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  1. It's rather obvious that the ref is at a minimum, trying to egg Charlie on. Charlie tries to walk away and the ref follows and even bumps him. The ref was clearly wanting to throw the flag. This should sent to the Big 12 to review. 




  2. It's really hard to put the blame on any one person. The entire team looked like they were at half-speed and consistently out of place. Malik and Daje were the only two players that were actually playing. The O-line was atrocious, Swoopes looked lost, and Watson appeared to be clueless. I'm not sure what the fix is but this is absolutely embarrassing.

  3. My wife and I had the honor of being one of his last clients. The man could make you laugh and both he and Linda quickly became friends over the course of our business. They made us feel like family and that is what I will remember most about him. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Linda and the boys. RIP Jeff....and hang them Horns high in heaven my friend.

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