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  1. If guys are coloring outside the lines they better chill. The water is warm and Charlie Strong ain’t playing! #DisciplineIsAFriendOfSuccess My goodness. Mack Brown has to be sitting at home happy that he is not an analyst for ESPN tomorrow. There are some players that are happy with what happened and there are some that are mad. I bet the first group is way bigger and the second is shrinking by the minute. If you saw Quandre Diggs tweets today you can tell that he was expressing a level of frustration where he just wanted to clean up the locker room.
  2. Wow and everybody is down on Oklahoma State and yes, they should be. They are going to struggle mightily. The general note is that Texas Tech is underrated, Oklahoma is overrated, and that Texas will not be good and are two or three years away. I would add that I think TCU is going to be better than advertised and if Auburn can go from 3 - 9 to the National Championship game with a QB that Texas did not want, Texas does not have to be a bad football team.
  3. That website was a special kind of crappy so I'm not shocked at all that they might be blowing it up and releasing something new tomorrow.
  4. Just got the schedule from the Big 12 on Big 12 Media Days... Never usually happens because they try to split up Oklahoma and Texas but They both are on day two this year with Iowa State, West Virginia and Kansas State. Baylor, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, TCU and Kansas are on Day 1. I'll be there the whole time dropping all of the good stuff. And No David Ash. RB Malcolm Brown, C Dom Espinosa and CB Quandre Diggs will represent Texas. No real surprise but it's still odd to have a guy that is projected to be your starter that has started for two years and not at Media Days.
  5. Six hours of credit is not hard to pass but it does take focus and discipline. If he is dedicated to it and more importantly dedicated to continuing to play football at the University of Texas he'll get it done fairly easily. If he doesn't get it done, then he really did not want to play. At this point it is that easy. He has the time and the support. I've heard from a few people that he has had a good turn of attitude.
  6. I see VY working in an ambassador role with Texas. Relationship building. There's no way I'd have him on campus and not have him help with recruiting. One thing that I know he will work on is helping socialize the current players, especially new ones, to college life, college football and all of the trappings that go with it. If he can do that and people can draw from his commitment to greatness shown while he was at Texas and he will be worth his weight in gold.
  7. I agree with you but their offense could not get any worse and they have good running backs and an ok offensive line. The offensive line will be made tougher in practice and their defense will be very good. The QB could end up being the Matt Joeckel kid coming in from ATM. He is coming into a new offense that he already knows.
  8. ... then you should be as happy as clams. I won't lie I buy every single solitary CFB preview magazine and it always carries me from this time of year to the fall. Two things in early reading... 1) Texas, TCU and Baylor are underrated and Oklahoma and Oklahoma State are overrated. 2) If David Ash is healthy (and we have no reason to think he won't be) he'll be in the Top 12 QB's in America. Phil Steele does not have him in the Top 30.
  9. I agree with Jay Bilas and I don't have a plan to do it either. I don't care if it does away with the amateur nature of college athletics but I think it is a profession for everyone but the athlete so I hope it blows up. Just my opinion.
  10. He is real funny with his opinion of some WR's. http://instagram.com/p/pbgwAkP1w0/
  11. I with snatching the bid but it would have to go to someone like the US that can ramp up preparations really quick.
  12. Yes but they play to see the players between the chalk. The players are the entertainment and the fans pay for that.
  13. My bet is that the NCAA loses in some form too. The hardest part about that is that if the NCAA does lose, college sports will look really different in 5 years. While I think it is the right thing to do by the athletes who put in the hard work and are the burden bearer for the cash, I'm 'iffy' on my favorite sports changing.
  14. There could be something to that but what a way to go out if it is his last days in the sun (to steal that from Major League)

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