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  1. It's one thing arguing intelligently. It's another to be deliberately obtuse. The Mack guys are just as talented?? Really? How many Longhorns got drafted in 2014? Did you somehow forget the number zero? What's the over-under on Longhorns drafted in 2016?
  2. I disagree. Use Occam's Razor. Who has an interest in not signing the best OC possible at this point in time? Strong or BMDs? Who had an interest in reporting the offer for Cumbie of 1.2 million+? Strong or BMDs? If we were going to pay Cumbie 2.4 million for 2 years guaranteed, who was going to tank Gilbert at 1.95 million for 3 years guaranteed? Even if Strong is let go at the end of year 1, the eventual payout is the same. Doubtful that Strong would kill the deal over this. BMDs? Hmmm Who has an interest in making sure there's no OC for the biggest recruiting weekend of the year? Strong or the BMDs? Where did the rumor of Strong's unprofessionalism come from? Have we heard any hint of this from his stints at Louisville, Florida, South Carolina? Suddenly he's less professional than someone coming out of Mike Leach's coaching tree? There's cultural shock in coaching? Give me a f'ing break. Does Strong break down plays in an unprofessional manner? I guess his concussion protocol doesn't include throwing a kid in a shed. The only thing adding up is that we don't want to pay Strong 15 million to leave so we'd rather drive him out. Because I can't see someone deliberately sabotaging his career in this way. And yes, Gilbert could pass up this offer to stay at Tulsa since he's probably planning on a big payday next year. A lot of people are failing to incorporate the opportunity costs if Gilbert jumps ship next year and only doing a straight calculation of his time at Tulsa. YMMV I guess....
  3. We did however have back to back losing seasons and losing seasons in 3 of six years (all under the same coach) under McWilliams. He got 6 years and his losing seasons were all self-inflicted from his own recruiting classes. As for the BS about seniors checking out. What's DMAC's point? None of them were NFL prospects under Mack and maybe Duke is draftable at this point. They got the country club treatment under Mack and we all know that only a few of them bought in last year (Diggs mainly). I'm not going to weep tears either way if Strong stays or is let go. I think it ultimately hurts us more if we let a head coach go after 2 years especially after the shit-show Mack left behind in the QB and OL recruiting. However, Strong's D-Line recruiting was horrid last year (and miserable the year before with only limited time) and I worry that reinforcements there are not on the way. The schedule didn't favor him much this year. Feel free to kneejerk some more RD. I pity your life.
  4. Wow, this is like reading something from shaggy. Nice of you to take talking points from Ben Shapiro's propaganda site. Want to talk about false equivalence? Only right wingers are saying "I support the intifada" is the equivalent of "murdering Jews". I'm not going to comment on the legalities of what's going on in the West Bank or who's right but supporting a "revolution/cause" is not the same thing as murdering people. I don't go around saying that paying the contras was "murdering Nicaraguans" or supporting Pinochet was "murdering Chileans" or supporting the insurgencies in Angola and Cambodia were "murdering Angolans and Cambodians". But if you're going to make that argument at least be consistent when you look at some of our global policies. The beauty of false equivalence is somehow equating legitimate grievances in global politics with the lynching of black men in the South. Get back to me on how that works. I don't support suicide bombers at all but tell me how being desperate enough to do that (the people not in power fighting those in power) is the same as a bunch of armed, hooded white men stalking and hanging black men in the South (the people in power killing those not in power). Talk about hypocrisy and selective indignation. Meet the mirror. Better yet, why don't we leave politics out of Burnt Ends....
  5. It's not just weed. There's too much arm-chair quarterbacking in JG's post (and I'm not sure why you can't do this after NSD when we see the results). Teuhema followed his brother last year so how is Charlie suppose to "not let" him go. We've all read about the issue about UT recruiting at Westfield so I don't agree with putting the blame on CS or Wickline. As for Irwin, we had 2 safety commitments, DD plus Holt and Boyd on deck AND Kirk Johnson. We were still recruiting Baker for DB numbers. We were just talking last week about not having enough scholarships to give out. So why would we need an Irwin replacement when we would probably spin a CB to safety? Yeah the Johnson decommit hurt our DB numbers but it happened on the last weekend because Tech hired his HS coach. That sucks but I'm not going to blame for CS for that. This isn't the Mack way of recruiting. You play for the big signings on NSD, you're going to end up with some empty spots (and I'm fine with that). As for Mack, he didn't even visit until the Murray unofficial. He had a great trip so we did a good job selling it. If he doesn't want to come, we can't force him. With KM going to aggy and some other ahem rumors, it's not like this was a great surprise. As for Soso, maybe we truly weren't interested until later in the season when we started thinking about going to a spread. He obviously wasn't going to be the bruising back CS wanted (ala Warren) for the offense we had this year. When we decided to change the offense, the odds rose that Gentry was going to leave. Do you want to go to a spread or not? Based on our fanbase comments and the general hatred against Watson, I think our fans would prefer the spread over Gentry (and yes that seems to be the either or choice).
  6. Talk about revisionist history. It was merely an "off" day for Simms and we shouldn't blame it because it's always easier to blame the QB? Really??? Our #1 defense had held them in the past 8 plays to 8 yards. We drive down to the 22 and Simms throws a pick with a 75 yard return to the UT 12 yard line. The 12 yard line. That's not our defense's fault (but nice try). Second quarter Simms throws another pick. Yeah defense is a bit jittery and gives up a drive. Later in the second, Simms refuses to throw the ball away, gets hit and fumbles with a CU recovery at the UT 22 yard line. That's not our defense's fault (but again nice try). Next series, Simms throws a pick-6. Blame that on our defense? 3 picks and a fumble on 4 straight possessions in the first half is just an "off day", WTF??? We lose by 2 with 22 points directly attributable to Simms' turnovers and somehow we wouldn't have won with Applewhite as a starter? The BS is breathtaking.
  7. First off, my example was you postulating that it was out of state students that are failing to donate when the LHF study did not take into account whether out of state donations were differentiated on the basis of whether the alum was initially out of state or in-state. That's the data that doesn't exist assuming we're talking about the same dataset. I To proceed further on my anecdotal experience, for most of my alum friends who went to grad school it's a tough call as to whether they primarily donate to UT or to their grad school institution. I think it's dependent on which one they thought was the better experience. I donate to UT, my friend who got his MBA at Stanford tends to donate to Stanford since he lives in Palo Alto, a few of my UT friends who went to Yale for various programs (law, neuroscience, history) are all over the map with their donations. All I'm saying it that the conclusion is that it's the "fault" of our out of state students is a simplistic one. And frankly, UT is a good school but you are reaching when you think it's a gimme on a resume (and I'm basing that on when I was on a recruiting committee of a big Texas law firm).
  8. Wrong. Think of the number of UT students that go to graduate school out of state (or end up moving to NY or CA for jobs). It's ridiculous to assume (as some of the posters here indicate) that Texas is the end all be all for one's career (for example: law, public policy, medicine, tech). Most of my friends from UT went on to grad school out of state and literally all reside out of Texas now. And frankly, during the years I was at UT, it was the out of state students that seemed to embrace the UT imagery the most. As for donations, I donated a lot more to UT when I was practicing law in Austin than I do now in CA. The benefits were much more immediate. And frankly, if your kid can't get into UT and needs so much "help" getting into Alabama, OU, LSU etc., then you probably should have used some of your BMD money to get better @#$!$ tutors for them in high school.
  9. For games I've attended: Worst: I brought down 8 Michigan State friends from Dallas for Rout 66. Not only did we get blown out but two of my friends got heatstroke. Best: Texas/A&M 98 was amazing. When Ricky ripped off that 60 yard run for the record, wow!! The Rose Bowl win over Michigan is up there as well. There was an elderly Austinite next to me who started crying when we won.
  10. Katy, Friendswood, UT campus, Austin off of East Riverside, Austin near Reagan High, Austin Highland Park, near Mt. Bonnell, Austin
  11. Ding ding, winner here. Also no positive comments on the Myles Turner commitment. That's when it was clear what his agenda is all about.
  12. His frustration with what exactly??? Is he frustrated with the conference that UT is in? Is he blaming DeLoss or also blaming Patterson? Is he frustrated with Texas football on the field? If so, maybe he can wait till the fall and see what Strong puts out as a product. Is he frustrated with Strong's recruiting? If so, why doesn't he wait till next February and see where the @#$@ we end up since Mack gave UT such a nice NFL draft present. Bitching for the sake of bitching is tiresome. I went back through some of his latest posts. No where do you ever say "good get" for Z Gentry or Myles Turner. You complain about Gentry possibly being the only QB recruit and your last post about Myles was "yeah I hope we get him but my sources say we're not". That's the problem from my perspective. Absolutely no credit being given to the staffs when something good happens but plenty of crap being shoveled when you're unhappy.
  13. The Germans seemed to have advanced on the vegetable sides since I last went. I remember getting a pork knuckle with a roll. No greens at all.
  14. What was the Spanish Asian fusion choice for dinner?? Did you decide on Diverxo?
  15. Of course you do. He was no. 10 on the Fab 55. Either it was poor scouting or the Mack administration just looked at what the recruitniks said. Par for the course. That's odd. If Brewer was a complete reach as a fairly polished passer than WTF is Swoopes who put up meh stats in 2A ball. Typical Mack "non-compete" when it came to our QBs fighting for a spot. People are pre-ordained.

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