe3z0eT2Tw The libertards will rue the day they ever thought impeaching Trump for a second time was as a good idea. The first time was bad enough for them.
  11. Absolutely. Because God knows the black community isn’t experiencing third generation food stamp recipients because of how well off they are under decades of government programs. Nothing has destroyed the black family structure more than the Democratic Party.
  12. Can’t have it both ways. What’s racist for whites is racist for blacks and vice versa. We are all equal. if your comments and gifs were reversed showing white people instead, you would be accusing that person to be the biggest racist ever. Your comments and gifs speak for themselves you racist.

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