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  1. I really hope we don't let that come back to bite us....Come on Chad...strike these MF'ers out!!!
  2. I've said it before and it is worth saying again...Payton is a straight up ball player!!
  3. Actually, I stated that I have not been using my back machine and it is precisely why I am having an episode currently. Strengthening your back muscles is an integral part to your spinal health and support. Here is a good article on the relationship between the muscle and spine health: http://www.spine-health.com/conditions/spine-anatomy/back-muscles-and-low-back-pain
  4. I used to be very skeptical of Chiropractors but I've been living with LBP since I injured it in the Army in '96 and swear by them now. I used Dr. mac over at American Chiropractic and am currently under treatment. The key to avoiding severe episodes is to build up your muscles in your lower back. I have a back machine I use although I have not used it in over a year due to moving in with my now wife and it being covered with boxes. Needless to say, I will be clearing off the boxes as soon as I am able to lift them again. Sciatica is a bitch!! It sucks not being able to tie you own shoes.
  5. One of the joys of fantasy football is that even though I'm stuck with being a Cowboys fan, I get to actually enjoy football on Sundays.
  6. Hopefully better things are in store for him in the future outside of football. I still think he made a monumental mistake by not going to the CFL to prove himself. He would have had a lot better chance of landing a long term contract if he had. I do hope that UT can find him a position somewhere on staff, I know he really needs a job right now.
  7. Will the game be on LHN as well or just ESPN?
  8. I'll say it again "Come on Horns...time for some insurance!!!"
  9. through 3 Texas up 1-0 and has left 7 on base. Morales is up in his pitch count at 61.
  10. Morales is struggling early...that was a huge missed opportunity.
  11. We have a birthday party to go to at 5 so just watching it and hoping we don't go into extra's.
  12. I'll take "is a douchbag" for $500 Alex.
  13. Love it...no place I'd rather be mid October than sipping on a wax cup beer at 7 in the morning!!!

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