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  1. if you are buying a gun for self defense I recommend signing up for a point shooting class ~~ the instructor can guide you in buying the weapon that best suits your needs better than us
  2. I voted no I believe mack is one of those people who can justify anything that comes out of their mouths....they believe their words should be chiseled in stone, and stand ready and willing to go to war with anyone who dares to call them out on a bullshit statement ~~~ you have a perfect example of this type on this thread
  3. I love old red, and truly appreciate all he has done for UT, but he wouldn't be the first guy to let his ego cancel out his good accomplishments
  4. red tends to equate everything to his pro football ownership days....he might be right about Coach Strong being a coordinator in the NFL, but this ain't the league, and i'm happy as hell we didn't get his boy chucky
  5. i just hope our next coach doesn't mail our opponents the game plan and dare them to beat us ~~ because they damn well can
  6. if she loves you in that shirt it's true love ~~ congrats on finding your mate pal
  7. my honest opinion? ducks 42 - UT 10 [halftime] 63-17 final just add this final blowout to ones that have punctuated mack's career and turn the page.... .....it's bound to get better
  8. you don't think retaining mack would be a tough call?
  9. I noticed that the house to his right is for sale
  10. rush for 250 yds limit our turnovers no special team breakdowns obviously our defense will have to be extra good
  11. not ketch's finest hour, but perhaps not his worst either ~~ his threat to ban anyone who posted "no homo" on his board was a tad heavy-handed
  12. ....you just described a saban interview or perhaps 2-3 dozen other college head coaches ie: ...bryant...DKR..hayes..stoops..harbaugh....
  13. and if you had any boobs you would still be on tv
  14. sounds like my old duck hunting partner "how could I miss that shot?.....i'm the best shot here, ask anybody"
  15. thanks ....I went by another handle for several years but that one will stay retired
  16. i'm tired of everybody ignoring marvelous marv kristynik's contributions what a qb.....what an arm...what a mind

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