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  1. Hate to say it but I suspect we are 2 and BBQ this year. At least you can say we made it to Omaha.
  2. Think they should call it and declare Texas the winner.
  3. Lady Horns play okie-lite today at 6pm. Go Horns!
  4. aggy won their regional. Hope they don’t fair quite as well in their Super Regional.
  5. More of a “move to our school district and we will make it worth your while” Now state HS championships will be for sale, just like college football championships are now.
  6. Only 20 schools set to participate. Sounds like the start of a SUPER Conference were by only money schools can participate. Eventually there is going to be college football plus and then college football for every one else.
  7. Someone earlier argued we needed to treat the players like employees and pay them what they are worth. Why stop there? Why not let a school employ as many athletes as they want? Why not allow them to contact other “employees” at other schools and hire them anytime they want? Alls fair in love and NIL correct?
  8. Would you still have the same opinion if players get paid to throw games? Don’t think sports betting has enough money flowing through it that organized crime won’t interfere?
  9. I am a conservative and believe people are ultimately responsible for their life’s outcome. That being said, bad than happen to good people through no fault of their own. I me it’s said when people of means choose to spend their excess wealth on a guy that can run fast or throw a football, all in hopes of winning a kids game. Some of that money could be doing God’s work here on earth by funding medical research or legitimate charities. I really think we have lost our priorities as a society. The NIL is destroying college football. Someone is going to have to step in and give each college a set limit to spend on players otherwise, the NIl is going to destroy college football. This is simply not sustainable.
  10. Hard to really support college football near as much as I used to. Before, I had a common bond with a UT football player as we both fell in love with UT and wanted to be a part of of it. Now you don’t know if a player loves UT the way you do (or did) or is it all because of a paycheck? College teams won’t earn a NC anymore. It will simply go to the highest bidder.
  11. College football is now a de facto NFL2.0 where players can play for whatever team they want and teams can pay whatever they want for talent. All this means is there will be a few mega teams that can honestly compete and all the rest may very well drop out and form a true amateur athletics conference or drop football all together. I am finding college football less and less different from the NFL. Not going to be as much fun and may just find something else to do Saturday if this continues on its present course.
  12. When was the last time Texas let an opponent score 10 runs in one inning?

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