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  1. Pete Rose was traded in the 80's from Montreal to Cincinnati to be a player manager for them.
  2. Michigan made informal inquiries to his people but it never amounted to much. By the time Michigan's position opened, Harbaugh had his sights set on the pro's. He would have been Michigan's first choice but the discussions never even made it that far because he was NFL bound. If Michigan had come open a few months earlier, he would have likely ended up at Michigan. However, I feel the lure of the pros would have eventually pulled him t the NFL anyway.
  3. Regardless, Hicks spent time in SW Ohio which is more SEC country than BIG country. OSU does get a few recruits from the area and tries to recruit it hard but as far as fan loyalty, in football they are number 3 in the market behind UC and UK and on par with Notre Dame. In basketball they are like number 5/6 behind UC, UK, Xavier, Dayton, and on par with Indiana as far as loyalty/allegiance.
  4. Yes, but the thing with Hicks is that Ohio State does a notoriously bad job recruiting in Cincinnati. Hicks was from the Cincinnati area so it was easier for him to go somewhere besides Ohio State. Cincinnati is not a big OSU town but the rest of the state is. This is one thing Meyer is trying to change because OSU almost always loses out on the top Cincinnati talent.
  5. I don't think that list was meant to be in any particular order
  6. Better his situation = Head Coach position not Texas OC. Pretty much any OC at a Power 5 school outside of Iowa State or Washington State feels that their coordinator positions are equal to that of Texas. Now realistically the resources re much better in the Lone Star State, but in regards to Morris, the guy makes 1.3 million at Clemson, I think Swinney feels his program is comparable on the field
  7. Just saw that it was announced that Herman is staying at Ohio State on the OSU boards.
  8. Irish, I was just busting on you for your blind loyalty to the ACC. I figured you would not be able to resist my comment. Yes, they have scoreboard rights now, but they are still not a great conference top to bottom. Top to bottom they are behind the SEC, Big XII, PAC and yes even the BIG. This does not mean the BIG is the best either, far from it, but at least I can objectively look at things instead of being an ACC homer. As for ND's national titles over the next 10 years. There will probably not be any. ND was lucky to make it to the NC last year and bama exposed them. I think what this years bowl season showed is that the parity between the conferences is not as wide as we all make it out to be. Would I say he SEC is still the best conference top to bottom, yes, but it is not much different than the number 5 rated conference, the ACC. Is the level of competition comparable in the BIG, ACC, BIG XII and PAC. Yes it is. The nice thing about FSU winning was that unlike the SEC fan who cheers SEC, SEC, SEC, the average ACC fan does not care much about the conference but only their particular school.
  9. Zimmer is the man too. Hope he stays. Gruden was good, but people were frustrated with the way the offense was performing and their inconsistencies.
  10. I hear OSU is determined to match any offer TX would bring to him. Would be tough considering OSU has just as deep pockets as UT and rumor has it that Herman really wants to hold out for a HC position as his next gig.
  11. The fans in Cincinnati wanted to run him after the loss to San Deigo
  12. Really what does Louisville have to lose in this. He has won wherever he has gone except the NFL, he can recruit like none other. He is a great college coach who led Louisville to their Peak in 2006. He wont be as tempted by greener pastures this time because Louisville is in the ACC and not CUSA anymore, he is essentially blackballed in the NFL after the way he left last time, other big universities are wary about him after Arkansas and his carpetbagging ways which keeps him in Louisville for 5 years minimum.
  13. Yes, but it is the ACC and the ACC still sucks a fat one.
  14. THat 2001 Miami team was stacked and they were mostly a young team too. There was an article on CNNSI last year about the 2002 game between Miami and OSU as the greatest BCS game played. It was sick to see the players on both teams who had at least semi significant careers in the NFL.
  15. But that was last year, before they screwed up, yet another coaching search. The franchise has been around 14 years. During that time they have had 8 coaches. They need someone who will produce, they cant afford to take a chance on an unknown this time. The only reason why Stoops is mentioned is because he is from NE Ohio and it plays well with the fans. Realistically, he is being dsmissed by the football people in the front office.
  16. Louisville cant get the players that Texas can. They do more with less. That said, he did a hell of a job recruiting there. Imagine what he can do at Texas. As far as jumping the gun, who else would Texas realistically get? Fisher is a longshot.
  17. Cant see it happening. They would pick Tressel before Stoops and I cant see that happening either. Neither have any NFL experience let alone HC experience. The Browns cant screw up another HC search. They will pick someone with a track record
  18. Don't see this happening. Cleveland cant afford to screw up another coaching search with an untested coach. Stoops have 0 pro experience as a HC or Coordinator. Considering they are on their 3rd coach in the last 4 years, cant see them rolling the dice on stoops, Ohio connections and all.
  19. I have heard on some other boards, that they are talking Fisher to Texas
  20. Carl Pellini is 11 and he is available.
  21. Irish, agree with everything you are saying except the fact that FLorida is much larger and could potentially support 4 BCS schools just as Ohio could do 2. Nakona - Dayton is more of an OSU market, but there is a lot of bleed over in the Dayton market to Cincy. There are a ton of UC alums there that follow OSU because their alma mater was not playing at a high level until they joined the big East - CUSA was boring football. If Texas comes to town, there will be 65-70k people there at those games. Same with Oklahoma. When OK played there a few years ago, there were 60k people there. West Virginia always brings big crowds because of proximity. Even Kansas State and Kansas would be draws to them and bring 45-50k a game down there.
  22. Add in the Dayton Market too for Cincy and that is an additional 300k sets. The cities are only 45 miles apart
  23. Wont be in playoff next year with Bortles going Pro, but they will still be good, and they can reload and be back again in a few years. They are starting to build their pedigree now.
  24. UCF is no Boise, UCF is the real deal and a diamond in the rough. Much more potential than USF, better facilities, bigger school, more traditional campus. USF has gone as high as it can go. UCF is going to be like Miami was in the 80's in a few years. They will be the reason why the "U" never gets back to its past glory because, UCF will be able to recruit some of the studs that would fall to Miami to UCF because of better facilities, still in the state of Florida and in a city environment. (Yes, I know much of the same could apply to USF too) but UCF is set up much better to capitalize on this than USF) Boise did not have the demographics to sustain the success and after Petersen leaving, they will fall off the national radar in the next few years. UCF has much better talent available near them and a larger media market. Grab UCF and Cincy to get to 12. Both of these schools have high ceilings, UCF higher than Cincy. Short term it will seem like a yawner. In 5-7 years it will be considered a steal.

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