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  1. I have Craig Way's call as my ring tone.
  2. Didn't he always use the banquet as a big recruiting tool?
  3. Damn. That's some Coach Boone stuff right there!
  4. Too much egg. I think that's going take a while.
  5. He is an alcoholic. I don't know about drug abuser, but he is an alcoholic of epic proportions. I truly believe that he has some of the dementia that comes along with that.
  6. We need to keep his altitude training masks at the very least.
  7. I doubt Ricky is an option. He has stated he prefers the small college where he is. He's the one you believe when he says that.
  8. What does the C stand for?
  9. I met Gruden in Pasadena at a Mexican restaurant, before the Bama game. He is a really nice person and he loves to just talk. Like you, I want Saban. The person I hate is Briles, but I would support if he were hired. Saban, and then the flip flopping begins.
  10. If at all. I don't know that I have changed my mind, but there is probably one that I hated at first, but I hate less now. The roller coaster.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1IoLMqpRY4
  12. I do computer support for our state's house members and senators. This includes their district offices.
  13. I find it funny that all they can do is come up with varying forms of McPhail, McPhraud, etc. Oh, how clever. What is silly about is that even the mods over there are saying that Saban was a lot closer than people think, but people have to beat their drum I suppose.
  14. Welcome TTTT. Glad the McPhauls get this. One of the McPhaul's has too many Aggy on the in-law side of things. Well, lets be honest, one is too many.
  15. I had to go to bed at half. Couldn't hang because of an illness I have been dealing with and returning to work. His interview with ESPN after the game was greatness. He said he got himself a lot of points on his fantasy football team, and said he hoped it helped everyone who had him.
  16. Want want want. More than anyone on the lists. Either Harbaugh!

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