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  1. Clooney is not an actor. He is a shallow persona with a low grade charisma that attracts certain women. He is also an effective con artist with a real knack for making a lot of money for himself on films that very few people want to see. He has made about 35 films that have created him a net worth of around $170 million. The amazing part is that almost all of his movies where he was an actor lost money except the 3 "Oceans" films where he was one member of a big name ensemble cast.
  2. So Powers gets his panties in a wad because Tom Hicks made a call to Sexton (not at Saban's request) so Saban should be disqualified forever so that UT can avoid a head coach with a proven track record of winning 4 MNCs and consistently recruiting at the highest level so now we have CS who is a good guy with no track record of winning championships or consistently recruiting at the highest level and who is showing zero sign of attracting the attention of top recruits at UT so everything worked out great??? Got it!!! LOLLLLL
  3. Passing on FSU + 1 last year was the death knell of the Big 12. Staggering in its myopic stupidity by Bowlsby and Dodds. Missed the chance to set the Big-12 as a major, enduring conference. It is no accident that recruiting in the Big 12 has collapsed. Now there is no going back for almost a decade. Having said that, can you imagine anything worse than sitting where aggy is in the SEC? A massive surge of talent into their conference with JFF/Evans departing and their whole sorry defense coming back. They have a less than zero chance of EVER winning a conference title or MNC in the SEC. At least UT has a very plausible chance to make the final 4 in 2014 and OU exposed the reality that 5 Stars are not everything by beating Alabama after OU got blown out by Mack/Case. It is just beyond tragic that Bowlsby Dodds blew it for the Big 12.
  4. The SEC is obviously killing it in recruiting over all other conferences and the Big 12 is dead last among the 5 big conferences in 2014 recruiting. Given the overloading of talent in the SEC, if your goal is winning conference and MNCs, would you want UT to trade places with aggy in the SEC? I vote no.
  5. You can be certain that Bob McNair will botch the pick. He and JJ are in some sort of strange competition with Jimmy Haslam for the worst owner in the league.
  6. Only in the very strange world of the aggy spin zone could they be considered on a rise. When did aggy rise since the recruits they signed today were in diapers? Is aggy's 9-4 7th place in the SEC this year after an 11-2 5th place in the SEC last year a rise or a fall? UT just fired their coach for losing one more game than aggy in 2013 while aggy gave Sumlin a big raise. Any bets on who rises and falls in 2014? Will it matter in 2015 recruiting?
  7. It seems that the Mack Brown apologists have already been replaced by the Charlie Strong apologists who are throwing out every phony excuse imaginable for him failing to hold Mack's worthy recruits and add additional top recruits in 2014. The bottom line is that Charlie is off to a very unimpressive start on the recruiting front and that means that Charlie needs to coach his ass off and deliver a Big 12 championship and final 4 berth in 2014 or his 2015 recruiting class may be worse than 2014. It is pathetic to watch UT fans who are willing to settle for more 8-4 / 9-3 mediocrity in 2014 that would only confirm that nothing has really changed in UT's culture and expectations that are at the root of the recruiting problems. Winning big in 2014 is the only chance that Charlie has to survive the huge negative momentum in recruiting.
  8. So the outcome would be this bad or worse if Patterson had hired Saban or Fisher rather than getting his panties in a wad over their agent? This is the recruiting result you get when you hire a third tier head coach with an undefined offensive philosophy who excites no tier one recruits.
  9. + Feckless university leadership for a very long time + Failing to foster a culture of championship excellence for 40+ years + Coddling Deloss Dodds senility and ineptitude for far too long + Placing revenue results above championship results + LHN/We are the Jones hubris + Coddling mediocre Mack Brown's sensibilities for far too long + Coddling senile fat cat donors + Big 12 GOR + Failure to add FSU & Clemson to the Big 12 + SEC media hype + Hiring a new third tier AD with almost no university AD experience + Not interviewing first tier football head coaches + Hiring a third tier head football coach + Missing on first tier assistant coaches at coordinator level = Poor recruiting results Charlie Strong will have to be one hell of a football coach to overcome all of the above.
  10. Complete nonsense on OU. The PAC turned down OU because they had to bring along OSU and both schools together add less than nothing to any TV contract. The same applies to the SEC even if OU could somehow manage to cut loose OSU. OU has a good football profile but a pathetic TV profile. Adding them would mean less money for everyone else in a major conference. Add the GOR to this reality and OU is stuck in the Big 12 or worse if UT bolts.
  11. So he could cash in on another $40-$50 million...
  12. aggy has been riding the false wave of Johnny Football's on field ability and off field hype for the last two years. Johnny Football is gone and aggy will revert to form in 2014. They were 8-4 last year with JFF and would have been 5-7 without him . They were 6-6 in their last year in the Big 12 and they are now in their beloved SEC and every team they play in the SEC can beat them. They may also struggle with one or two of their OOC games. Think Auburn the year after Cam Newton left only aggy was so pathetic that they could not win a championship with JFF. aggy will be 4-8 to 5-7 at best in 2014 and that will be their performance level indefinitely unless they back into another Johnny Football miracle. All of these naive recruits that are buying the phony aggy/sec hype will discover that they made a terrible mistake and will be stuck with the aggy cult stigma for life. It is amazing how many "UT fans" on this thread have bought into the aggy hype so deeply that they actually think aggy can have a winning season in 2014.
  13. Complete nonsense. Knight was a below average QB in every game he played last year before Alabama. He led OU to 16 points against WVU at Norman on 10-20-2 for 119 yards in his last start before the UT game. He stunk it up 3-7-0 for 28 yards in his last regular season start against OSU and Bell had to come in to save the game. Bell had better regular season stats in every category except rushing.
  14. Except against ND, TT and OSU. LOL
  15. Yep and he belongs at aggy. He is full on delusional enough to talk about winning a "natty" at aggy. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL
  16. Charlie needs to be all over Michael Brewer if Tech cannot block him from UT after he graduates in May. Brewer is a real player if his back is ok and he could beat out Ash straight up.
  17. There are no major difference makers left in play in the 2014 recruiting class. Charlie and his staff just need to maximize the performance of the talent already on campus and win the Big 12 and make it to the final four in 2014 and recruiting will take care of itself. The aggy can have their mythical recruiting championship in 2014 while UT was in transition but they will still be aggy and that will never change.
  18. Swoopes is Charlie's next QB to DE conversion project.
  19. The premise of this post is beyond absurd. aggy is having their first top five recruiting year in forever and they are coming off a 9-4 year that would have been at no more than 6-7 without Manziel. Manziel is gone and UT has finally dealt with the Mack problem. UT can only get better and aggy will only get worse. The recruiting problems UT is having this year have EVERYTHING to do with UT coddling Mack for the last four years of mediocrity and the new coaching staff not having relationships with the recruits. If UT had taken care of business and won the Big 12 the last two years and played in one MNC game, all the aggy hype and their 5th and 7th place finishes in the SEC would mean f**k all. This nonsense of worrying about the naive choices of 17 year old kids who are witless enough to buy into the phony aggy hype is ridiculous. The last two years are the high water mark of aggy and these kids that are signing onto the aggy cult are going to learn about losing in the SEC the hard way and what it means to be an aggy for life. BE HAPPY THAT THEY REVEALED THEIR IGNORANCE NOW!! If they have not noticed that aggy has not won a championship since they were in diapers and all their major foes in the SEC have better coaching and more cumulative top recruits than they do, then they have the dimwitted IQ profile that belongs at aggy and defines why aggy will never be a top tier football school. You have to look no further than Bill Snyder to see that the coaching staff is the most important factor in winning games and UT will have more talent on the field than aggy in 2014. The open question is whether Strong and his staff can get the talent at UT to perform to its potential. If they do, UT will win the Big 12 and make the MNC final four while aggy is finishing 6-6 and aggys will be back under their rocks where they belong. Playing aggy would be throwing them a lifeline in the quicksand of s**t that is the SEC championship possibilities for aggy. Their delusions of grandeur are not a reason to play them. They are a reason to LAUGH!!! There never was and never will be ANY advantage for UT to play aggy. UT has FINALLY cut lose the stigma of being associated with the cult that is aggy. This is cause for CELEBRATION not a reason to panic or clamor to renew a rivalry that never was really a rivalry because aggy has been a cesspool of football mediocrity and worse almost forever. Let the feckless farmers rot in the SEC.
  20. The "BMDs" are not and have never been a monolith. Tom Hicks' actions with Wallace Hall should in no way taint the many other "BMDs" who finally had the wisdom and the stones to force long overdue change in the UT football program. They are equally entitled to be disappointed that Patterson did not bother to pursue ANY of the tier 1 candidates who had won major conference championships and/or MNCs before hiring Charlie. Charlie may work out fine but Patterson engaged in a very unprofessional search process. As far as the QB search goes, Malzahn just took over a 3-9 0-8 SEC team in 2012 and inherited no QB and went out and got one and won the mighty SEC and almost the MNC in year one. CS will be taking over a team with at least as much talent as Auburn had in 2013 and he will be competing in the Big 12 rather than the SEC. UT should be favored to win every conference game because UT has more talent than any other Big 12 team. Even feckless Mack managed to beat OU last year. It is Charlie's job to solve the QB issue in 2014 as Malzahn did in 2013 and win the weak Big 12 in 2014. Anything less should be a disappointment if Patterson made the right hire.
  21. Wait a minute!! aggy has 9 returning starters on defense!!! LOL Harvey was supposedly a UT fan. When Harvey committed, aggy had just shut down OU in the Cotton Bowl (An OU team that had blown out UT in 2012) and Manziel had just won the Heisman and the phony aggy hype machine was in full gear and the UT defense had been a disaster in 2012 and Mack was leading UT on a long path to nowhere. Since that time, the aggy defense imploded, aggy finished 9-4 and Manziel is gone and UT addressed their head coaching problem with a defense guy who had one of the best defenses in the nation in 2013. Gee, why would Harvey or ANY rational aggy recruit, especially on defense, reconsider an aggy commitment and consider UT???
  22. Mack & DeLoss both wanted to stay in the Big 12 and vetoed FSU and locked UT into the long term GOR and Mack stuck around long enough to run 2013-2014 recruiting to poor levels. That is their legacy.
  23. They also cleared him to play two weeks after his first concussion, he got hit and did not recover enough to help save Mack's job 8 weeks later. He had a very serious concussion and he will never play a down in the NFL so there is no rational reason for him to risk his future to keep playing college ball.

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