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  1. No, he played at Indiana the year they beat Penn State.
  2. I think Tulane will be much more motivated to play that game. Could be fun to watch.
  3. I'm not a fan of a play calling for the QB roll to left side if he is right-handed (and vise versa). Ewers didn't look comfortable the few times they called that play. I guess the pass rush may have dictated that direction, but he seemed awkward doing it.
  4. You didn't miss anything on this board... except the weekly wailing and gnashing of teeth.
  5. I have a small wager on Baylor plus the points... and would be happy to lose the bet. I guess even happier for the Horns to win by a touchdown!
  6. I'm kind of hoping for the Manning / Baxter backfield.
  7. I've been thinking Worthy is in that sophomore slump, as well.
  8. Hopefully, Manning gets to redshirt and then really compete for the job as a RS Sophomore after being in the system a couple of years.
  9. Definitely would not be happy, but still have to give Sark one more year. If 2023 is a turd, then we may be back to searching. Hopefully, the OL continues to develop. Terrible game, but I think there has been progress this year. The defense performed way better than expectations and was missing a starter. I think most of us expected the defense to allow 30-40 points to the TCU offense.
  10. f aggy. I'll throw stones, pebbles, boulders, dirt clods, kitchen utensils and anything else I have on hand. I would hope their trainwreck of an over-hyped, bowl-less season will shut down some of their arrogant pomposity, but we know it never will. The Rat Bastards' failures have nothing to do with our program that has already made a few (albeit not as many as we all want) strides from last year's 5-7 season.
  11. That is just plain stupid. No freaking reason to go for a punt block there. Just disgusted with the coaching and lack of execution. Way to shit the bed in our biggest game of the season.
  12. I am missing something. Card played the entire game in Lubbock. Y'all mean OSU in Stillwater when talking about Ewers, right?

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