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  1. Everyone we play will have to protect the running lanes when Heard is in there. That will make blocking by the OL a bit easier. I would also expect a lot of zone as well. Heard's abilities are game changers. He just needs to avoid getting hit as much as he can. We do not have a back up for him.
  2. Pretty much agree with you again, Chuck. Heard was very good to our offensive line. Turned lemons into lemonade a few times. Given some of the hits Heard took, it scares me that we clearly have no capable back up at QB. The problem on defense is not scheme, but execution. I am really disappointed in the defensive line. They can make some plays, then just get manhandled. A disappointing loss, but something we can build on. We will find out pretty quick what the character of the team is. We desperately need to recruit some linemen that can come in and play.....on both sides of the ball.
  3. Just popped the first top. LOL I do not have a very warm, fuzzy feeling about this game. Hope my gut is wrong.
  4. Cheese, I agree with most of what you said. But watch out for the short passing game if our secondary plays soft. That will put a lot of pressure on the nickel back and the linebackers. I have a feeling that our young linebackers are going to be critical. And to defend Cal, our defensive line will HAVE to do better than they have been. What we will see is much like what we are used to seeing from Tech under Leach and Kingsbury, so we need to be ready for a fast high scoring game.
  5. So sad. I blew my left knee out in the 1955 spring game at my high school. Couldn't fix it then, but I was fortunate enough to go on the running track successfully. Even lettered at Texas as a freshman. It is not the end of the world. Just tell him to take care of it. When he gets to my age it will come back to haunt him if he doesn't. (I am 76)
  6. Given how poorly our defense has played, Cal worries me. Quite frankly, unless we see a great deal of improvement there, we aren't going to win a lot of games this year. Starting the season, I thought our defense would be able to keep us in games while the offense developed. Now it appears that both sides of the ball have a long way to go. A bright side: the special teams are much improved this year. They were the difference with Rice.
  7. Patterson should be fired before he does any more damage.
  8. Always glad to get your views, echeese. Have to say I usually agree with you across the board. A comment about Gray: a number of his runs were into a stacked defense. Rice apparently figured out he like to run to the left off tackle, and they stacked the defense over there when he was in the game. Heard does not have the knowledge or experience to check out of a play when that happens. Wish he were better at things like film study. He will never be a complete quarterback until he gets into the mental work of the game. D. Foreman is a great straight ahead slashing runner. I really like what he brings to the table for us. Jinkens is working hard, but mostly is just there. Not to fault him, but I would have a younger guy in there if possible. Just to get the experience. Ridgeway is getting double teamed all of the time, but nobody else is able to take any advantage of that. Our front four is in sad shape, and there are no signs of it getting any better. I can't believe that with the offense we did have and the special team play and the turnovers, and we could not beat the line against Rice at home. Vance needs to get his stuff together pretty quick or we will be lucky to win more than 2 or 3 more games.
  9. Pretty much agree with you on everything. Ridgeway was handed his ass most of the night, and was the rest of the DL. The ND offensive line just purely whipped our defensive line, and to the extent they were able to get downfield on our linebackers just about every play. In spite of that Jefferson had a good night, and Hughes did pretty well, too. The zone was not executed well at all. The safeties played too deep and were out of position, and the linebackers didn't drop far enough. Did we even have any cornerbacks playing? On the offensive line, Williams was the only one that stood out...at least for doing well. Vahe was there and played like a freshman with potential. Flowers just doesn't have quick enough feet to pass protect. Perkins couldn't handle it either. I could never figure out why we didn't run Gray earlier and more often. The OL can run block better than they can pass block, and Gray is a great runner. All the backs are rather poor in pass pro. As for the quarterback, Swoopes is a good kid, but he thinks and moves far too slowly. Is Heard the answer? Obviously the coaches don't think so. And they see him in practice every day. His running against ND had a net loss of 12 yards. He is quicker and more athletic that Swoopes, but his decision making is questionable. I am pretty sure that if the coaches thought he could make a difference, he would be on the field. We are probably just going to have to wait and develop another quarterback. Not sure I would want to throw Locksley to the wolves quite yet.
  10. A lot of people have very high expectations for Heard that are not yet borne out by his performance. Don't think for a minute that if Heard could outperform Swoopes he would not be playing. The bottom line is that we do not have a quarterback that is very good. We will have to live with it until we can develop another one.
  11. Note that Flowers is the only OL not in contact with a defender. Somebody should have been open, and Swoopes had time to make the play. He is just too slow in everything. Sad.
  12. The line is -15. If I were a betting man, I might take the Owls and 15. Don't know if we can score that much even against Rice.
  13. Don't know if Flowers was being lazy or just doesn't have the talent, but he had his ass handed to him much of the time. Williams did OK, but has to learn how to deal with stunts. That will come. It would be a home run if all that was proposed occurs, but don't anyone hold their breath until it happens.
  14. Java, I hope you are right. That offensive scheme that I have been seeing from Watson absolutely stinks. Now Swoopes is just not a Division I quarterback, but it would be very difficult for any quarterback to succeed with the offense we have in place. We need to develop a new offense that can take advantage of what few strengths we have, then let the best players play.
  15. Java, in spite of the pain meds, you are thinking clearly. Poor Swoopes just cannot play quarterback instinctively, which makes him much too slow. That may not hurt so bad in practice, but in games it just won't work. The offense that Watson has designed will be very difficult for Heard to shine in, but at least he would do something. A lot of the problem is with the offense as it is designed. It just does not put our kids in a position to succeed. I have no confidence that Shawn Watson is capable of designing one that would work. Hope you recover from your surgery quickly.
  16. Both of you guys make good points. ND was physically better than we were on both the offensive and defensive lines. The defensive tackles were treated like poor stepchildren by ND. I noticed a lot of the time that Ridgeway was completely handled, and he is supposedly our best. Flowers just waved through the pass rush a few times. He does not have the lateral movement necessary to pass protect. He and Williams were just unable to handle the stunts. I couldn't believe that Gray only carried the ball 2 or 3 times in the first half. There was nothing there to slow down the ND pass rush, and poor Swoopes never had the time to be effective (he requires more time than most). The secondary just could not execute the zone defense. The safeties were too deep, and they all seems to be out of position most of the time. This was overall a very poor performance. Really disappointing. I'm thinking that if I were a betting man, I would take Rice and the points.
  17. They ran up 700 yards on Tech yesterday. I would bet we couldn't do that.
  18. You negative guys are beginning to make this look like the OB site. Cut it out.
  19. I would say push if legal and you count the bowl game. Since it isn't legal, I will lean over. We can beat ND and OU or both. West Va. is the one to watch out for.
  20. I have to go with Slim here. The coach has to be one, and Charlie is.
  21. No reason to worry. This is a dead time. Everyone is getting ready for the seasons. Once the season is underway, the official visits will start and things will pick up. Everybody just relax.
  22. I don't know about Idaho law, but it is pretty clear that Baylor has a big time Title IX problem here. Baylor had better start saving up some big time money. That young lady should be in a position to really nail them. It is incomprehensible to me that that young woman was treated that way given what we know about the situation. Heads should roll at Baylor. A lot of them. I love the game of football, and I love to win. But what happened to that girl is far too high a price to pay.
  23. If he comes now, he won't play much, I suspect. If he waits until January, he will still have 5 to play 4.
  24. When children get to be college age, the best any parent can do is influence them to make proper choices. If a parent has not given a kid the basis upon which to make good judgments by then, it is too late. My daughter also attended A&M after having grown up spending a lot of time on the UT campus. She also spent a lot of time while growing up on our small "ranch" in west Texas. She and I spent many Springs and Summers wandering around the canyon identifying wildflowers, and I still have somewhere a large stack of pressed flowers that we preserved over the years. We also had a large garden and did a lot of canning. So she decided she wanted to grow flowers. Texas had nothing to offer in that regard. We looked elsewhere, but she really liked A&M. For her, so did I. She graduated in December of 1999 with a degree in Floriculture. She got a great education at A&M, and has always been employed since she graduated. She spent 10 years as the head grower at a unit of a large greenhouse operation. Her unit had 800,000 sq. ft. of growing space. Now she is coordinator of planning and production for the entire operation, which has 7 such units in addition to a number of other contract growers. She also has a small farm in rural Johnson County with 3 cows at present. I would say she is very successful. I am very proud of her and the choices she has made. And they were her choices, not mine.

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