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  1. Darrell...Jesus stated (perhaps you already know) in Humidor that realignment is not happening according to his sources......your thoughts? Many thanks!
  2. Really nice new looks guys!!! Congrats!!!
  3. Darrell and N: Iam willing to give Smart a chance(what choice do I have) ,and I do agree that Patterson should not be a lap dog to the BMD's. However, Texas First is correct when he says that we should be grateful to the BMD's for pushing For Dodd's early retirement and Mack's exit--- without them these last two things would not have been done this year. I agree that this hire will be totally Pattersons hire---- and that he theoretically will sink or swim with this hire. The problem with this theory is that given our history, AD employees at Texas have NOT often been held accountable....there is nothing in our recent past to assume that would change with Patterson if it ever came the time to replace him....... It seems that we are far too concerned with image--- and how we are perceived . So by dragging our feet on Dodd's and Brown departure( for fear of appearing that all we care about is winning and not academics) we in fact worsen the problem. It just seems that we are not really willing to commit to excellence in our football program:( I mean what good is having all this money.... and this begs another question...what are we doing with it? We have very good facilities ,but are they top 3-4 in the country? The two coaches in the NAtional Championship game are both making less than Strong will make. But I will get behind Strong and hope he succeeds because the alternative is not something I want to relive.
  4. I'm sorry....guess i am dumb...but who the hell is Bruce Feldman???? Some sports guy?
  5. That is mighty fine! You must be very proud of your son!
  6. My thoughts and prayers for your good and gracious dad
  7. I want Saban,but would be happy with Fisher.....and that's because it's very unlikely we get Harbaugh.....if he was viable he would be my 2nd choice..... if we couldn't get Saban.
  8. Those of you who are pushing for the commencement of beatification proceedings at the Vatican for Mack are wise to remember how he went out if his way to defend Cleve Bryant.....and he has the gall to judge Nick Saban? As far as coaching is concerned I cannot believe that it took the second game of this year to realize that Diaz was in over his head? Wasn't he watching spring practice and fall camp? Could he not tell by simply watching the defense practice that things were not right? Or was Mac so detached that he doesn't know what is going on? Look.....I have already stated Mack did some really good things..and he deserves credit for that.....but those of you who are his biggest supports have not really acknowledged any fault ? Do you really think he deserves to keep coaching after the past 4 years? O M G !!!
  9. Oh , I give him credit for what he did...he did a lot .....and he has been handsomely compensated for what he did....If he is basing his actions on what contact Hicks had with his agent ,that still is not justification for what he has been pulling the last couple of weeks! The agreement was : a share of the Big 12 title and a BCS birth.....he didn't do that! Also, what right does he have deciding who can follow him? This is what happens when one man becomes bigger than the university!!

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