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  1. And somehow aggy appears to have something figured out.
  2. Highest bidder wins. Will have to be the highest bidder for the same player after he plays one year or off to the transfer portal he goes. This crap is destroying college football as we know it.
  3. Meanwhile the Miami Hurricanes are listing these businesses as prime targets for player revenue.
  4. Because breaking rules at the time when it was illegal to do so should not matter. Kinda like asking the judge to reimburse you for the speeding ticket you got for doing 65 mph in a 55 mph speed zone now that the speed limit got changed to 70.
  5. Sure hope all this doesn’t lead to the death of college football as we know it. My fear is college football turns into NFL lite and players are all about the money instead of school pride. Just wait until recruiting becomes more like NFL draft day and players saying I signed with State U because I got a better contract. Is high school sports next?
  6. MSU beats Virginia 6-5. If UT gets thru Virginia, they most likely get to face their ace pitcher once more.
  7. The team may have made it to Omaha but the bag with the bats sure didn’t
  8. If they can’t find their bats soon, Texas is going to have to make it threw the losers bracket.
  9. And ultimately to coaches and player’s compensation. Go woke, go broke!
  10. As long as Lebron James and the rest of the “wokeness” crap keeps being celebrated by the nba, I am more than happy to see them go broke.
  11. The line between college and pro sports is getting blurred more and more. Players getting to move from one school to the next; now getting paid. All this is doing is creating “super” schools that can pay top money for facilities, coaching and now players. This is different than the NFL how? Oh that’s right, a school can’t change location like a NFL franchise can..... for now.
  12. First pitch is at noon today. Not betting they get a full game in today. May have to double up on Sunday.
  13. Texas drops the Friday opener 6-3 to Tech. With 100% chance of rain Saturday and almost that on Sunday, not sure the other two games are going to happen.

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