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  1. Hadn't seen this posted anywhere. http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=10252877
  2. At Louisville, Vance was DC only and not a position coach as well. They had a DL coach for both tackles and ends, a LB coach and a DB coach.
  3. I brought up Mangino in another thread about OL coach. He was a hell of an OC/OL coach under Stoops. Wouldn't mind him on this staff.
  4. What about Mark Mangino? He was OL and OC at Oklahoma during their prime run. He's now back at Youngstown State. I'm surprised OU hasn't brought him back. And yes, I know he is obese and a heart attack waiting to happen. But he was a hell of an assistant coach at OU.
  5. Obviously needs to be in place by end of dead period on the 15th, but I expect a week max.
  6. Funny coming from a Domer. Notre Dame's "resume-gate" debacle with O'leary still tops all coaching hire snafu's. Hell, the hire was finalized and the press conference already occurred.
  7. Many might know SantaRita from Orangebloods, or even going back to Hornfans. He is an old insider and just posted that agreement has been reached with a new coach. Did not say who though.
  8. That may be a tough sell to Tide fan base after last night. They may go after Fisher and then Smart goes to FSU.
  9. I'm in a glass case of emotion!
  10. (In my best Ron Burgundy impersonation) It's Nick Saban??? Honestly, I don't know what to believe at this point!
  11. I would be very happy with John Harbaugh or Jimbo Fisher. Both are OBVIOUSLY HUGE upgrades over Mack. By there is still a slight disappointment it isn't Saban.

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