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  1. Maybe they should fire Briles and hire Mike Leach. I am sure Leach would love to play Tech every year. LOL
  2. I have spent many years in the justice system, so let me tell you that the big problem is not the lack of convictions, but the lack of support for the young women who may have been assaulted on the part of school officials. Young women who have been assaulted are emotionally weakened and embarrassed. If they complain to someone and it is blown off, they frequently won't pursue it further. The shame of Baylor appears to be that they did not create an environment where a fair hearing of the allegations could be had. It was strictly cover up all the way. If that is the case, the whole bunch of involved individuals should be fired. That includes Starr, Briles, and everyone else involved.
  3. Sad to see him collapse yesterday. Just lost his concentration, I suppose. It happens. It is a tough tournament.
  4. We need at least three athletic big men. Lack of athleticism really hurt us this year, particularly after we lost Ridley.
  5. It is time to move on. Nothing for anyone to see there. Further speculation is silly and harmful.
  6. Post of the day. Everyone needs to quit jumping to conclusions about this.
  7. It is 5:43 on Natrional Signing Day, and OU still sucks, and Aggy is still stumblin.
  8. Java, I was referring to what I heard about him leaving player decisions up to the position coach. If that is true, it would seem that Charlie could have made sure that Jake played more if he had given the instruction. It seems strange to me that Jake would have been promised more playing time by Charlie (if he was) and then not getting to play more. Here we are in the midst of desperately trying to recruit offensive linemen, while at the same time essentially running off what has always seemed to be a great prospect that is already on our roster. It doesn't make a lot of sense unless he is just not that good. The question then becomes: is he as good as the ones we are trying to recruit? I do not know. Java, glad to hear you are doing well. My bride had a bout with breast cancer in 2014 and is doing very well. We were very fortunate for the early detection We will be praying for your recovery.
  9. It is becoming apparent that Wickline was a problem for us. Maybe Mattox will improve things. There is something about how this came down that suggests the Strong has a problem giving direction to his assistants. He had better get it fixed.
  10. It does not matter. We will be fine. If Cumbie is not excited to be here, let's get somebody else that is.
  11. Good one, again, echeese. Good one by tejasrulz as well. Agree pretty much with both. It was an ugly win, but I will take it. I hope Strong finds himself. He does look a little lost out there at times.

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