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  1. Play action pass to Marcus Johnson for a 65 yard TD!!!
  2. Swoopes will have to make the defenses respect his ability to go down field. I would expect BYU to load the box and make him beat us with his arm....which he can do if he can get it right between his ears. I have confidence that Watson will put him in the right position to do it.
  3. It's game day and I'm loading up the car and getting ready to head down to start off the Strong era!!! Let's do this!!!! TEXAS.......
  4. I am proposing the following trade in one of my leagues. I am weak at RB but have a good WR core with Julio Jones, A. Boldin, and T.Y. Hilton I'm trading: Pierre Thomas & Randall Cobb For Doug Martin & Wes Welker What say you?
  5. How bad would you like to see Noil with Texas now? Damn that kid is a player, as is Hill. Looks like it may be a long year watching Aggy.
  6. Pretty damn cool!!! http://www.seats3d.com/ncaa/university_texas_austin/football/#/level_1/
  7. VY could have used one more year of growing up before going into the real world. One year wasn't enough but I can't begin to imagine the people that come out of the woodwork to "help you out". At some point you have to take responsibility and search for some advice from professional services outside you inner circle. I just hope his new gig will help him get out of his financial mess.
  8. Lukus, Is the draft order set or will it change before the draft?
  9. We are drafting tonight and it looks like we still have 1 that is MIA. Let's git 'er done so I can start my domination and collect the first annual Hornsports Fantasy Trophy!!!
  10. I had the pit going at 250-275 and I pulled the flat @ 155-160. I didn't foil it till I pulled it and let it rest for about an hour. Like I said, this was my first flat so I am sure I crewed something up.
  11. At the end of the day if your team is bigger, stronger, and faster, it won't matter the other coaches know what's coming. The OU game last year was a prime example. We had a pretty simple game plan, we were going to run the ball straight down their throat and they couldn't stop it. I would expect this coaching staff to teach better fundamentals than we have had in the past and the discipline will pay off in huge ways.
  12. I am most excited to see my Horns play as a team, be physical and not get pushed around, and make improvements in their development week after week. Hook 'em Baby!!
  13. Damn. I was really hoping he would get re-instated and get a second chance under Strong.
  14. They don't call him the sex panther for nothing. He has always taken the leap to try and get to be the first one to break the story.
  15. I caught that too, I just wondered if he was just nervous or if that is his natural inflection when speaking.
  16. There are 6 WR recruits from Texas in the top 50, most of which are already committed. Not really sure what else we can do at WR? DaMarkus Lodge WR Cedar Hill, TXCedar Hill 4 stars 6'2" 187 Texas A&M John Burt WR Tallahassee, FLLincoln 4 stars 6'2" 180 Texas Carlos Strickland WR Dallas, TXSkyline 4 stars 6'4" 197 list Kemah Siverand WR Houston, TXCypress Ridge 4 stars 6'1" 190 Texas A&M Ryan Newsome WR Aledo, TXAledo 3 stars 5'9" 175 list Jalen Guyton WR Allen, TXAllen 3 stars 6'1" 185 Notre Dame
  17. Talk about shock and awe....I like it. No more free rides and non-team players.

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