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  1. Pac would be my 3rd choice behind B1G/ACC or ACC/B1G.
  2. Not a bad idea from a guy who was up drinking wine and feeling way too lazy to tackle the Spring practice thread!!!
  3. Shoot me down if I am wrong but I think it would be more conducive to banter if we didn't have all inclusive threads. I feel like the site needs more "fresh" threads. It just seems to me that we could break a thread like the Spring practice thread by weeks or days. Otherwise it makes lurkers probably feel like there is too much work to participate. New threads keep everything fresh and I think lend more to participation. Truthfully I come here sometimes and I feel like I've got 5, 10 or even more pages of reading to do before I can contribute. I want a home for horn sports and I think we've got such great contributors here but the format lends to a bit of a stale feel. Not knocking anyone here at all I just think we should aim to generate more traffic and a more dynamic board (more new threads) seems to me to make things more interesting. I have no real program knowledge outside of what you all are putting out so I can't really spearhead the effort but I'd love to contribute on individual threads that have a more specific feel. Maybe something like how QB's or RB's are doing invdividually. Ya know, several threads that are getting worked on. This is a great board. I just want it to blow up and I think that would help. Thoughts?
  4. when I first started posting here it seemed like monarch was a little coddled. like everyone who had been around put up with his ridiculous posts with all of the crazy fonts and colors and whatever. i thgouht he was sorta the Hornsports little pet. even so it just seems so odd because as i recall he was OVER THE TOP with his love of the horns. so weird!
  5. I too was wandering in the wilderness for a while so I have questions. Did McPhaul basically have to leave after the whole Saban thing? I remember Monarch posting all the time. He's an aggy??
  6. I love Duke and I believe what he says but I'd be shocked if anything comes of this. Is it not good enough that they trademarked it first, even if under fraudulent circumstances. If the trademark isn't challenged won't they just reissue it after levying a fine or smoething?? Honestly, I tend to htink RD is a tad full of sh** with respect to the severity and consequnces but I sure enjoy it!
  7. I like TCU just fine. In fact I don't dislike htem in the least and find myself pulling for them any time they play outside of one date. It certainly isn't that. I don't know the numbers but the attendance seems pitfiful for a perennial top 15 team. Am I wrong?
  8. I kept Baylor and Tech in my dream conference. UH isn't in our conference now and TCU came along late enough that I wouldn't feel too bad leaving them. Besides, they don't support their teams. In my eyes it isn't the level of competition in the SEC that separates it, though that is the case here and there, it's the support of the fans and the gameday pageantry from top to bottom.
  9. I don't think we have to give anyone a reason. It's a new conference. Did aggy or Nebraska ask what was going to happen to anyone when they left? We can't just bring everyone along. I think BYU would be fantastic in this type of scenario. In our present conference, I agree, I don't see them bringing any excitement. But in a conference like the one I proposaed I think they'd be a very exciting adversary for everyone. They're very capaable which makes them dangerous and they're apparently fun for lots of people to hate. Just to make you happy I'll let you have WVa and give back Cincy or UCF/Kansas. You can choose
  10. UCF instead of Kansas probably works better. Either way, greatness.
  11. ACC is the only option I like. No way I'd go SEC. It might just be personal preference but I like to think of Texas as being a poor fit for that conference considering how I think aggy fits perfectly (outside of competitive athletics). I'd like to see: 1) Independent. I only like this option if we can broker a deal for annual games against say, 4 teams, with ND being one of them. 2) Merge with ACC 3) My favorite option. Somehow cherry pick. SEC is off limits as far as I'm concerned. I met a person from Louisiana once and this was back when LSU sucked. When I asked where they were from they told me "the SEC". None of them would leave and frankly I don't like any of them as an institution outside of maybe Florida. Couldn't we grab OU, OSU (insert 2 Texas schools, Baylor/Tech?), ND, BYU, FSU, Clemson, and then who cares who else?? Cincy and Louisville? Maybe take Kansas with us for BB and a patsy FB game?? So, West: East: Texas ND OU FSU OSU Clemson Tech Louisville Baylor Cincy BYU Kansas There, greatest conference of all time.
  12. actually those were unrelated come to think of it. there was a mystery visitor and then the news about a surprise offensive pickup.
  13. You'd think. Many thought it could'bve been JMad then last night it leaked it'd be an offensive guy... It ain't JMad and it ain't Hudson... hmmmm

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