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  1. It appears that many on the boards consider Texas to be a football team with an academic institution tied to it. In truth, Texas is a world class academic institution that happens to have a football team. We should not let the tail wag the dog.
  2. I do not think anyone could coach up Swoopes that much, unfortunately. Case is what we are stuck with, I am afraid.
  3. The problem was not so much the play calling, but the inability to execute the plays that were called. And that is a recruiting problem.
  4. The difference yesterday was more about recruiting than coaching, and particularly quarterback recruiting.
  5. Agree with you echeese. Good post. Our downfall this season (and the two before) was lack of a decent quarterback. Having to depend upon Case is a sad commentary about our quarterback recruiting the last few years. Case did his best, but he just doesn't have the necessary tools to get the job done. I was proud of the team in the first half for its effort, but the 3rd quarter put it out of reach. Our performance yesterday was more about recruiting than coaching. Baylor just had better athletes that we did.
  6. Pancho, my friend, I have no clue who you are or how old you are or how much you really know about football and coaching. If you will sign your real name to the posts you make, then I might listen. Read my post, and quit making accusations that are not accurate. You, sir, are the idiot.
  7. Folks, my guess is that Mack will either retire, or stay on. I am quite fine with it either way. I am a big fan of the University of Texas, and I am going to wholeheartedly support the team and the coaches. I have some second hand experience dealing with the kind of crap Mack has had to put up with the last few years, and understand that it doesn't really matter what the critics all say. Mack Brown has done an extraordinary job as head football coach at Texas. Like Coach Royal, he has had some below par years. Like Coach Royal, he has brought the team back. Unlike Royal, he has to deal with anonymous posters on Internet boards whose constant barrage of criticism and speculation makes his job ever so much more difficult. All of you experts on the game need to understand the damage you do to our university with this constant griping and complaining and speculation. I am a fan of Mack Brown. Has he made some mistakes? Certainly. But in my nearly 7 decades of following college football, just about the worst coaching mistake I have ever seen was by everyone's Saint Nick at the end of the Auburn game last week with a national championship on the line.. So I will continue to back Mack and wish him well.
  8. You know, I post under my own name. People who post anonymously have little real credibility for me except for the ones that I know who they are. Anybody can put whatever crap they want to out there if they are not identifiable. When I post something, I am willing to put my name on it. I will certainly err, and will be corrected, but you will all know where it comes from.
  9. Just got an e-mail from an Auburn grad. Says the hottest selling T-shirt in Alabama is : "Hey Nick, Got A Second? I'd Like To Run Something By You."
  10. The original post was more like what I used to see on OB, and why I quit that board.
  11. Don't know if it is an end to an era or not, but Texas had better be ready to play Thursday or we will get beat. May anyway.
  12. He won't come. But if we inquire, it will get him a good raise.
  13. Yes. And then failed to recruit and develop quarterbacks. I agree that a good run game is a necessity, but so is a good quarterback. If we had developed a backup QB and had him available when Colt was hurt, we would have been fine. That was the problem.
  14. I recorded and watched the Ole Miss-Missouri game. Mizzou is the real deal.
  15. Baghorn, sorry, but you totally mischaracterized Mack Brown. He is the second coach in Texas history in terms of wins, and it was not critics that made him that.
  16. Mack has been great for Texas. What RC describes is what happens when coaches are changed. It is like recruiting. Sometimes the folks with the best credentials end up being a bust. It just happens. A crap shoot. I do not have a clue who the next coach should be if Mack retires. My preference is a younger guy with enthusiasm and football smarts. There are some of those out there, but not many at the larger programs. If it is not a younger guy, you need an older one with a great track record that will fit into the culture at Texas. Saban fits the first of those, but I wonder about the second. I kind of like the guy at Fresno State. Somebody will get him, that's for sure. I guess we will see who Texas goes after.
  17. Does not appear to be credible. Meetings like that, if there was one, is very confidential. The poster gives away who he is in the post if he was there. He would never be allowed in another such meeting. I just doubt that it is genuine.

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