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  1. That would be fine with me. I was thinking in terms of letting a new OC be able to pick people he trusts. If Wick and Norvell can stay and be position coaches, that is fine. Same for Watson being a quarterback coach. It is clear, however that we need a new scheme and a play caller who can emphasize the strengths of our players rather than the weaknesses. I thought the play calling yesterday stunk.
  2. "Hate to say it as it might affect recruiting but this offensive staff is pretty woeful. No wet ball excuses tonight. Simple a poor game plan with even worse or non existent adjustments." This is a big problem. I would fire the entire offensive staff except for Traylor, and put in an offense that our kids have the ability to execute. And until that happens, I would instruct the play caller to go to our strengths instead of trying to do other things. Norvell's play calling was atrocious, IMO. The other problem was that our kids played like all they really had to do was show up and they would win. They were very uninspired, it appeared. This is partly coaching, but mainly a question of team leadership. Pretty sad exhibition. Maybe we can beat Kansas, but the rest of the season looks bad from my seat.
  3. If Heard does not get into the pass game and learn to read defenses, he will NOT be our QB of the future. My suspicion is that quarterback is not on campus yet.
  4. A great win. I will be joining those eating a bit of crow because I did not think that our kids would discover how to win. Now they have, so hopefully we will not see any more TCU like performances. I watched TCU barely beat Kansas State. K State is going to be a very tough opponent, so we are going to have to play with the same drive and attitude as we did against OU to beat them. Also watched good parts of the Tech-Iowa State and Okie Lite-West Va games (thanks DVR). It is sad we left one on the table vs Okie Lite. We can beat all of those teams, but will have to be able to outscore Tech on Thanksgiving. If we can maintain our momentum, we should become bowl eligible, which would be a big plus. But there are some tough games ahead, and we must keep our new found toughness. The young talent is there, with more one the way. The future seems much brighter after yesterday.
  5. I am going to have to eat a bit of crow today. The defense I had been hoping for/expecting finally showed up. Texas played as well as they could in every phase of the game today. Hope this will stop all of the pissing and moaning we have been hearing, but it probably won't. A great win for the team and for Charlie Strong.
  6. JB, I think we will be fortunate to win 4 games this year unless something close to a miracle happens and the OL and the defense get better. However this season goes, I think Charlie should have the opportunity to get the program in order. Every coach needs the material to work with. If it is not there, nobody can work magic. Another good recruiting year and some experience and maturity from the last two classes should get us respectable again. A championship is two years away. At my age, I should not be counseling patience, but that is what we must have.
  7. Charlie Strong should get another year, although I fear this season is going to be a disaster. Most of the problems are a lack of talent, and that takes time to cure. But.....part of the problem is the wrong hire at offensive coordinator. To recruit in Texas and play in the Big 12, we must run a spread type offense or something similar. I do not fault Charlie for originally bringing his OC to Texas, but he should have shaken up the offensive staff at the end of last year. So that much is on him. I am not as worried about recruiting as many are. We are about where we were last year, and by playing so many freshmen this year, it is going to be clear to recruits that they will have a great opportunity to play early at Texas, so this should really help. At the end of the season, Charlie needs to go out an hire a great offensive coordinator and give him the reins over the offense. If he does not, I fear his tenure would be short, and that would be sad to see. I really like a lot of what he brings to Texas, and think he can be very successful.
  8. Java, on the 9th we will be ahead, but I worry about the 10th. I have seen underdog teams win this game before. Maybe this will be the year. Hope springs eternal. I will be happy to just not be embarrassed.
  9. Who is Stephen A. Smith? Must be an idiot.
  10. How did all of those high ranked recruiting classes work out on the field? Go down the list and see who actually played up to their star rankings. All of those recruiting rankings are for your entertainment. What the whole thing is really about is recruiting players who can actually play the game on the field. The last few classes that Mack got just did not pan out. So I will call BS on you.
  11. I think all of you experts need to look back at what happened after 2010. All of you were in a big hurry to fire Mack. The criticism and vitriol were similar to what we are now seeing from you. Now Strong is NOT going to be fired after this season, and you all know it. So what effect will all of the pissing and moaning have? Exactly the same effect it had on Mack's recruiting. Sure, Mack was able to recruit the low hanging fruit, but the result was that when he left, the cupboard was pretty bare, and his successor is having to deal with it. Now you guys are going to pile on early and loudly, and the net result will be harm to the University of Texas football program. We are all disappointed, of course. And the situation with the offensive scheme is bad, but it was adopted to accommodate the quarterback talent we had when Strong arrived....Ash and Swoopes. When they did not pan out, we have had to essentially change horses in midstream. Now I do think that at the end of the season, Strong needs to take a long hard look at the offense and the offensive coaches, and make some changes. I also think he needs to do the same with the defensive staff. But it does us no service to keep on harping about firing Charlie Strong.
  12. Ed Price's team was 1-9 in his 6th and last season. But his first 3 seasons were championship caliber teams. He was left with good talent by his predecessor. I think we will be lucky to win 2 or 3 more games. We do not have the talent to do better, unfortunately. Another good recruiting class or two will get us back, but we have to have patience. Mack's last two or three years worth of recruiting just didn't work out.....he just picked the low hanging fruit. Strong needs the opportunity to recruit a couple of more classes. And we desperately need some good linemen in them. That said, it is clear that our offensive schemes have been a mess, and Coach Strong clearly needs to seriously consider bringing in an offensive guy that can straighten it out. I have no confidence that the current set up is going to work out. For those who want to fire Strong now or at the end of this season, just consider the cost of bringing in a new coach with new schemes. It would just serve to delay fixing the problem for another 2 or 3 years.
  13. Thanks, echeese. Always enjoy your posts, and as usual we are pretty much in agreement. I will make some observations below, with the understanding that I know we are a very young team, our offensive line sucks and the offense is being installed on the run. I think we all know the reasons why. These are not necessarily in order of importance. 1.The team was mentally unprepared for the game. Period. 2. The offensive line performed better when Hutchins was not in the game. But it still sucked. 3. The defensive secondary was essentially lost most of the day. It did not appear that they knew what their assignments were.....certainly they did not cover well. 4. D. Foreman is by far our best running back. Kudos to Gray for being a good team guy, but Foreman should be in the game if we are going to run the football. 5. Our backs do much better when they run north-south. We are terrible at running east-west. 6. Jerrod Heard is not yet our quarterback of the future. He plays like he is still in high school. But he isn't. Swoopes is a much better passer, and seemed to play better when he was in there. 7. For whatever reason, our current offensive scheme is not as good as we see on Friday nights around Texas. It is a work in progress, sure, but if we can't execute a better offense, we are in even deeper trouble that it appears. 8. Part of #7, but our receivers are not running routes that can get them open most of the time. Is it scheme, execution, or both? 9. Jinkens had the best defensive day, it appeared. Made a few good plays. Nobody else really showed up. 10. We desperately need a new kicker. Our punter is still very much a work in progress. 11. Kris Boyd needs to have his ass kicked....hard. If he wants to leave, let it be now. We don't need smart asses on the team. 12. Coach Strong needs to take a long look at the entirety of his staff at the end of the season. He should know by now what it will take to compete at this level. Some of his staff just have not shown they can do the job. We need top notch folks that know how to design a competitive offense and expertly coach the components of the offense. The same on defense. I don't see too much of that now.. 13. Any defensive scheme that puts Naashon Hughes on Turpin without safety help is sheer stupidity. 14. Will add as I think of more.
  14. I would hate that. Those fancied up unis lack class. Ugly!
  15. Is there any way we can get an ignore button? This guy is way off base.
  16. You are right, of course. Our record is a result of having to play kids that either aren't very good, or are very inexperienced. I like Charlie, and am a bit too sensitive when folks immediately want to blame the coach. Our losses have not been a result of poor coaching, but of lack of experienced talent. The best talent for the most part are freshmen and sophomores, with only a few exceptions. It is very difficult to win with that combination, whoever the coach may be. SHA is right to counsel patience. We are a couple of years away.
  17. You made many of the points I would make. This team is so loaded with freshmen and sophomores one must expect a lot of errors. I have heard it said before that for every freshman you start, it will coast you a game. Well, that is playing out so far. This team is a work in progress. There were a lot of positives in the game against Okie Lite, and we learned a lot, even from the defeat. Our defensive secondary should be much better for the rest of the year as a result. We have seen what can happen when Ridgeway is playing at his best. On offense, we have discovered the limitations of Heard at QB. We now know that we must have a complete offensive scheme rather than relying on Heard's running to bail out otherwise bad plays. Installing an offense to take advantage of Heard's skills is a work in progress, and it is difficult to do in the middle of the season. Hopefully, we can come up with a passing game that will take into account the seriously inadequate offensive line we have, particularly with Perkins out. The run game needs to be north-south. Our backs cannot run east-west well at all. Perhaps Daje can be put in a 2 back set to help that. Now I am a guy thinking we have a half full glass rather than the opposite. Charlie Strong has so far done a great job of recruiting, and I expect that to continue. Obviously, there are still a lot of holes to fill up. Offensive and defensive linemen are a must for this cycle. Absolute must! Then we need to work on depth. I cannot predict how many games we will win this year. The offensive line as a unit is just so bad, it will be very difficult to move the ball on many of the teams that remain on our schedule. Our defense is making visible progress, and I think that will continue. Special teams have their ups and downs. I feel sorry for our punter. A freshman from Australia that has never played football before. Has a great leg, but not much experience under fire. He will learn from that. As an aside, he is not the first (or the last) punter to do that at Texas. Back in 1950, with Texas holding on to a 13-7 lead over Oklahoma late in the fourth quarter, the punter dropped the ball and OU recovered. They went on the score an easy touchdown to win 14-13. OU won the NC that year. Texas was #2 after beating the then #1 SMU later in the season. So that drop cost us a National Championship. So don't anybody be hard on this kid. He will be fine.
  18. Wish there were down votes on these threads. On this one, I would wear it out.
  19. Adding those teams would likely significantly reduce the TV income per team in the conference. And it would probably weaken the overall strength of the conference, but maybe not. I don't see anything much happening until it is time for everyone to renegotiate their contracts in a few years.
  20. Adding those teams would likely significantly reduce the TV income per team in the conference. And it would probably weaken the overall strength of the conference, but maybe not. I don't see anything much happening until it is time for everyone to renegotiate their contracts in a few years.
  21. Don't blame Bedford. This is Charlie Strong's defense, and the is no reason to be negative about it even as bad as they have looked. Too much of a downer post.

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