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  1. There weren’t many leaks when UT and ou jumped shop to the SEC
  2. Can we just concede the remaining games and get ready for next year.
  3. Kansas playing a perfect game from their standpoint. Running the ball, play action, and chewing up clock. Horns look like they don’t want to be there right now
  4. After the last month of football, I can’t wait for basketball to start! can’t believe I just typed that
  5. We lost because we couldn’t stop the run IMHO. Many plays here and there by both teams but in the second half, ou stopped the run, we didn’t. That has to get better as we move forward.
  6. Great start! Now they need to settle on as it will be a long game with swings back and forth. Just keep the foot on the gas and keep playing!
  7. That is very well done and I’m ready to play right now!
  8. I had that exact thought when I was typing that earlier. Lol I don’t think they are totally without weapons but we have more potential game breakers. I just don’t think KSU is as inept as WV or Western Kentucky.
  9. Skylar Thompson is pretty good and don’t forget Duece Vaughn. That being said, we have more weapons. It all depends on how the O-line performs.
  10. I’m ready to jump in with my prediction now. I’m going 37-30 Horns. Just what has been popping into my head lately. Hope I am right! It’s 12:08 in a Wednesday and wouldn’t you know it…ou SUCKS
  11. Too early in the week for me to prognosticate yet. I’ll check in later. No matter what…..ou sucks! can’t stand them
  12. I hope everyone realizes how special Robinson is and appreciates what he is doing. He is a special special talent and by all reports a great young man. Great write up as usual. I definitely feel this was a game the 2 previous regimes would have found a way to lose. I think there will still be ups and downs with this team but it’s nice to win a game “ugly”. Just hope it’s not every week. ou sucks.

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