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  1. I am in. Mark, we will have to plan to head down at the same time.
  2. Absolutely done. That's about like him. He was posting and didn't say a damn thing about him being in the hospital. Just telling us, in his signature response, " my friends, y'all have a great week." Prayers sent and hope all turns out well.
  3. Ha. Hey McP, I didn't get to tell you earlier congratulations on the grandchild. When my wife and I had our 3 boys, my Mom and Dad said " If we knew we would have enjoyed our Grandkids this much, we would have never had kids." Pretty funny, but they have always told me it's just different with the Grandkids. No better, no worse, just different. Enjoy bud.
  4. Ha. No doubt he would kill it here. The kids he recruited would be in awe when he walked into their living rooms. He has a hell of a knack for finding talent as well. I would love to see it happen. I agree with, I think it was Dizz, that he would assemble the best staff in the college ranks.
  5. Mark, I have an awesome recipe for pecan pie that my grandfather made. If you will email me @ jmturbeville@yahoo.com, I will send it to you. BTW, he was the founder of the Bomber Bait Company if you remember me from OB. Not that that matters, but he was a hell of a cook as well.
  6. McP, do you think the BMD's and BOR may balk at a hire, that Mack had a hand in as a big middle finger salute back at him? He, IMO, does not seem like the big hire that has been talked about. I think Meyer is, but I was just curious what you thought. I know my opinion means zero in this instance, but wanted your and y'all's thoughts.
  7. Mcphaul does not need to eat crow. He reported what he was told, and you know damn good and well if we found out he had more info and didn't report it to us, he would have been crucified for that. The man reported to all of us what he was told by sources he trusts, and still should trust. Just like we should all trust him and realize things change with this type of stuff. We are not the first ones this has happened to. Mcphaul, get up, dust yourself off, and keep picking them up and putting them down. You were not making up stuff or lying, you were reporting what you were told which is your job as part owner of this site. Please keep doing that job and reporting what you hear or are told. I look forward to hearing the next thing you are told from your sources. Hang in there man. It can only go up from here.
  8. Hey man, do y'all put in to get drawn for passes to the tourney, or do you get the another way? A buddy of mine and myself have tried to get drawn for a few years now with no luck. Just curious if there is another way to get them. Thanks.
  9. This was going to be my question as well McP. Wanted to know who Saban could possibly bring in with him including S&C.
  10. McP, how will Powers not being on board affect the hire in your opinion or are you hearing anything on that, or is it not a decision he will solely make?
  11. Well, we got beat last night by I think 2 TD's. I left with about a minute left because my Son did not play. We had a good year, and look forward to next year. So, Daylon Mack is a beast. He made at least 5 plays on defense, to where he was in the back field, grabbing and talking our QB before he could reverse out and hand the ball off. He is very quick for a big man. He also runs full back for Gladewater, and is basically unstoppable. We stuffed him a few times, but only after he was winded from running plays before. He will be a stud at the next level with a little maturing and being in a college S&C program. I surely hope we get him, as he is fast and quick as hell too. He is a must get for us to start replacing guys that we are losing. I think everyone will be pleased if he comes to the 40. He is as advertised.
  12. Hey Bag, what was the article all about with Terry and her making that quote? I am just curious as I believe what you McP and everyone else are saying. I for one really appreciate the insider info y'all provide, except that y'all have turned me into an addict.
  13. Happy Thankgiving to you and yours too Jim. Way to remember the troops too. It's real easy while we sit with our families to forget about those who are not. I was one of them at one time and get complacent myself. Good to see ya again.
  14. I sure will and appreciate it. My son is a Freshman and the back up QB, so as long as he starter does not get hurt, I'll keep a good eye on him and report back to you. If the started did, I'll probably be chewing my fingers to a nub.

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