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  1. El Paso County used to be pretty conservative when I lived there in mid-2000's. I guess Colorado Springs has attracted too many Californians.
  2. I'm more concerned with those overly athletic Mormons in the 2nd round. They played Gonzaga really tough in the WCC Championship game.
  3. I hope it's not too close, because it is hard to watch with Blanks and Galindo talking through masks. They should just do like other networks and comment from the studio.
  4. I met that guy at a sushi restaurant in Monterrey, CA way back in 2000. I think he owned it. Real nice guy. He noticed my UT shirt when I was out there working and watching a UT game. I learned about sushi at that place.
  5. Last night was a great game... got home in time to see the end of Franklin / Canadian (wow!), now Jim Ned / Halletsville is close. Exciting stuff so far! Brooks’ balance is impressive, but he just fumbled.
  6. RIP Jim. I always enjoyed his perspective. Very positive and humble. He seemed like he would be a good guy to hang around and talk Texas Sports. Prayers to the family.
  7. That was an exciting game! I'll be interested to see where the Freeman kid goes. I remember watching James Washington playing at Stamford and then Ok State and now the Steelers.
  8. Watching the HS champ game.UT Broadcast unwatchable with sound on. Galindo & Blanks wearing masks and sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher.
  9. I would like to know more about Tom Allen: Coach Tom Allen on Twitter: "Proud of our fight!! I love this team. https://t.co/K4PHDkPnmv" / Twitter
  10. Just a point of clarification, Biden is not the President-Elect. Should the lawsuits and recounts go his way, He would become the President-Elect when the Electoral College makes it official in December. To be fair, I think the media did the same thing when Trump won and that was incorrect then, also.
  11. Are we sure the Republicans can hold onto the Senate? You know Dems are looking at, ahem, "creative" ways to overturn the Tillis victory in NC. In GA, both Senate seats are in a runoff. I don't think we can say the Senate has been held, yet. If we lose the Senate or even 50/50, we lose the Court not long after... aka, court packing. Ugh.
  12. This guy, @Wizard_Predicts, has been pretty good following everything.
  13. MSM waited so long to call Florida to help Western States run up the popular vote. Highly partisan and unethical.

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