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  1. Complete game Shutout!! Great start to the weekend. Way to go Pete!!
  2. Welcome back!! Looks like you brought the K's with you!! Hansen is knocking them down tonight!!
  3. You got to see a great game my friend!! What a comeback and gutsy performance by the Horns. SO glad to see Todd back in the lineup. It's like he didn't miss a beat. Dylan came through BIG time with the 3 run dinger to get us started. So proud of this team fighting like hell to get the series win over BlowU.
  4. I know it's early but it seems the baseball Gods are with the bad guys today. Same ball down first base line for each team. OU's goes for a triple, ours turns into DP to end the inning.
  5. They seemed to be watching all the good pitches go by and swinging at all the bad ones. They needed to quit sitting on pitches and swing away on the first two across the plate.
  6. Nice to see some dominate pitching again. Hope Tristan can keep it up tomorrow!!
  7. So damn frustrating to watch this team implode like this.....kinda reminds you of the football team after a 4-1 start.
  8. Man..... this Texas State team is scrappy as hell. Let's plate some runs Horns!!!
  9. I am sorry if I missed it but what's the latest on Todd? Season ending?
  10. Well It looks like we are ready to compete in the SEC in Baseball anyway...

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