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  1. The quality and product/stadium effectiveness is more important than size and pride. Aggy is way behind on boasting an obsolete tech record. After Jerrah Jones slapped his trunk on the table, no one really cares anymore...except aggy. Go figure.
  2. Got it on laptop! Looks very cool. I love the "Texas Fight" on the sleeves. I think the storm trooper aways need to remain but with your design twist...maybe even a metallic white helmet with matte white horn logo with light outline on side for away. Love the home look with metallic burnt orange hats! The gray looks great for the homes. Nice work.
  3. 20% are normal (even in groups), 80% are very aggy (the definite fish-camp attendees), who seem to revel in finding the acceptance they prbly never had in high school.
  4. I'm on mobile...is that why I can't see caca??
  5. 80/20 rule is always in play with aggys.
  6. I agree with both opinions here. Based on what I've read, Mack drove this threat-of-suit bus. Jamail just made Mack's wishes come true. I'm glad Mack is gone; when put to fire, he showed his true colors. That being said, I am completely happy with both Patterson and Strong as hires and am pleased with what both have been doing and plan to do in the future. Let's Hook 'em!!
  7. Steve, how do you feel about serving alcohol at the football games?
  8. Yea but a team together could lose confidence. I agree with what both of you are saying.
  9. Moot point bc the home-home "deal" is already scheduled.
  10. That's good news, Bomb. Taylor's fall from last week's game had me worried big time. Glad he was ok and hope the same for Holmes.
  11. So disappointing. I'm drawing a blank on a couple of the players we were really hoping to land. Dwight Howard, but who else? Point guard.
  12. I'm watching the championship DVD. A lot of thoughts running through my head... 1. What an amazing playoff run that was. Where does it rank? 2. Dirk's legacy needed that title. Torn ligament in finger. Illness. The Heat rematch in his face. He stood up tall. So good for him. 3. Ditto for Kidd's legacy. 4. Sweeping the Lakers. HAHAHAHAAA!! Greatness. 5. I didn't think we would get by the Thunder. When we did, I knew the team had everything it needed to beat the big three and the Heat. 6. Because I'm a Mavs fan, I really REALLY dislike Wade, but damn he is amazing. 7. JJ. Freakin. Barrera. 8. Tyson. Freakin. Chandler. 9. The confidence of Jason Terry. 10. The leadership and calm demeanor of Jason Kidd. 11. Peja Stojakovich killed us in the playoffs while with Sacramento. Glad we had him in the fold. 12. This has to go down as one of the best three point shooting teams of all time. 13. There were a lot of very close games. It was a very exciting playoff run to watch. Now switching gears to the front office. I will never understand what Cuban was thinking by not keeping that team together. As old as they were, time was against them. Why not do what you can to make another run? At least keep the second most important piece of the puzzle in Tyson Chandler, the exact type of player who was missing and so desperately needed the previous decade. The argument that he was dumping salary is laughable after the inexcusable collapse the next two seasons of free agency. It was a shame for Dirk and the team.
  13. Watson recruited him while he was at Nebraska. Wittek would be a great addition to our roster and would bring healthy competition IMO.
  14. Thanks for throwing this together! Can we "stick" this at the top of the board for reference? I am excited that our players will be physically trained, coached and developed at a great rate. The best part about waiting so long until kickoff this fall is knowing they will be trained and coached and developed very intensely in preparation for it. It's happening.
  15. Quick...what is THE only group of human beings that uses the term "tshirt fan"?? Get the trashy aggy out of here.

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