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  1. I'm very annoyed right now. Literally Strong 100%, but is at the bottom of our list.....
  2. I'm hearing from multiple people that the deal has been done.....the day after Saban got his butt beat.......
  3. It will be broke first by the LHN to make it a more desirable TV Channel. They will state "story broken by LHN" on ESPN(Even though ESPN probably knew it first).
  4. Texas was a spread team....and he beat us.
  5. What? When did he say this?
  6. 1. Saban sees his weakness to the spread and takes his weakness head on. He takes the Texas job to show the world he can overcome his weakness. 2. Saban sees his weakness and understands he will never overcome it. He stays at Alabama where few teams run the spread. I'm feeling option 1 right now.
  7. You clearly have never been to a PAC game. I want nothing to do with that conference! Their fans are terrible and they very seldom sell out a stadium.
  8. Could you imagine our guys traveling 1000 miles for each game and playing in temperatures of -10 to 20 degrees during the last portion of the season.....I couldn't! That just spells trouble for us! The Big 10 is the death for us IMO.
  9. Nothing great about going independent IMO. Look at ND, they're nationally prominent but have been terrible at football for a while now. Even they smartened up and joined the ACC half way. I'm very weary if we become independent. If the big 12 falls we should try our hardest to get into the SEC and that pains me to say that. The Pac12 doesn't have crowds and people don't care about football out there. The ACC is too far and a BBall first conference. Big 10 is terrible and our traveling time would be ridiculous and would be playing in cold ass weather. This leaves the SEC :/
  10. The addition of UCF would set up a perfect future raid of the ACC. The ACC is not going to last, they barely missed complete death. The ACC is gearing for a BBall first conference signing their own death warrants.
  11. Sorry, we were running pro for a while there. During the time of VY it was a zone read and Colt was a spread. I apologize for getting my offensive styles confused. But as you can see we base our offenses around a couple of star QBs, and heavily relying on them to win for us.
  12. That's what scares me about the spread, you can train your defense so much, but when your defense is out on the field 80-90% of the time, they're going to be physically exhausted. It can work with great depth, but I'm weary when it comes to offenses that can score like lightning.
  13. UCF hasn't been a blimp all year. I'm guessing you don't watch much college football. UCF has been getting talked about plenty buddy. TCU was a terrible addition to the Big 12, it destroyed our television base in DFW/FW. TCU was an addition of desperation! The fact remains that without a championship game the big 12 will be looked over and possibly may lose a top 4 spot.

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