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  1. no. something blew up in Arkansas I think.
  2. Your welcome everyone. I forced myself to not watch the game and of course we had to win. I will be recording and watching future games delayed by at least one hour. Let’s hope and pray this curse of mine lasts.
  3. Russian navy skipper stole the props off his destroyer and was going to sell them... to someone... Just a heads up in case your in the market for a new 13 ton prop.... https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/38659/russian-navy-commander-stole-two-13-ton-bronze-propellers-from-his-own-destroyer
  4. in these cases the refs throw a black flag, each coach gets to choose one player from the other’s team to finish this off in a fight to the death at the 50 yd line.
  5. well boys and girls, it’s finally here. at 11:59:59 tonight I will fire the coup de grace (I’ve already started torturing) that ends 2020. I’m making it hurt, no worries there. 2021, you’re on deck. don’t cock it up. Happy New Years everyone
  6. fyi - the game is being aired on LHN, too. Craig Way is calling it, it’s a Madden Angle with the camera. Kinda fun to see a game this way. Of course I have said since day one, anytime a UT game is on ESPN this simulcast needs to happen.
  7. a little pregame warmup. I get a pass for using RC cola. it’s snowing outside, I ain’t going to the store.
  8. spent yesterday digging out of a blizzard so I could start smoking the cranberry+pomegranate brined turkey last night. just woke up from a much needed nap and injecting coffee at full speed. Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all have a peaceful and happy day.
  9. formerly the poster known as agamemnon 

  10. aggsy students answering test questions faster than the question itself can be read https://www.texastribune.org/2020/12/16/texas-am-chegg-cheating/ An already unusual fall semester was wrapping up when Texas A&M University officials sent out an email in early December to the hundreds of students in an online finance class that set off a panic. Faculty reported concerns of cheating “on a very large scale” to the Aggie Honor System Office, after they noticed some students in the class answered online test questions too quickly. Later, faculty discovered entire exams posted on a “homework help” website that has become synonymous with cheating.

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