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  1. My following comments are made with the assumption the affadavits are true even though I realize due process has not yet been performed.


    As the father of a daughter and as a 21st century civilized man, I have a cold burning fury at these muscle bound savages for abusing a powerless young girl - AFTER SHE HAD SAID NO.


    I would expect their days at UT to be over - EVEN if they are found innocent of the charges.


    Also, as a father of a daughter, I would be beyond broken hearted to learn that my daughter had put herself in this kind of position in the first place.  I understand that young women also can have rampant hormones, but all ethics, morals and family teachings and values can, also, be compromised with alcohol and drugs - even by level headed young girls.  To be clear, I don't know that she was drunk or not - but she had been drinking and she did accompany them to their dorm room - on her own volition.  I'm not defending the animals that attacked her, but I am questioning her lack of intelligence by placing herself in this kind of dangerous situation in the first place.  I make the assumption that she wasn't dragged there and she went on her own accord.


    Obviously she made a bad decision (s) and the consequences were horrible.  But, If you stick your hand in a beehive, he chances are you will be stung.




    There is a huge difference between getting drunk and sleeping with someone and getting drunk and raping someone. After reading the affidavit, there is no doubt who is at fault here, if all things are true of course.

  2. Funny you should ask...I am actually trying to get back into the field in which I gave my blood, sweat, and tears. I have been been working in a myriad of jobs the last 18 years with the latest being at a laboratory instruments manufacturing company. I make decent money but that is not the reason for change or what I am looking for. I really want to contribute to society, to feel I'm making a difference in someones life and see the benefit a lot sooner than I do now. I am in purchasing and while I understand that my actions over the past 14 years have made the lives of people better, I haven't felt it directly. I am 42 and looking for a more direct approach, I am looking into going back to school and getting into radiology. The one thing that has been an enabler in my procrastination is my age. I would be 45 by the time I finished school and have been using that as a reason not to get started. I need words of encouragement to get me started and help me shed the skin of procrastination. I need to get inspired and hear stories of those that have decided to change career paths later in life.


    I'm listening.....

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