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  1. We held Baylor's prolific offense to 0 points in the 1st half. Let me say that again....0 points. Our defense is just waiting for our special teams, our o-coordinator, and our offense to catch up. It's not gonna happen next week but it will happen. For those that are ready to sit the only QB that gives us a chance to win, then you should probably hit the golf course and start that Christmas shopping because this is going to take some time. Anyone that expected us not to struggle after the losses/suspensions we have had this year should stop watching sports altogether, these sports teams will NEVER live up to your totally unrealistic expectations.  

  2. OK  I had Jones going last night so I am off to a great start. My opponent is stacked with Lynch and A.Morris at RB , Wilson at QB, Ertz.


    Here is my RB dilemma.


    I have Sproles, D. Brown (SD), Ellington, and P.Thomas.


    I am starting Sproles and Brown but am second guessing Ellington with Dwyer being out. The only thing that concerns me is his foot injury. I think I am going to wait a week on Thomas and see how the work load pans out.



    EDIT: I should add that this is a non-PPR league.

  3. That's exactly why I left OB. To many knee jerk reaction fans and Geoff refuses to enforce his own board rules. 



    This team showed up and played with heart and attitude a week after being handed one of the worst home losses in history. There are lots of things to be proud of last night and we now have an off week to get it together and make it better. I think most of the rational fans clearly expected a loss, but a lot expected much worse beat down. I can hang my hat on the fact that didn't happen and we played with heart and attitude.

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