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  1. Besides being my boss, he’s a dear friend. We give each other crap constantly. Neither of us take ourselves seriously. Our safety director is stereotypical ag. He is fuming right now and it’s hilarious!
  2. At the risk of getting fired, I sent that to my ag boss lol
  3. We are all hoping everything goes well Java
  4. Preseason all conference teams mean absolutely nothing. Just filling dead time in the summer. If we only have two recognized at the END of the season, then things haven’t gone well.
  5. Everything I’ve read on Carr points toward him going in the draft. Would love love love to have him though, if he comes back to college. Has anyone seen him linked to Texas?
  6. I have only seen Vandy once. MSU , I thought, showed a lot of fight and I will be rooting for them. Especially after what the NCAA did to NC State and the advantage that give Vandy.
  7. It has been a great year and I’m cautiously optimistic for a great future. Pierce did a lot with a team that had some offensive deficiencies.
  8. Need to find a way to scratch out a run and CQ looks like he might shut em down the rest of the way
  9. I realize they have struck out 4 times in two innings but the hitters are taking better hacks so far. Hodo’s K was a ball.
  10. So….. what if NC State had won yesterday? Would the NCAA have disqualified them and advanced Vandy anyway? Would they have awarded the MSU / UT winner the championship without a final series? I’m still amazed at how everything yesterday played out.

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