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  1. That is the essence of tragedy. What made a Greek tragic hero great will also be central to his downfall.
  2. If I were Texas AD, the 7 I would most want to interview would be: Jim Harbaugh, Art Briles, Gus Malzahn, Jimbo Fisher, David Shaw, Jim Mora, and my surprise pick Mark Richt. The first 6 will be chosen by a number of others. Richt I have on the list because I am impressed with his character and because I think that save 3 years with crippling injuries, he would have another couple of SEC titles and perhaps a national title. And he might now be tired of the calls for his head from a segment of the Georgia fan base and be ready to go after a new opportunity.
  3. I would take Harbaugh over Saban. For one thing, he's younger. For another, his successes so far have been totally unexpected and well beyond what anyone could have expected with those football teams.
  4. It is highly unlikely, but the hiring of Jim Harbaugh by Texas would be the biggest walk off grand slam coaching hire by a college football program in the history of the sport, as certain to never be topped as is DiMaggio's 56 game hitting streak and Ted Williams' .406 batting average.
  5. That's why we're headed there. Starting next year, the Pinstripe matches ACC vs. Big Ten. So this one is a forerunner for what is to come because next year we are part of the ACC bowl package for all but the Orange. The Pinstripe is going to try to get us every year possible.
  6. Do you mean the Fiesta is good for the Big 12 because you assume Baylor will beat UCF? O'Leary is a fine coach, and this team almost beat South Carolina, which was its only loss. Baylor could lose the Fiesta. Texas could get destroyed by Oregon, but we get the joy of playing Rutgirls in the Bronx. I would much rather face the Ducks in nice San Antonio. The only good thing about playing Rutgers will be if we, the only team to beat the Blowhard Ten champs, embarrass those nobodies on their way into servile status to Meatchicken and Blowhio State.
  7. Is he a Texas native? I assumed he was from Arkansas where he became famous as a high school coach.
  8. Texas recruits itself. It's not like Brown lacks talent now or since 2009. But it also true that new coaches can draw recruits who otherwise would not have been interested in a program. The question specifically asks about the kind of players who sign with Bama. That being the focus, I would say Kirby Smart should do the trick.
  9. If I were making the choice for ND, I would go with Malzahn, because it just seems to me like he would fit better than Jimbo Fisher with ND fans. Malzahn is very laid back for an SEC coach. Jimbo seems like the epitome of good ole boy. If I were picking for Texas, I would take Malzahn, because he grew up in Arkansas in SWC days. That means he knows all about the Texas mystique.
  10. TV numbers for this college football season. SEC way ahead. Bloated Ten, with all those gigantic flagships schools, second. ACC third, even with all the private schools that have no fans, as the resident Big Ten fan keeps saying. The top 3 are just like last year. The change this year is that the Pac has slipped ahead of the Big 12. So the Pac has its best season, top to bottom, in a long time, and still cannot top the ACC. Here is the big question? Once ND starts playing 5 ACC games per year, how much bigger do the ACC numbers get?
  11. Nussmeier was Washington OC, but you'd still think Washington would want try to land Kirby Smart if they go after a Bama coach. Will Petersen leave Boise? I thought he wouldn't even look at Oregon, and that he does not like large cities.
  12. 1981 - Clemson; 1990 - Georgia Tech; 1993 and 1999 - Florida State. The ACC has double the number of national titles that the mighty Big Ten has won since the 1970s, when our era began. If Big Ten football were as good as you say and ACC football were half as weak as you claim, then the Big Ten would have tripled or even quadrupled the ACC. But the ACC has doubled the Big Ten. So is that parity you speak about a reason for you to see the Big Ten as rich junk? After all, Blowhio State has just swept the Bloated Ten in back to back years. Everything for the Big Ten is about ND. As for Virginia Tech, Bill Dooley's last team was 1986, and the Hokies won the Peach Bowl and finished with 9 wins. Dooley had something like 7 straight winning seasons there to close his tenure. So you are telling me that a school that always has had a decidedly larger football fan base than a basketball fan base and that had 9 wins in 1986 was talking about disbanding football because Dooley left and Beamer had a couple of losing teams before he hit his stride? I think only a Big Ten fan could be so out of touch. ND football is going to benefit nicely from half membership in the ACC, and the 14 ACC football schools are going to benefit from ND being on the schedule regularly. The result is that ACC football will improve while Big Ten football stays slow and boring. Some things are so essential they need to be repeated endlessly. ND is the only football program big enough to justify Texas leaving a southwestern based conference. Texas pairing with ND is the only football rivalry worth making the change. Want to add sports? In basketball, the only reason for Texas to leave a southwestern based conference is to be part of the ACC tournament and to take on the Duke-North Carolina rivalry.
  13. I'm trying to figure out if you are as ignorant as you sound, or if you are so filled with Big Ten love from days in OH that you now would bash the ACC to the end of the earth. And yes, bashing the ACC is now a Big Ten requirement, because of the Irish. The Big Ten is as it has been since Rockne - terrified of ND. ND exposes the Big Ten for what it is, a bloated mess. So ND landing in the ACC must be bashed so Big Ten fans can feel confident that ND now with direct access to southern recruits won't do even more damage to slow, boring, Big Ten football. Virginia Tech was going to drop football in 1990? Does even the average Big Ten fan who is utterly ignorant of most things believe such nonsense? Here is reality. Over the past 40 years, Big Ten teams have won 2 national titles in football. Two. Total. In 40 years. The ACC you think is so weak has won 4 in the same time span. Both are poor compared to the SEC, but the ACC doubles the national titles the Big Ten has managed. When Big Ten football doubles the number of national titles that the ACC has over the past 40 years, then Big Ten fans can wax eloquently about its superiority. Until then, such talk is just more Big Ten hot air. Miami's better days are past? Well, that might mean only that over the next 40 years, Miami only doubles the number of national titles the Big Ten wins. Over the past 40, that score is Miami 5 and Big Ten 2. But here is more to the point. The better days of Meatchicken, Nebraska, and Penn State are all behind them. And unlike Miami, none of them have great local talent in the back door of the campus. There is at least as much talent within an hour's drive of the Miami campus as there is in the states MI, NE and PA combined. Any good coach at Miami is going to get his share. That's a major reason Big Ten teams manage to avoid scheduling Miami. Blowhio State'sa better days are not behind it, but that is because it is as dirty as any SEC program. But other than dirty buckeyes, who will lift up the quality of Big Ten football with Meatchicken, Nebraska and Penn State all beyond their better days? Which Big Ten schools will improve so much that the Big Ten can win as many national titles over the next 40 years as the ACC has the past 40? How about Minnesota? Purdue? Indiana? Northwestern? Illinois? Rutgers? Maryland? As to why the ACC would add Pitt and Syracuse, and BC before those 2. Well, that's easy. The University of Notre Dame. If you want to get the Irish on board with you, you need to add schools that will make ND feel at home. I'm going to tell you and this board again what will happen from ND football with a half membership in the ACC. First, ND is going to be able to recruit top talent from southern states even better than it can now. That and the regular games against the southern teams in the ACC will better prepare Irish teams to face SEC teams in the post season. We will win our next national title before anyone in the Big Ten, except maybe Blowhio State, does. Second, ACC teams will use the regular games against ND to help their recruiting. Florida State obviously has no such need, but the rest do, not to catch up top the Big Ten but to cut the gap with the SEC. The result will be more talent across the ACC. Notre Dame is easily the biggest name in college football. It is the only school in the country that is worth Texas leaving behind its southwestern based conference. Not SC, not Alabama, not Meatchicken, not Blowhio State.
  14. If all you think and care about is football, that is true, assuming it could last. if you care about and want the rest, then matters are much more difficult. If Texas is staying in the Big 12, it needs to play ND in football OOC as often as possible. That will put Aggie in his place.
  15. yep, you sound exactly like a Big Tenner. All you needed to do was preach the land grant schools as be all and end all, and then you would have hit every point. Here is what is amazing, per your analysis - the ACC with barely any flagship schools, with a bunch of smaller schools, somehow manages to have better football than the Big Ten. And that is one the heels of a decade of Miami and Florida State both being mediocre. If both Blowhio State and Meatchicken were to be mediocre for a decade, Big Ten football would be another MAC, and the large flagship schools would not alter the fact. So what will ACC football be once they all are playing ND regularly? They all will see at least some improved recruiting. The league will see its national TV numbers grow, and they already are 3rd, ahead of the Big 12, far ahead of the Pac. The ND factor is a game changer, and as the ACC will start already better than the Big Ten, a decade with ND as a half member may elevate ACC football to equality with the SEC. Would the other sports at Texas, from basketball and baseball to the hoped for lacrosse and men's soccer, prefer to play with and against Big Ten schools than the ACC schools? Nope. Would Texas administrators prefer to be part of the Big Ten flagship club of homogeneity or the ACC club of mixed types and sizes of schools? The ACC is like the SWC in that regard. Where would the University of Texas wield the most weight, in a conference where all the schools but 1 have at least 40,000 students, or in a conference where Texas is easily the largest school and most of them have fewer than 25,000 students?
  16. Texas can't be independent any more than we can. Texas can be like us - part member in football - or else be a full member of a conference for all sports.
  17. None of the major Irish football boosters is ready to play an 8 game conference schedule every year. But when they are, they will be where they want to be, which is where Father Jenkins and the rest of administration want them to be. The issue regarding Texas is that Jack Swarbrick and most powerful football boosters really want Texas to become linked with ND, which means in the ACC. Whether that is Texas joining as a half member or a full member in football is probably no big deal as far as ND is concerned.
  18. In very recent years, ND has played Home-Away series with both Wake Forest and Duke. The same ND that refused, for example, to play Rutgers unless it agreed to play its Home games vs. ND at Giants stadium played in the home stadiums of both Duke and Wake Forest. Neither stadium seats more than 35,000. ND as an institution has a deep respect for the ACC schools with the smallest football stadiums and fan bases. So much so that we played them as home-away equals before joining the ACC. If you look at what ND has done for its future through the eyes of a typical Big Ten or SEC or OU football fan, you won't understand why it is what ND wants and why it will benefit ND a great deal. In football as well as the rest. And if you can't grasp why ND wants it this way, you won't understand why there are many people with major power in UT circles who would favor a move to the ACC if all the thorny issues could be worked out.
  19. Here is an ESPN article on ACC football as bowls approach. Opening quote: "Here’s the good news: The ACC currently has eight bowl-eligible teams and four more with a chance to reach the six-win mark. The SEC is the only other major conference with the potential to have 12 bowl-eligible teams, which would set an ACC record." A whole lot of ND fans this year have begun to look closely at ACC football, and what we see is a conference that is much tougher than the average Big Ten fan can ever allow himself to admit. Because ACC football is better than Big Ten football. And that's with a very young conference. And it is before the Irish factor kicks in, which will help everybody in the ACC recruit better.
  20. Yes, such a league would be a monster. But would ND want it? Not as much as it plans to make hay in the ACC. Of the Big 12, ND wants to have a close relationship with Texas, would be fine with playing Baylor and OU fairly often, and might care to play TCU in the Jerry Dome once per decade. But the rest - no interest. Of the ACC, the only school that ND has no interest in playing is NC State, and that is because there are three other NC schools in the conference. For reasons of recruiting or ND fans living nearby or football history or institutional ties, ND is happy to play the other 13. And that doesn't speak to what ND wants for the rest of its sports.
  21. Correct, and both are big for ND. Going ACC we expect to make our lacrosse and soccer even better on the field and more appreciated by students and football fans. If Texas, with all its resources, were in the ACC, with all its connections, Texas would become the giant of both lacrosse and soccer in the southwest and the great plains. That is similar to what ND expects for its baseball now: ACC membership will mean ND baseball becomes the best and most followed program located in the midwest.
  22. I would answer, YES, but I am Irish. I believe that talks about extending the series, even to making it annual, feature ND folks reminding Texas folks that if they have any desire to leave the Big 12, the ACC is ready for them, either as a half member in football like ND is now or as a full member in football, say with Baylor.
  23. It was never going to work. It's as simple as this: ND as a school would much rather be on the east coast than in the plains, and even more than that, ND would much rather associate with a string of elite schools, both state and private, than with Texas and a string of non-elite schools. And because ND was involved, there was 0 chance any school not in as awful a shape in sports finances as Maryland would leave the ACC. Dodds tried, but the task was impossible. What I think Dodds succeeded in doing is laying a foundation so that if Texas wishes to join us in the ACC, the deal will be done with no snags.
  24. You have it wrong. The Auburn Champs lost 8 starters on offense and about 6 on defense, including their All-American DT and another ALL SEC player. The next year with Gus still as OC but with a new cast, Auburn went 8-5. Then Gus left, and Auburn fell to 3-9. The Malzahn Effect.
  25. The person who tried to 'sweep that video' off the internet was the Bama fan who edited it and put on the internet. He felt very bad about what happened as a result because he thought all he was doing is goofing around and somehow making fun of Auburn. That video may have cost Malzahn the North Carolina job (reports were he was the leading candidate) and the Kansas job (he definitely was the leading candidate). North Carolina is doing OK with Larry Fedora, but, and many an Irish fan can say we knew it would be so, Weis is a giant flop in Kansas. KU badly needed Malzahn. Malzahn's wife was back in Arkansas as the guest of honor speaker at the church she and Gus attended for years, before he went to Tulsa as OC. It was a women's event, and she was expected to entertain them in a way that makes sense to women in church groups. That means telling corny jokes and making fun of husbands and acting the over the top wife. She was trying to be funny to an audience that had known her for many years and knew what she was doing. The Bama fan somehow saw the whole taped event and edited to make it look the worst possible, and sent in flying around the internet. He later apologized publicly for doing it, because of the harm he caused and because he knew he was being deceptive. There is an internet article from when Malzahn was still Auburn OC called 'The Malzahn Effect' (I think). It shows how every HC Malzahn had been OD for was worse in Ws both before and after Malzahn was his OC. Add that to what Malzahn did in the Sunbelt and then to the unbelievable one year turn around at Auburn, and I think only an idiot AD or hiring committee would refuse to have Mlazahn near the top of any short list.

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