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  1. Coach Flo is a superb coach who has assembled an awesome staff. He has recruited well and has a total program. Because of limited scholarships, most schools try and become a "sprint school", or "distance school", or a "field event/multis school. UT scored points in all but 1 event at the Big 12 championships. The women are still sprint heavy but they are improving in the distances. The men are LOADED with young talent. Success breeds success and the Horns have it rolling. Great coaching, great facilities, and recruiting great athletes will bring many championships.
  2. Sad but true. Hopefully, things will be better in a couple of seasons as the incoming OL class matures.
  3. Still a crap shoot. I think it will come down to the last day.
  4. I was at the game. Defense still can’t tackle and I am not confident we are better on that side of the ball. O-line is still a weakness but they can improve hopefully and some talented new blood will be arriving soon. Good news is there are some weapons on offense. Starting receivers are ligit but depth will be an issue. Big drop off with the second group. Sanders at TE has the potential to be a beast. I was very impressed with Brooks and K. Robinson at RB. The talent at RB is championship level but that is the only place IMHO. QB’s looked about even. Ewers threw some dimes but also badly missed a couple of wide open throws. Card still gets happy feet at times but overall looked more poised. It was a spring practice so can’t get too excited or depressed. I am concerned we will suck again on defense. As and old HS DC, this pains me greatly. I didn’t see anything that shouted drastic improvement on that side. I want to watch the broadcast so I can see more. My 2 cents. I had fun and it’s always good to watch some FB!
  5. Needs to be addressed face to face in the locker room, not in the media.
  6. After a couple of days reflection, I have these thoughts. They lost to a better Purdue team but man did they play their butts off. The dreaded scoring drought and fouls did them in IMHO. I think this team reached their peak. They were over hyped a bit preseason. One of the things I look for is a team getting better over the course of the season. I think this team did and that is good coaching. Getting Ramey to buy in to being the shut down defender is good coaching. One poster pointed out a while back that most of the transfers came from teams that were not successful. That is a huge factor that I know I overlooked going into the season. There is something to knowing how to win. So thanks to those guys for a good season. I feel good about the future and I’m glad the expectation level for the program has been raised, as it should, at The University of Texas. Can’t wait till next year!! Also, as a former track athlete, gotta plug my guys… NATIONAL CHAMPIONS INDOOR TRACK
  7. I will be disappointed with 1 tourney win. I've been disappointed overall this season. The team shown flashes but couldn't ever find ways around their deficiencies. I will commend the players for their effort though. These guys have played hard, just haven't consistently hit the shots when needed. Still have faith in Beard and staff. He has done a superb job at sparking interest in basketball again. I'm expecting him to continue to keep this thing moving on an upward trend. I'm optimistic there are great things coming in the future.
  8. I like GP. Back in my HS coaching days, I learned a lot from him directly. Our defensive staff went to TCU multiple times and were always treated great. They made time for us and stayed in touch in between visits.
  9. That is too weird after all the years of Patterson's Texas hate. Makes my brain hurt.
  10. Bobino could play. I would take another of him please.
  11. That’s a crazy thought but the reality of the times. Talk about a quick roster turnover!

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