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  1. There is a reason that neither Miami nor FSU nor Clemson nor GT nor VT nor Virginia nor North Carolina would have ever gone to the Big 12: Notre Dame. Swofford and Swarbrick did not hatch the plan to get my Irish into the ACC at the last second. With us playing 5 ACC teams per year in football, none of those schools would leave for the SEC, much less the Big 12.
  2. To keep it about the smallest of towns because much larger towns necessarily are hurt less by the loss of traveling sports fans, Ole Miss is guaranteed large visiting crowds (10,000, if the tickets are available) when Bama, Auburn, Miss St, LSU, and Ark visit. Those are SEC West foes, so they visit every other year. Plus, Tennessee and Georgia will also have up to 10,000 visiting fans if tickets are available. Even faraway Florida will have 5000 or more fans in Oxford football games. Oxford losing all that, which is at least 3 games per year, would be a hindrance to the local economy. Not a killer, mind you. Just a hindrance for a while. So how much can Lubbock be hurt economically from losing 1 such football game per year?
  3. Well, does Texas Tech, Baylor or TCU average 10,000 visiting fans per football game? I would guess that is impossible. I would bet that even playing Texas and OU, none of them average more than 5000 per game. I would also guess that no more than half of those stay in motels because they live close enough to drive and then drive back. I know that Texas will buy up the available tickets to games in Lubbock, Waco and Fort Worth. But surely when those TX schools host ISU, KU, KSU, WVU and even Okie State, they host very few visiting fans. For that matter, how many Baylor fans travel to Lubbock and vice versa?
  4. Does anybody, other than Texas, A&M and perhaps OU, travel to Lubbock or even Waco? If there were much traveling to Waco, Baylor would sell more tickets than it does. Wouldn't tax revenue from football in TX be primarily from the NFL? And wouldn't there be much more, maybe 10 times more, from Texas and A&M than from all other colleges in TX combined?
  5. The Ivy League has historical prestige in football too. How far back do you want the historical prestige?
  6. I ask the same question. Especially as a Notre Dame fan, I would love to see Texas in the ACC. I would love to play Texas as a conference foe in basketball and baseball. I think Texas needs to be the one school in the southwest with a major lacrosse program, and ACC membership will set that up perfectly. And more than all, I would love for Texas to be an ACC foe in football whenever the day comes when we make the final move.

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