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  1. Nothing earth-shattering here, but I talked to someone very close to the family. Mama Warren is very, very strict in regards to academics and the people her boys hang out with. Apparently, she let Charlie Strong know, in no uncertain terms, that Chris would NOT receive a "watered-down, athlete's" degree, but he would get a top-notch education, "period." She wants a coach who is in the players' faces about grades, not just talking the talk. Also, she grilled him on the types of players he is recruiting b/c she doesn't want her son to hang out with poor influences. In this family, and I don't mean this negatively, Mama usually gets her way (and it's only b/c she wants the best for her sons). Hearing this makes me truly feel that Warren ends up at Texas. With Stanford out of the picture, I don't know how Mama could like anyone more than Texas and Strong. Just a little FYI...
  2. I really, really hope he finds success.
  3. Does anyone know the release date for this movie? Has it been set?
  4. Nice job Lukus. I couldn't agree more with this quote: "What was more perplexing was the fact that the coaches only chose to run Swoopes two times in the game." While I know Swoopes isn't a great runner, he is a capable runner, and he seems to do better overall, even in the passing game, when he is running the ball more.
  5. Not next year, but soon after. That's the problem with hiring a "legend" that played for you...hard to let go when needed.
  6. Nice Lukus. Hard to disagree with any of those, truthfully. I was proud of the way Swoopes overcame early adversity.
  7. Nice! I am more excited about this year's team than I've been in a long time. Should be a fun season!
  8. Come on...they had to pick a game they could possibly win, right?
  9. Nice job Lukus. My only disagreement is also the OL. They're no doubt improving though, which is very encouraging, especially considering the time in which they've made that progress.
  10. I agree that this could be seen as a "trap" which does seem odd considering. I'm hoping instead that we come out on fire. We will see soon! And yes, I agree the crowd won't be nearly as good. Sadly. Though I was pleasantly surprised with them against BU.
  11. Thank you guys. Good point Lukus. I am curious to see if this lit a fire under the guys, because the fanbase seems to be much more hopeful and optimistic.
  12. That settles it for me. If finnebaum says we should've gotten Briles, then I'm glad we got Strong. Wait til Strong gets his defenses ready and let's see what they can do to Baylor.
  13. I'm never happy with a loss, especially to ou, but I am proud of where this team is headed. Overall, I have a feeling of hope, which is a good thing.
  14. Looks like we're all over the place, which I'd expect from this game. Here's hoping the good guys pull it off!
  15. Valid concerns. Only time will tell, I suppose.
  16. I may get crucified here, but I think that what's killing our offense are mistakes rather than inability. We played as well as BU this weekend, IMO. Again, the fumbled snap, the ridiculous field goal attempt which led to a fluke TD, the passes that were inches off....all these seem to be correctable.
  17. I am in no way, shape or form comparing Swoopes to Vince b/c he isn't even that type of QB (and there isn't another Vince), but I will say that Swoopes is further along in his development than when Vince first started. Again, DO NOT SAY I AM COMPARING SWOOPES' POTENTIAL TO YOUNG'S. I'm simply saying that even the best QB in school (if not recent college) history took some time to develop.
  18. Good post, Lukus, and I agree. I am not sold on Watson, but I don't think it's his fault either. I think, at this point, it's inconclusive. I do think he's done a decent job in trying to minimize the effect of having a weak offensive line. Swoopes didn't play well; that's hard to disagree with, but those saying he can't get it done seem to be jumping the gun as well.
  19. My life became a lot less frustrating when I stopped listening to ESPN.
  20. I wasn't aware I was writing Doom and Gloom. I certainly didn't mean to. In fact, I agree with everything you said. No doom and gloom here at all. I like where we are headed and I understand it will take time for us to get there. I think we are right where most of us expected to be. It wasn't a doom and gloom piece. It was a "be patient" piece. I think people are just thinking that way b/c one of the posters pounced on that from the get go, and that response helped shaped peoples' perspective on what I said, and it's taken off like wildfire.
  21. Thank you, Matt. I am kind of surprised too. I think it started with my stating "moral victory" and people taking offense to that, but I think if we are being honest, that's where we are. I have never been negative about Texas football. I'm a perpetual optimist about the Longhorns, but I'm also aware of what reality is right now. I had no idea this would incite people; in fact, I don't even think I stated MY opinion rather than just facts. That being said, I guess sometimes it happens.

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