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Everything posted by Slamsox

  1. Frustrating to say the least... Nice to have another site to run to!
  2. UCLA, Stanford and Arkansas (sister goes there).
  3. Welcome Sean, I've always enjoyed your take on things. Keep them coming!
  4. You'd think all the staff would be in place for the 5PM player meeting. Should be an interesting couple of hours!
  5. No way Morris happens, way too much money to buyout. Save that money and offer Herman way more than OSU! Might overspend for an OC but you'd save a lot more than Morris' buyout.
  6. Bull Durham for me although The Natural is a close second.
  7. If true why Sunday? Need to hit the ground running!
  8. There is always going to be turnover with a new staff and such. I'm glad we are ridding ourselves of players who don't plan on buying into the program early on. Better now than in a year! I hope the news is true concerning Whiteley, we need a TE to come in and help immediately. TE are a QB's best friend in the passing game!
  9. I'm in! Let the new era begin!
  10. I'm on board with the hire. He just needs to surround himself with solid assistants and recruiters.
  11. Agreed. Has to be official!
  12. Let's go out and get the top support staff who can recruit their butts off and get back to where we belong!
  13. Well I'm disappointed we aren't getting Saban, but I'm ready to get on board.
  14. Thanks for the update! Craziness for sure...
  15. Solid post...time to get behind the new regime whomever it may be!
  16. I'd be happy with him assuming he brought in some proven recruiters...of course assuming Saban says no!
  17. Thanks for the continued updates!
  18. Just got to reel him in slowly, don't want to break the line! At least that's what we hope for!
  19. Thanks for the info! I'll wait right here for anything new!
  20. Let those phones start ringing!!!

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