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  1. That is vintage Sam. Hold the ball until they sack him when the worst possible thing was a sack. He also overthrew a very open Eagles on that drive. He is who he is and has been for four years.
  2. Glad to hear they are still talking from someone in the know. I have read before he has been a Longhorn fan all his life, as was I when I was a kid. I could not imagine going anywhere else, and perhaps he cannot either. I am a bit encouraged by his not committing elsewhere immediately, and I was hoping the UT coaches were a part of that. Thank you for the info, SH.
  3. I have seen a bunch of QBs in my time as a fan and as a coach, and I coached against Tommy Kramer. Gilbert is the best HS passer I ever saw, and it was not close. Brown coached him into mediocrity by putting him under center, and Gilbert never recovered. He was a very good spread QB at LT, and UT screwed him up.
  4. Are UT and the QB still talking or has that ship sailed?
  5. So many excuses for Sam. He is who he is: good runner, mediocre passer at best.
  6. Racism on this board too. That’s why I left OB and hoped it would be different here. Nope.
  7. If I am the coach, #68 would never play another down this year.
  8. Are you kidding? Shot themselves in their foot? They were depleted by injuries and made it to Game Seven of ALCS. I am proud of their effort.
  9. Man, Ehlinger is just bad. Moore wide open before the half. He simply cannot see the field.
  10. So, Whittington is hurt again? Is Jake Smith pissed off with one foot out the door? I’m not keeping up.
  11. I did not say it is “Sam’s fault.” I said he is inconsistent and inaccurate. He is the same Sam he has always been. Good runner, mediocre passer. this is a bad football team, boys and girls. I hope we can hang on and come back.
  12. Same old Sam-inconsistent and inaccurate how many stupid mistakes are we going to make?

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