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  1. Kudos to the guys who stepped in and stepped up to replace the players who were ejected. Not an easy thing and they came through big time.
  2. Not many left with Hepa in the portal and only 2 commits at the moment. I could graduate transfer but I don’t think a 5’8” 54 yr old point guard will cut it. I can still shoot the three though! Next year will be interesting. I’m ready for the change though.
  3. Good sweep! I like that they took care of business on the road. Keep the momentum going!
  4. Need to sweep the bottom teams in the conference. I thought we should have swept ou and Baylor.
  5. I would agree with this but... Texas has a lot of resources that other rebuilding programs do not have. Also, with the right recruiting, basketball lends itself to quick improvement. It will take the right person however. Who that is, I wish I knew.
  6. Ivey would need a good support system of experienced assistants. Ceiling would be high but could also bomb. I loved him as a player. He was one of my favorites for his tenacity.
  7. I’m sure there are some negotiations going on as they know Texas wants to cut him loose.
  8. Probably best for all involved. I hope Shaka does well. Here we go CDC, let’s see what you’ve got.
  9. I watched too and that sums up what I saw. They also don’t have the over all talent the men do, in my opinion. Great job by those ladies!!
  10. I’ll do it for 25% and out bid you there.
  11. He would be a favorite for me too but I don’t see him leaving Tech. He has a good situation right now.
  12. Not that it matters what I think. Lol

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