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  1. It doesn't appear that this staff is asking BMD approval on hires which has coincidentally shut down all the leaks
  2. A poster on OB with the handle of badelman dug this up. Good read on Watson: http://espn.go.com/blog/ncfnation/post/_/id/76550/shawn-watson-gets-his-redemption
  3. As long as it's communicated to the player, his coach and parents when they are being recruited I don't have an issue with it. Don't promise a 4 year scholarship then pull it after one year.
  4. Don't need to start, I was only going to stop when he became our coach. The guy is a great coach but he is also a world class jerk.
  5. I'm a huge football fan but a UT graduate first and foremost. Keeping Rick (I can't remember the department of education) Perry out of our business was a huge win for the The University of Texas. Ok, back to coaches and timelines.
  6. Why buy a server when you can use a cloud service. Options HostMonk - Compare low cost cloud server hosting plans
  7. I'm I the only one that finds that hilarious in "the year" that the Aggies are playing Duke in their bowl game. I notice that match up yesterday and laughed my ass off. :):) I'm amazed how high Sumlin's stock is right now after a marginal coaching job this year.
  8. I like it. Swopes would be good in a zone read and we have not shown it all year would be a hell of a half time adjustment for Oregon. I'm sure he can the occasional deep ball as well as Case.
  9. If this gets real nasty doesn't Hicks have the ultimate swing vote on Powers remaing as University President? Not that it would be worth allining with Perry but that is a big stick.
  10. The night is summary: Good beer, bad shots, and a great group of guys that bleed orange. Enjoyed it guys!
  11. Not yet... Were still keeping him on the down low until after the regular season
  12. I'm in an plan to bring a buddy who bleeds orange as well...
  13. That sounds awesome horns and some real Texas country music. For those that don't know Max Stalling is awesome. His Wide Afternoon album is one my absolute favorites.

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